KRPKAB(DevAkshi forever)epi 17

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Sona’s jealousy and she is treated as slave by nats(Natasha)…dev gets to know truth as he saves sona and devakshi unite….


Devakshi hug each other.
Dev:from tomorrow I will come to pick u up and I will drop u only
Sona:no its fine
Dev:I didn’t ask u sona….i told u only…now take rest I should leave
Sona grabs his hand and kisses him on cheek and joins her head with his
Dev:what was this?
Sona:I missed u so much in all these years….u have no idea how much I love u
Dev wipes her tears
Dev:I will always be with u in every difficult situation.ur sorrows will be mine and my happiness will be urs….i love u sonakshi bose…u r my sona and soon to be….
Sona:to be??
Sona blushes hard
Dev caresses her cheek
Dev:all these years I yearned so much to touch u….to hug u …. To….
Sona keeps hand on his mouth
Sona whispers:to kiss me?
Both have deep eyelock…

KRPAB plays in
Slow motion….

Dev cups her face and both and about to kiss when saurav comes taking sona’s name
Devakshi startle and shy
Saurav:did I disturb you?
Dev murmurs:yes
Sona:nothing dada….
Saurav:dad is asking if we can come out now….u see even I can’t bear him more
Dev laughs
Sona:yes of course
All come out and dev assures them that he will take care of that sooraj….

He tells them a plan and they happily agree
He goes home happily and next day picks up sona and goes to his home.
Both enter at ishu’s home
Ishu:dev all ok?
Dev:I want to tell u sth
Ishu:yes tell me
Dev:actually maa…u remember u were happy to see the change in me during my college
Dev:it was bcz of a girl
Ishu smiles:yes
Dev:maa I loved her a lot
Ishu excitedly:really?
Dev:and I still do
Ishu:let me prepare shagun
Dev:maa….at least listen to me once
Ishu:ok ok speak
Dev:sth happened between us due to which we parted our ways…that girl was in problem and I couldn’t help her…now she z back in my life and we still love each other…
Ishu:now that girl must have told u the reason why she left u and u are guilty for not being with her and u both want to be together forever….right?
Devakshi wide open their eyes
Dev:how do u know?
Ishu:I can even tell u the name of the girl
Sona:who auntie
Dev and ishu look at her and sona realizes in how much excitement she asked it…
Dev:who maa??
Ishu smiles:sonakshi bose…
Dev and sona and startled
Ishu stands up and goes to her…
Ishu:when I saw u the first day I came to know that u r the same girl who brought colours to dev’s life….sth must have happened due to which the colors again fainted but then u came back again and dev started to change again…no one is perfect for my sona except u that’s why I involved nikkie in my plan and we both tried our best to unite you…
Sona smiles
Dev:how did u the girl is sona?
Ishu:take out ur wallet
Ishu:take out Na beta
Dev takes out his wallet and ishu opens it and reveals sona’s pic in dev’s wallet with dev…
Ishu shows to them and sona gets teary eyed while dev smiles
Ishu:since 4 years u had been keeping it with u…right?
Dev hugs ishu:I really love her
Ishu:I know
Ishu calls sona and both hug each other

Nikkie neha and Riya who had been standing at the door come in clapping
Neha:so she is our would be bhabhi
Riya:not bad bhaiyya…love Han??
Dev smiles
Nikkie:u know what I had to work so hard to unite u….esp to deal with mami was not a perfect task
Neha:maa why didn’t u tell both of us?
Ishu:because nikkie madam is far more advanced and ahead of u in such matters nikkie giggles while neha and Riya pout…
Dev:I need to tell u sth…

He tells the plan to them as well and all agree and sona shares a love hug with neha nikkie and Riya….

Dev goes to his office and he stops his car seeing a person beating some poor….he gets angry but stops to see the guy…
The poor beg for mercy and dev clenches his fist at the cruelness of the guy….guy asks for money from them….they don’t have it…
Dev steps forward and keeps a hand on his shoulder…the guy turns out to be sooraj.
Sooraj:who the hell r u?
Dev:hi….consider ne ur friend,..i like to help people….u want money?
Sooraj:yes of course….
Dev:I will give u spare them
Sooraj guffaws:I am not a beggar….snatching money from people is fun and beating them is wow….
Dev looks at poors who are joining their hands for mercy
Dev:beat me…
Dev:beat me…spare them
Sooraj:are u mad?why e u risking ur life for these germs??
Dev:do as I say and I will give u rs.10000
Dev:yes….bwat me if u want but spare them
Sooraj hits dev on his stomach
Sooraj:as u wish
Sooraj starts beating dev and dev’s lips bleed and his cheek gets swollen…
Sooraj laughs….
Dev reminisces sona crying while telling what happened with her and how she cut her wrist….
Dec gets furious and holds sooraj’s hand and gives him a fatal blow on his face.he falls down and his nose bleeds.sooraj is shocked….
Dev sets his coat and gives a helping hand to sooraj…
Sooraj:for the first time someone tried to hit me….sooraj…
Dev smiles: I am dev dixit….
Sooraj shakes hands
Dev:here z ur money
Sooraj:lets be friends…u r really tough
Dev laughs
Sooraj:I have some work…bye…
As soon as he leaves dev makes the poor people sit in car and drops them to hospital…he asks the doc to treat them perfectly,
Doc:u also need to be treated….look at ur wounds…
Dev:I have an important contract to sign and I am late…bye doc
Dev rushes to office where all are stunned to see his condition but he takes the contract and feels happy.
He rushes back to hone and shouts ishu’s name.
Sona comes and is shocked
She rushes to him
Dev:sona where is maa
Sona:dev…what is this?r u mad?what happened?did sb hit u?did u fight?but u r not like that?then did u have an accident?
Answer me.
Dev:if u will keep ur mouth shut only then I will say sth
Sona:no u r not saying anything….go to ur room and wash ur face I am coming with aid box
Sona:shut up dev and go
Dev goes…
Sona brings aud box to dev’s room and makes him sit on bed and sits in front of him and applies med on his wounds…
Dev feels pain and sona blows
Sona:how did it happen?
Dev thinks:she will get worried if I will tell her….its better to stay quiet
Dev:nothing just a minor accident
Sona:is it minor?
Dev:its fine….where are rest of the people?
Sona:family has gone to market for shopping and kichu bhaiyya is in market…ur bro Vicky said he has college work so he has gone to library(IMPOSSIBLE?)
Dev puts his arms around sona’s neck
Dev:it means we r alone
Sona looks at him
Sona:dev shut up
Dev holds her waist and pulls her closer and both fall on bed with sona above dev.
Dev caresses her face and locks her hair behind ear.


Sona tries to get up but dev twirls her and gets on top of her.he caresses her face.sona shuts her eyes.
Dev:sona…this accident got too much..,its hurting my cheek
Sona smiles and kisses his cheeks
Dev:lips were bleeding sona
Sona cups his face and drags it near her face.she places her soft rosy lips on his rough lips.they share a soft passionate kiss at first but later it becomes the kiss full of desire,lust and pain…
They keeps kissing hard and sona’s eyes escape and tear expressing how much she missed bites her lower lip expressing his anger for not sharing her problem with him….

They depart due to lack of oxygen and join their heads breathing heavily….
Dev:I love u sona
Sona:I love u too

Both smile and hug

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