Kuch Khatti Kuch Meethi: RiVanya RaIna SS Part 1

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Kuch Khatti Kuch Meethi: A Little Sour, A Little Sweet Part1

Thanku so much for the nice response.Hopefully u all will support me like this.

Disco club…

Different colour lights are shining.

Raghav’s eyes searched for the girl with whom he danced last night.Just one night he was with her,but she entered his heart.

Finally her face caught his eyes.He went towards her who was dancing alone.
RAGHAV:I am Raghav.
She:Hi…I am Naina.

RAGHAV:Last night I had fun dancing with you.
NAINA:Me too.
RAGHAV:Shall we dance again?
NAINA:Why not?
They danced to loud music.

After the dance…
Raghav:I really had fun with you.
Naina:Me too.

NAINA:Nice to meet you.
Naina gave him a friendly hug.
Standing close to her he thought:Why I feel that Naina is not just my disco dance partner?I should go to the next level.
RAGHAV:Shall I get your number please?
NAINA:Why not?

They exchanged their numbers.

That night itself Raghav rang her up.
NAINA:Hello Raghav…
RAGHAV:Hello…Did you expect my call?

NAINA:I really expected your call.How can a chill up guy like you not call a hotty like me?

They both burst into laughter.
RAGHAV:Naina…Shall we have a night drive tomorrow?
NAINA:I would love to.
RAGHAV:Then we will.

The next day Raghav-Naina went for a night drive.Raghav drove the car fast.Naina got scared.
She screamed:My God!For God’s sake please stop the car Raghav.
Raghav laughed hearing her scream.He stopped the car.
Naina:Why are you driving like this Raghav?It’s so scary.

RAGHAV:Drive’s thrill is in it’s speed.
NAINA:You are crazy.If you want o know what a real drive is come with me for a drive tomorrow in the bike.

RAGHAV:Sure.I will.

Raghav dropped her home.
NAINA:I really enjoyed a lot though the drive was quite crazy.
The door was opened by a middle aged lady.She was her mother Yamini.
NAINA:This is my Maa.
RAGHAV:Namaste aunty…
She looked at Naina:Naina…this guy…

NAINA:Maa…don’t worry.My friend Raghav is not dangerous.
Yamini was relieved.
Suddenly Raghav’s eyes fell on a photograph on the wall.
It was decorated with a garland.
Raghav:Naina…that photograph…
Naina became emotional.
NAINA:That is my father Ankush.
Naina and Yamini shed tears.
Raghav became upset.
Raghav:I am sorry.I did’nt know that your father is no more.
Naina:No Raghav.My father is still alive.

Raghav was shocked:Then why this garland over his photograph?
Naina:Because he is dead for us.He left us for another lady.He is living with his other family.But Maa hoped that he will come back.I did’nt want Maa to have false hopes.So I put garland over his photograph.So that Maa will also have a feeling that her unfaithful husband is no more and he will never come back.

Naina wiped her wet eyes.

Raghav became upset:Oh..I never knew that a cheerful girl like you have a painful family back ground.
NAINA:If Maa was not there we would have become really orphans.

RAGHAV:Naina… we.. you have siblings?
NAINA:Yes.I have a twin sister named Shivanya.
Raghav could’nt believe it:Twin sister?Cool.
Naina:But we are not identical twins.Shivanya looks entirely different from me.
Shivanya came.
NAINA:Raghav..this is my sister Shivanya.Shivanya…this is my friend Raghav.
RAGHAV:Hi Shivanya…
After chatting a bit Raghav said:Ok..now I am leaving.Bye.
They bid ‘Good bye’.

The next day…
Raghav and Naina went on a bike ride.Naina was driving.They had a lot of fun.

Naina stopped the bike.
NAINA:How is it Raghav?
RAGHAV:Not much speed.But really thrilling.
NAINA:I told you…this is called the real drive.

They smiled.
RAGHAV:You are right.It was really romantic.
Raghav gave her a naughty smile.They shared a cute eye lock.
Raghav:Naina…now I will drive.You sit at the back and enjoy another ride.
Naina:Ok…but don’t drive so fast.
Raghav:Ok Madam.Agreed.

She smiled.
Naina sat back and he drove.
Raghav:Naina…can I be filmy?

Raghav starts singing:
Zindagi ek safar hai suhana
Yahan kal kya ho kisne jaana) -3
Arey o leiyo leiyo, oleiyo leiyo
Oleiyo leiyo, oleiyo leiyo
Oleiyo leiyo, oleiyo leiyo(Andaz)

Naina giggled enjoying the filmy bike ride.
Naina:I must admit…your bike ride I better than mine.It was so musical and filmy.
He smiled stopping the bike.
Due to sudden brake the bike shook and Naina’s chest hit his back.They were very close to each other.They could feel each other.Both felt different.They were very shy.
Raghav felt a magical sensation passing through his body.
Naina thought:What’s happening to me?Why I feel being closer to Raghav?
She moved backward.
Raghav:I will get down here.I need to go for a meeting.
Looking at her with a smile he went away.

After a few days…
Raghav went to Naina’s house.
NAINA:Raghav…what a pleasant surprise!
He gave her a teddy bear.
RAGHAV:A gift for you.
NAINA:Wow!I love teddy bears.

Naina took the teddy bear in her hands.
NAINA:So cute.
NAINA:Thanks a lot Raghav.You are so sweet…
RAGHAV:Am i that sweet Naina?
She blushed.
With a smile he went out.

That night…
She felt nice remembering Raghav.
(NAINA:Thanks a lot Raghav.You are so sweet…
RAGHAV:Am i that sweet Naina?
She blushed.)
Slowly Naina fell asleep.

After some time
she woke up hearing the sound of the rain drops.
She looked out through the window.She was surprised to see Raghav standing in the rain.She was surprised.Raghav looked at her and smiled.With a smile she ran out.

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  3. awesome start di , wow , raghav naina meeting at a disco club and becoming close was nice . i think they both kind of have same character so they r liking each other’s company a lot . it will be nice to see ritik and shivanya who r completely different from each other fall in love . happy that yamini is positive here . sad that shivna’s father left them and they consider him dead . the bike scene and raghav enjoying the ride wid a song was so nice and romantic . eagerly waiting for next epi

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    Amazing everything was very nice the car ride…..bike ride….. And everything the way naina introduced her father….and yeah what about rithvik ???….Really loemved and sorry for the late comment di…

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  6. Good.I think u will make Shivanya and rithik will meet soon

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