Kuch iss tarah 2 (Episode 44)

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Kuch iss tarah 2


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Episode 43

Recap : leap. SwaSan unwell. RagLak’s son’s naming ceremony.


A week later…

Swara was sitting on bed drowned into deep thoughts and recalling what Doctor had said about Sanskar’s health…


“Sanskar, you should not consume drugs, they are extremely dangerous for health.” The doctor said sternly after examining his reports.

“Drugs?? But doctor I haven’t ever touched drugs, infact I haven’t even touched alcohol.” Sanskar explained to doctor.

“Yes doctor Sanskar is right. He had never touched such things.” Swara supported him.

“Hmm… Well, in that case as you both are saying that he had never touched drugs, then someone is giving him drugs without his knowledge and it has effected his nervous system.” Doctor said.

“It isn’t serious na doctor?” Swara asked with trembling voice.

“It’s not late, so It won’t be that much serious, you guyz have came to me on right time. For now I’m prescribing you these Medecins follow then strictly and don’t take stress.” Doctor said

“I will do anything but please don’t let anything happen to him.” Swara pleaded while crying.

Sanskar hugged her to console her, “Shona, control yourself. I’m perfectly fine.”

“Don’t cry Swara, your husband is safe you just need to take his proper care and be will be perfectly fine.” Doctor reassures her.

“Doctor can you tell me how long this drug would have taken to affect me like this?” Sanskar enquired.

“Somewhere around 3-5 weeks” doctor said.

Sanskar thanked her and left.

~Flashback ends~

“Swara?” Sanskar came and pita hand on her shoulder.

“H-haan Sanskar” Swara fumbled while avoiding eye contact.

“Swara, it’s okay, We will find out who had given me drugs but now I’m perfectly fine so why are you so depressed?” Sanskar asked.

“Sanskar, I wanna go.” She said blankly.

“Where?” He frowned.

“Anywhere, just away from you, from Sparsh, from everyone. I’m just bad omen for everyone earlier I have destroyed di’s and Laksh’s life the moment I stepped out of their lives they are living happily and now I did same thing with you.” She said with teary eyes.

“Swara? Have you lost it? What the hell you are talking? It’s mere rubbish. Stop believing in these superstitions. You are my Lucky charm, my love, my life.” He said, pulling her into a warm hug to let her pain out.

When she was breaking in his arms her stomach ditched her at wrong time. She parted the hug and rushed into washroom to empty her stomach, followed by a tensed Sanskar.

When she was throwing up, Sanskar being a perfect hubby held her hair back and rubbed her back to soothe her. After brushing she hugged him and cried…

“My throat is burning Sanskar.”

“Swara, don’t cry I’ll go and bring lime water for you, you will feel better.” He said while taking her out.

“No, Sanskar. I can’t digest even that, I will throw that up, eventually and now I have no power to bear.” She said with tears.

“Wait a min, just tell me since when you are feeling unwell?” He frowned.

Swara, started to bite her lip in nervousness…

“Speak up!” He shouted.

“Almost two weeks” she said in feeble tone.

“TWO WEEKS!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!!!” He shouted at her

“Sorry” she said avoiding eye contact.

Sanskar’s anger reached peak, he held her tightly from shoulders and shouted… “Really? Swara, how could you be so careless!! You were so I’ll and you were least bothered to tell me? And now only you were saying that you wanted to leave me? Actually it’s right, why would you like to be with me? You don’t trust me na, that’s why you didn’t tell me.”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t want to trouble you.” She said.

“Do the hell with your sorry, just go and sleep. I will take you to doctor Tomorrow.” He said and left angrily.

Sanskar was pacing to and fro in tension thinking what must be wrong with her. He sat on bench in garden burying his face in hands, when Sparsh came to him crying.

“Papa” he spoke.

“What happened beta?” He asked in concern.

“Papa, vo mumma. S-she is n.o.t t-talking w-with mee.” Sparsh spoke in between sobs.

Sanskar rushed to the room and saw Swara lying unconscious on floor.
He immediately lifted her up and placed on bed, while Sparsh kept on crying.

“Papa, look na Mumma isn’t talking to me.” He sobbed.

He wiped his tears and Said “no beta, it’s just that Mumma is not well. She will talk to you when she will wake up.”

He sprinkled water on her face and slowly she opened her eyes…

“Sanskar” she said in feeble tone and tried to sit.

He helped her and hugged her tightly ” what happened to you? ” He asked.

“Sanskar vo– before she could complete her eyes fell on crying Sparsh who’s face Had turned red because of continuous crying.

“Come here ” she opened her arms for him and in no time he hugged Swara.

“Shhh, don’t cry beta.” She said rubbing his back.

“Sorry mumma, I know you were angry with me because I didn’t eat veggies in dinner, I promise I will eat veggies but please don’t stop talking to me.” He said.

“Aw my baby, there is nothing like that, Mumma loves Sparsh a lot. So, don’t cry. Now go and wash your face like a good boy.” She consoled him and he went into washroom for Washing his face.

“Swara, we will go to doctor Tomorrow only, may be someone has given you the same drug.” He said worriedly.

“Don’t worry Sanskar we will go and I’m sorry, sach mein I have never thought this way.” She said holding her ears cutely.

He kissed her cheek. The moment he kissed her cheek Sparsh came out and saw him kissing Swara, then he blasted on him. After climbing the bed he sat in Swara’s lap and said angrily… “Papa why you kissed my mumma? She is only my mumma”

“Ha toh? Did I say that she is my mumma? Bada Aya Mumma ka chamcha” Sanskar said mockingly.

“No, but you kissed my mumma. You can’t kissey my mumma only I can kiss my mumma. You go and kissey your mumma.” Sparsh said angrily.

“I will kissey your mumma more.” Sanskar said in attitude and kissed Swara’s cheek making Sparsh furious.

“Aahhhannn! You are cheating. You can’t kissey my mumma.” Sparsh said in irritation and kissed Swara’s cheek twice.

Meanwhile Swara was enjoying the fight between father and son.

“I can kissey your mumma more.” Saying this Sanskar kissed her cheek thrice.

Then Sparsh kissed her cheek four times, followed by five times by Sanskar, at last when Sparsh got irritated he shouted…

“I will complain to dadi and dadu that you kissey my mumma instead of your mumma.” With this he ran out of the room towards his grandparents’ room.

“Sanskar, it’s too much. Now go and stop him from spilling the beans.” She said angrily and Sanskar ran head over heels to stop Sparsh.

Soon he lifted him and brought him in the room, while he was struggling to release himself.

“Achha baba I won’t kissey your mumma. I promise.” Sanskar gave up.

“Pakka?” Sparsh confirmed.

“Haan mumma ke chamche.” Sanskar said in irritation and Swara chuckled.

“Sparsh, it’s too late come and sleep.”Swara said.

“Okay, Mumma.” Sparsh said to Swara and looked at Sanskar with a winning smile.

Soon he fell asleep and Sanskar finally spoke ” I told you na, your chamcha never let me romance with you.”

“Sanskar, have some shame. You are jealous from your own son. You are burning in jelousy, just cz of a 5year old kid.” Swara said with unbelievable look.

“Ha toh?” He said casually.

“Nothing! Now sleep.” She said with the same unbelievable look.




“So, Swara get this test done, then will see the exact matter.” Doctor said passing the list of tests.

Swara’s eyes widened seeing the list.

“Pregnancy test?” She looked at doctor with question.

“Hmm, whatever symptoms you have told me it’s more like pregnancy rather than drug effect.” Doctor said and SwaSan left.


“Swara you’ve no idea how excited I’m if reports will be positive then it will be so exciting. Our family will be completed you, me, Sparsh and our little girl.” He said in excitement.

“What if reports will be negative?” She spoke suddenly.

With her this statement he applied the breaks with a jerk and look at her lovingly, he moved towards her ear and whispered… “We will try more then” after taking a pause he continued…”if your chamcha allow us to do so” he chuckled.

“You are really bad Sanskar, always feeling jelous with my son.” She hitted him playfully.


@Maheshwari mansion

As soon as Swara stepped out of the car her eyes shone seeing the mansion decorated magnificently.

“Sanskar? Is there any occasion which I ‘m forgetting?” Swara asked him in confusion.

Sanskar was smiling mischeviously.

“Sanskar, bolo na! Kya bhool Rahi hoon mai?” She asked curiously.

“It’s your wedding dear.” He said and walked in.

“Wedding? My wedding? But I’m already married to you na? ( She looked that sanskar had already walked a distance she went behind him and shouted while walking) Sanskar don’t tease me and tell me na!”

She stepped in MM and saw Sparsh dancing while shouting…

“Yay!!! Mumma and Papa will marry!! Yayyyy!!”

Then she saw Ragini, Laksh along with Avni and Adiraj sitting with Annapurna and durgaprasad.

“So, let’s go Swara. You should not meet the groom before marriage.” Ragini said.

Swara was still looking at them in confusion and finally Sanskar cleared her confusion.

“We are getting married tomorrow, again.” He said hugging her sideways.

“Why so?” She asked.

“Because I want to fullfill your dream of enjoying wedding, your dream of wearing chooda, your dream to feel each and every moment of this special occasion of your life.” He said lovingly

“Thank-you, thank-you so much.” She said and pulled him into a hug.

“ahem! Ahem! Guyz it’s a public place, so please control yourselves.”Avni said.

“Swara, let’s go.” Laksh said.

Sanskar thought that she would feel uneasy with them as None of them knows that she isn’t well.

“Umm… Laksh why don’t you stay here only? I mean you can take Swara to your home tomorrow before the wedding.” Sanskar said.

“Ahhaannn, someone is already missing his wifey.” Adiraj teased him.

“No, I mean yes but not me, Sparsh will miss her.” Sanskar defended himself.

“Leave this and have sweet first.” Annapurna said feeding everyone sweets.

Starting from Swara, followed by Sanskar and others.

“Ma, can I have one more?” Swara asked.

“Ofcouse beta.” Annapurna said and fed her one more piece of sweet.

“Wah, look Laksh earlier someone use to hate sweets and now someone is asking for them.” Ragini spoke.

“Nai di, I still don’t like sweets, it’s just that they are tastey.” Swara said with watery expressions.

“Haan, Haan, okay. I’m not asking any clarification.” Ragini said.

“Achha Swara, you should take rest now. We will have mehndi and Sangeet scheduled at night and that will be hell tiring.” Sanskar said and took Swara to the room.



Swara was sitting, ready in her pink lehenga, big danglers, mangteeka but she wore nothing in neck except the chain gifted by Sanskar.

Sanskar came in and saw her in deep thoughts, he was seeing her since when they had came back from the doctor, Swara was lost somewhere, something was bothering her a lot. So, he decided to confront her.

“Speak up Swara, what’s wrong with you? Why are you so tensed.” He asked sternly.

Swara, found this opportunity best to explain the turmoil in her heart, but she was scared too, what if he feel bad with her words?

“Sanskar, v-vo mu-mujhe–” she fumbled and couldn’t complete.

He sat beside her, taking her soft hands in his strong hands…
“Tell me, what’s bothering my Shona ?” He asked

“Sanskar, what if reports will be positive?” She asked in nervousness.

“What do you mean by this?” He frowned.

“I-i don’t want any baby.” She spoke hesitantly.

“You don’t?” Sanskar looked at her in complete shock.

She nodded her head. He ruffled his hands in his hair and asked her calmly…” Why?”

“I’m scared Sanskar.” She said in tension.

“Scared of what?” He frowned.

“Sacred of being partial, scared of being biased towards my biological child. I can’t hurt Sparsh, not even in my dreams, but what if knowingly or unknowingly I become partial with him. What if, I can’t love him like I do now. You know how special he is for me. Moreover, we can adopt a child from an orphanage, so that I won’t have this fear of being partial towards my biological child.” She said emotionally.

“Who is Sparsh?” He asked. While she looked at him in confusion, he repeated his question…” Who is Sparsh? Answer me. NOW!”

“My Son” she retorted immediately.

“Who are you ? What relation you share with him?” He asked

“Have you lost it! What I told you and what you are saying?” She said in irritation.

“Answer me” he said sternly.

“I’m his mother. Is it a question to ask?” She frowned.

“You gave me answer of all your worries, your baseless fear.( She looked at him, perplexedly) you told me that he is YOUR son, you are HIS MOTHER. Then from where did this stupid question came from? You didn’t said that he is OUR son you said he is YOUR son, it clearly shows your possessiveness for him. This fear is natural yet baseless. You will be biased towards him, because you will favour him in all situations, he was, he is, and he will be your priority. ALWAYS.” He said

She hugged him for calming her delima. Silence speaks louder than words, and now that’s what happened between them.

Soon the Sangeet and mehndi ceremony started. Swara was enjoying that, she was experiencing the happiness which she had missed. Sparsh was enjoying more to see the beautiful arrangements.

Everyone who had seen Swara suffering, who had seen her in the absolute darkness, were now thanking Sanskar for giving her the happiness which she deserved.

The ceremony was extremely tiring and uneasy for Swara, yet she enjoyed that to the fullest.



Sanskar, collected Swara’s reports from hospital and decided to open that at night after their wedding.

It’s been only 3 hours since when Ragini and Laksh took Swara with them and Sanskar was already missing her. He decided to call her to have some satisfaction…

“Hello Swara”

“Did you collect my reports?” She asked curiously

“Yes, I did.” He said with confidence

“What it says? Am I–?” She fumbled

“I haven’t opened them. I will open them with you only. By the way I know, the result.” He said happily

“Really? Then tell me Mr Maheshwari.” She said with attitude

“It will be positive. I know my baby girl will be in my arms soon.” He said hopefully

“Sanskar, don’t be so hopeful. Nothing can be worse than breaking of hope” she said hopelessly

“Don’t worry, I know my Hardwork won’t go in vain.” He said, teasingly.

“Bye, I have no time for your shameless talks, I need to get ready for my wedding.” She blushed

“Don’t forget to wear you chooda.” He reminded her

“Bye” she cut the call.



Sanskar was waiting for Swara impatiently. Then she stepped down. Wearing a red lehngha, the lightly embroidered lehngha was perfectly complementing her beauty. The red and off-white set of auspicious chooda, with the long beautiful kalire were enhancing her beauty alot.

“Papa, mumma is looking like a fairy na?” Sparsh asked

Sanskar nodded, drooling over her.

Soon Swara came and the rituals started. Sanskar was just adoring the happiness and excitement of the two most important people of his life, Swara and Sparsh.

The gathbandhan was done by Sparsh.
Finally Swara had enjoyed the most precious moments of one’s life.

“Thank-you” she murmured softly to Sanskar.

He smiled in return. Ragini and Laksh did the vidai of their little kiddo, they were feeling blessed that Sanskar is her life partner.



“Swara, change your clothes and take rest.” Sanskar said taking her clothes out.

“No, I wanna read the reports first.” Swara said in nervousness.

He nodded and took her reports out from the drawer. He opened that and looked at her with a blank face, her heart sank deep down in her stomach seeing his expressionless face.

“What’s it?” She asked…

Sanskar moved towards her, with the same blank face and stood Infront of her, Within a fraction of seconds Swara was in his arms, he was twrilling her around in Happiness…

He put her down and shouted “It’s positive!!!”

She was beyond happy after this news.

“Look, I told you na.” He said with the tears of happiness peeping through his eyes.

” Now, I will enjoy each and every moment of this child.” He said placing his hand on her belly.

She placed her hand over his’s with teary eyes.

“Sparsh, will be so happy na?” She asked.

He nodded.

“Sanskar, I wanna tell this to him, please. Bring him here and I will tell him.” She said excitedly.

“Lemme see, If he is still awake then I will import your chamcha here.” He said and rushed.

Soon he came in with Sparsh.

“Sparsh we have a gift for you.” Swara spoke to him taking him in her lap.

“Gift? Really?” He asked in amazement.

“You wanted a little baby na?” Sanskar asked him, he nodded… “Then Mumma is going to bring a small baby for you.” Sanskar continued.

“Really!!! Sachhi Mumma?” Before swara could speak anything, Sparsh ran towards the gift boxes. “Papa, is baby in this gift box” he asked.

“No beta, baby is in mumma’s tummy now.” Sanskar said.

“In mumma’s tummy? Did Mumma eat baby ?” He asked innocently.

Swara bursted out laughing listening to this. While Sanskar was having hard time in explaining Sparsh about baby. At last he gave a puppy look to her and she explained to Sparsh.

“Come to Mumma Sparsh. She called him.

“Actually Sparsh, when Big brother demands little baby for them god send the baby in mumma’s tummy. Then God will take your exam of being a good boy. And when you will pass the exam the baby will come out of mumma’s tummy. Simple” she explained him.

“Would it be like my school exam?” He asked.

“No. In this exam, god will see if you are eating vegies or not, if you are drinking milk twice a day or not and so on.” She said.

“Don’t worry Mumma, I will pass this exam and will be a very good boy.” He said proudly, kissing her tummy.

“Sparsh, it’s our secret. So, don’t spill it.” Sanskar Said.

Sparsh nodded and ran out of the room happily.

To be continued…


So guyz the end is near and there is lots of things to be revealed. So, get ready.

Thank-you so much for bearing me with hell irregular updates.

For those who were asking for YEH dooriyan, I will post it’s first chapteron valentine’s day.

Plus I’m going to continue with same title( YEH dooriyan season 2), but don’t worry The end will NOT be sad.

Any questions ?Then fire your questions in comment box.

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