KUCH TO HUA HAI ~ TWINJ episode 48

Episode 48 …
The episode starts with everyone going backkkk to their homes and got bzy in packing luggage …and other necessary stuffs ..

Twinkle went to her room and called kunj… number of times but he didn’t picked up the call …she got worried for sometime then thought he may be bzy in his works …

She went and helped Misha and Leela in packing ..Kabir and abeer were very much happy …they are looking off for each n everything so that they can’t miss anything in Amritsar …soon twinkle went to her room and again called kunj …2-3 times ..and then he picked call ….

K : hello twinkle …I am so so sorry yaar I was bzy ….I am so sorry Jaan …

T : acha let it be baby I have a good news ….

K : and what’s that ???? ..meri jaan ???

Twinkle narrated him everything and he got really happy ….

T : so u are coming right ???? ..

K : umm no twinkle I can’t come ..

T : what ??? Kyun ???? ..ab to wapas aajao …I am missing u like hell …

K : wo I am hell stucked up with work so I’ll be hell bzy for next 10 days ..for sure so.thats y even I am missing u like hell ..

T : I am not gonna talk to you always work work ..huh ..

K : arey siyappa queen plzz understand ….

T : no I’ll not bye ..she said and cut the call ….

On the other side :::

Kunj was standing in the airport as his flight to India was somewhat late he smiled after twinkle hanged up and recalled usha and leela called him before only and they told about mehbeer wedding and he said he will directly reach Jaipur …and aksed them not to tell it to anyone else not even to twinkle too as he wanted to give them suprise ..elders knew this but twinkle n others didn’t knew ..he smiled thinking what will be his siyappa queen reaction seeing him infront of her twinkle called him again he smiled n said I know Tu nahi reh Sakti mere bina he picked up the call ….

T : I am so sorry I hanged up ..

K : arey twinkle no it’s completely fine ..
Then they talked for sometime and twinkle went as the bus has came and kunj boarded his flight …
@ in the bus :::
Twinkle told everyone that kunj will be not present in wedding all got sat as everyone was there but elders wwre happy coz ..they knew about his suprise ..

Ab : I wanna kill him yar ..

T : me too Bhai ..

Y : oyeee I’ll call him and tell him that u taneja siblings are planning to murder my bro ..mere pyaare ram bhaiya ..

T : huh aaya bada bhai ka chamcha ..all laughs and had fun twinkle was thinking
about kunj only and was very much sad but didn’t showed it to anyone soon they all reached Jaipur and went to the palace .it was afternoon …they were tired so left from there to the rooms after having lunch ….twinkle n mahi meher was staying in one room mibir one abeer yuvi in one and each room for elders ….they decided that first haldi will be there in night ..all agreed …and went to rest …
On the other side ::::
Kunj too reached India ..and called Manohar and informed him he reached and will be there in Jaipur till night he aksed him too come soon …and kunj took the cab …
@ night :::
Guests started coming ..the function was going in full swing ..the palace was decorated beautiful …music was being played to make the environment more exciting …Leela usha suman had wore same yellow sarees ..with floral jewelry and RT Manohar Shyam simple yellow kurtas …babee was wearing beautiful yellow suit with matching accessories and they are ready to welcome the guests …kabir and yuvi was too wearing designer kurtas looking amazingggggly hott…abeer was wearing yellow sherwani …and meher was wearing same.coloured lehenga with floral jewellery giving him tough competition ..mahi was wearing yellow anarkali …Misha was wearing saree too ..and twinkle was in cream colour lehenga ..they all are fully set …kunj reached there and usha took him too room and have his cream coloured lehenga he wore it looking hell hot …

They are called down …abeer was sitting and there meher comes with twinkle mahi n Misha everyone smiles looking at them she was made to sit beside abeer with a net partition in between ..both smiled seeing eo ….

Then all started applying haldi to them ..
Twinkle was standing missing kunj ..but she didn’t knew kunj was noticing her each n every move …mahi and twinkle applied haldi to meher and abeer respectively …

L : twinkle puttar Tu b haldi lag wale ab Teri hi to next turn hai ..

All laughs and twinkle blushes and says no maa I don’t want to apply ..before she could complete someone from back applied it on her cheeks ..she got angry and turned but as soon as she saw the person ..her anger went away ..seeing kunj standing there having a sheepish smile on his face ..

T : kunjjjj tum ..
K : yess mein ….

Twinkle without even thinking further hugged him not caring for the world around her …kunj looked at everyone who was wide mouth open and he broke the hug …and twinkle realises what she did and smiles sheepishly …

Ab : but kunj ???? Twinkle ne to kaha tha ….

K : haan abeer i told her that I am not gonna come.actually it was mine and elders plan to give suprise to you all …

Y : acha hua …Bhai u came u know these taneja siblings were planning to murder you ..

Twinkle abeer and Kabir passed him death glare while everyone laughs and kunj makes haww wala face ..

Kab : chalo guys let’s have fun then …

Kabir takes haldi and with kunj n yuvi he poured the whole bowl on abeer …the trio laughs ..

K : now u are looking like groom ..and he winks at abeer

Ab : wait for sometime bete I’ll take revenge ..he winks backs ..at kunj …

Mis : ab jab dulhe k saat ye hua hai to ..
T : haan then dulhan k saat bhi hona chahiye ..

They also poured haldi on meher and all started playing ..taking photos …etc ..
Soon the function ended happily all had their dinner …

Twinkle was moving towards her room when kunj pulled her and took her to terrace …and wraps his hands around her waist ..

K : what happen siyappa queen suprise acha nahi laga …??? ..

T : suprise Hoga tab acha lagega na my sadu sarna she said and wrapped her arms around his neck..and. Pecked his cheeks …

K : means ???? ….

T : I knew from before itself u are gonna come here …baby she said and winked at him …

K : what ???? He asked shocking and says but how ?Twinkle ..

T : remember when we were taking last night and you told that u won’t be able to come and I hanged up then I remembered from behind some announcement was going on I got doubt about it that’s why I called u second time and my doubt cleared that u are on airport itself ..she said and winked at him ..while he was hell shocked ..

K : wow intelligent ..
T : yess i am ..

They both laugh an looked at each other saying miss you …
Screen freezes …
So how was the episode ??? ..
Thanks to all who commented ..
I am sleepy so no bak bak today Bach Gaye sab ?????…
Thik 12 baj rahe hai pata nahj
Ba byeee love u all …
Do read keep commenting n stay tuned ?????????????????????…

  1. Sohi

    Aww awesome and superb episode
    Bolun toh akhri kirrak episode moth daldiye aj ??

    Just loved twinj scenes
    Do continue

  2. Superb episode ❤️?❤️?U nailed it yaar ?❤️❤️❤️❤️
    Yuvi ka dialogue superb funny ?????tanejas siblings plan kar rhe kunj ka murder kar ne ka ram bhaiya lol???
    Kunj ka suprise ??????❤️?Uff aww
    Post soon dear next episode ❤️❤️????❤️Kaatil too
    Loads of love ❤️ u mera (???raj)

  3. SidMin23

    Nice and taneja planning to muder kunj hahaha uv. Kunj surprised was awesome. And post katill soon. And waiting for twinj moment in both FF. Post soon.

  4. Presha

    Amazing dii…
    Loved it…
    Super cute nd sweet…
    Kunj is wearing lehangaa..hehe looking hot???
    Love u…

  5. Sidmin ki sadia

    Wow amazing. Twinkle rocked kunj shocked heheh uvi dialogues. Too funny luv it soo much

  6. Rochika

    Woww dii it was sooooo damn amazing!!!!! Seriously yrr!!!! U nailed it…????????????????..suprise of kunj was soooo awesome….?????????? hayeeee??? ..and pleazzzz di its a request in nxt episode pleazzz twinkle kunj ka romance dikhana …pleazzzzzz di!!!…???????? pleazzz..can’t wait for nxt episode …
    Post soon
    Love u!?

  7. Supriya18d

    luv luv luv
    so cute epi….
    luv it
    u r my favorite…
    luv u
    post ASaP next one

  8. cute episode ????????
    bechare kunj ka surprise to fail ho gaya???????????
    yrr twinj scene aur chahiye plzzzzz
    aur kaatil wala post krna jaldi aur ye wala bhi

    luv u dear

  9. Hii Sam,
    Cute nd sweet wala episode….
    Very well written….
    Toooo much good….
    Plz post soon…

    Ur sis

  10. Farwah fathima

    Hey sameera….
    The epi was mindblowing
    Loved it
    Do continue and post the next epi soon

  11. Nishuu

    Wow Sam baby it was awesome amazing
    Loved it sooooooooo much
    Plzzzzz post soon my dear
    Love u ??????

  12. Aamu

    Haaye kunj ka surp fail ho gaya ????..
    Lol but bohot badiya tha..
    Mazdaar..loved it…
    Love u..!

  13. I am so sorry
    First for late comment and second for not commenting on previous epi
    Actually I had a high fever and was busy with my tests
    Finally finished today
    Anyways episode was amazing
    Lovely epi
    And so sorry once again ????

  14. Purnima.agrawal30

    Awesome interesting fantastic

  15. Awsm… Sorry for late cmnt & for not cmnting in previos… Luvd it… Post nxt asap…
    Byee… Luv u…

  16. Amazing

    Post soon

  17. Shalini15

    Sammuuuuuuuu meri sweetness ki dukan fir se itna sweet episode ???????????? maja aa gaya ???????????? awesome mind blowing fabulous superb nd also funny episode. Loved uv’s dialoges, siblings plan to murder of kunj, kunj’s surprised failed nd he wearing lehenga ???????????????? hayeeeee yaar chota packed bada dhamaka or can say all in one ??????????????? bechara kunj akela ho gaya ???????????? seriously yaar you nailed it. Loved it sooooooo much. Post next ASAP.
    Love youuuuuuuuuu ??????????

  18. sry for late comment
    hilarious episode

    plz wanna some twinj’s romance

    plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz POST ASAP

    love u a lot dii ♡♡♡


  19. Lovely
    Post soon
    Luv u

  20. Awesome Sam amazing
    Kunj ka surprise acha tha
    But bechara ka plan fail Ho gaya
    Awesome Amazing and haldi wala fun was lovely
    Love you keep smiling

  21. Baby

    ohhh god twinkle is super intelligent…..♥
    but srsly mast tha ufff osm ♥
    loved it alott ♥
    cute n beautiful d haldi n hugs and all marveleous ♥
    love u sooooooooo mch ♥

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