Kriyyam TS ‘Dil Ka Rishta’

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Hey guys, I’m back once again…with a TS ( two shots) on our beloved couple Kriyyam as I promised.

Actually I tried to do it as os…but became long…so split into two parts.

So…today is 24th May…last year this day…I posted my First ever Kriyyam os…’Hamsafar’…and I received a huge amount of love through ur comments…which is very precious to me. So I decided to write this os as a thanks giving to u guys for accepting and loving all my stories…for the first time I saw the word ‘Author’ beside my name…and it’s a real pleasure for me.

Here is the link of ‘Humsafar’


Enough of my blabbering now…let’s get started with the story.

. ***Here We Go***


It’s almost dawn outside. The wheels of the sun’s golden chariot have made their ways down the earth. The world is waking up slowly with new lights of hope.

Krishna is sitting on the edge of the king size bed, holding onto a photo frame. Her dull face is reflecting upon Sayyam’s smiling face, in the photo frame. She seems to be lost in thoughts.

Krishna thinks about the midnight incident. Suhani came to her, panting heavily, with a paper in her hand. It was a letter from Sayyam, which reads he is leaving the house. She too was stunned to know that.

Suhani and Yuvraaj has gone in search of him, though Sayyam has clearly asked them not to do so. But Suhani couldn’t sit quiet. Even Yuvraaj went against Dadi in this matter. He said he accepts Sayyam as his own child, like Yuvaan, Yuvaani and Krishna and he’ll surely bring him back as he is not guilty for all the happenings of past days.

Krishna, doesn’t know why, felt a certain deep pain when she came to know that Sayyam has gone from the house. She couldn’t recognize any particular reason for the pain she felt. It bothered her so much, yet still bothering.

Krishna can hear Dadi is shouting outside. She is cursing Sayyam for coming to their life. She is also shouting over Suhani and Yuvraaj for going to bring him back.

Krishna looks at the time. It’s 6:30 now. But still there is no call from YuvAni, informing anything about Sayyam. Krishna again looks back at Sayyam’s photo.

Krishna: I don’t know why u did this…but I must say…it is the biggest mistake of ur life…or better I say its ur biggest stupidity…u got ur mom back after so long…and now when everything could be settled…u left her once again…u know what…if I would ever get any chance to get my mom back someday…I would never leave her…never…but may be this is where we’re different from each other.

She sits quiet for sometime, then keep the photo aside and goes out. Dadi was continuously shouting and Rags was accompanying her. Krishna felt so irritated. Pratima and Bhavna were sitting in the hall. She too sat with them silently, not knowing what to do or what to say.

Pratima: I hope they find Sayyam…after all he has no fault in all these.

Bhavna agrees with her. They were discussing all these when suddenly the doorbell rings. Three of them look at eachother and runs to open the door. Krishna opens it and finds YuvAni standing there, with an almost unconscious Sayyam, who has been able to stand due to YuvAni’s support. All of them were stunned to see the scenario.

Pratima worries for Sayyam.

Pratima: Oh God…Suhani…what is this?…What happened to Sayyam?…Where did u find him?…

YuvAni takes him inside the room and makes him lie on the bed. Krishna’s heart beating so fast to see Sayyam in such state.

Yuvraaj: Maa…I’ll tell everything later…first let the doctor come and check him.

He called the doctor before coming to home so the doctor reaches after few minutes. He checks him properly and declares a minor head injury and also says that his right hand has been fractured. All of them worries to know that. The doctor dresses up his wounds while Sayyam was still unconscious.

The doctor left after sometime, after prescribing medicines.

Suhani sits beside Sayyam on the bed while crying and Yuvraaj describes to others how they find him all broken and lying on the road, in the pool of blood.

Krishna again feels the same certain pain to see the swollen face of Sayyam.

Dadi came there followed by Rags as she came to know that Sayyam has been brought back in the house. She tried to create a scene but couldn’t do bcz of Yuvraaj and soon left.

After two hours

Suhani was still sitting beside Sayyam, waiting for him to gain consciousness when he finally did so. Sayyam slowly opened his eyes and soon closed again after a wincing sound. Suhani worries.

Suhani: Sayyam…Sayyam…r u alright?…Sayyam…

He again opens his eyes after a while and looks at Suhani, who was now smiling between her trailing tears and kissed his head. Krishna also came there hearing Suhani.

Suhani: Tum theek ho na Sayyam?

Sayyam didn’t reply. He just kept staring at his mother, concerned for him. A different kind of happiness fulfilled his heart, which he never felt and made a tear run down from the corner of his eyes. Suhani saw that and wipes it off in no time. Sayyam closed his eyes.

Suhani: No Sayyam…

He again opened his eyes but still didn’t say anything. Suhani was too much touched to see tears in Sayyam’s eyes as she knew the reason. She left him as a child, never loved him even when he came back and was in front of her. Though he had no fault he had to suffer his all life. But now when he himself wanted to go away from her life, she wanted him back. And that must be unbelievably surprising for him. Suhani understands that but also knew this is not right time to discuss all these as he needs rest.

Suhani: U take rest…I’ll be back with ur food.

She gently caresses his face and leaves. Krishna saw her going and went to Sayyam. He was resting, closing his eyes as an obedient child. Krishna saw his swollen and blood clotted face once again and unknowingly a long tear ran down her face. She slowly thumps upon the bed, beside him. Sayyam opened his eyes, feeling a warmth beside himself and saw her. The long trail of tear was still running through her cheek. But Krishna soon wiped that asked him

Krishna: Abhi theek ho?

Sayyam blinks once as a reply to her query.

She was about to ask him something more but then Suhani and Yuvaani came in with food. Krishna helped Sayyam to get up and Suhani fed him. It proved to be a very emotional meeting for Sayyam and Suhani. Both of them were in tears, for treating each other badly for long time. Both of them understand the pain of the other and heartily apologize. And the apology was accepted from the both sides.

It was such a heart touching moment, Krishna and Yuvaani also had tears in their eyes. But Yuvaani didn’t let the emotional drama go on for long. She managed to stop both Sayyam and Suhani to shed tears and made them smile. Krishna too smiled to see the happy reconciliation between the mother and the son.

Few days passes

They come to know that Sayyam was beaten up by some men, without any specific and known reason. Though YuvAni has filed case against the matter and police is trying to catch the men.

In these days, though Kriyyam doesn’t talk much with each other, they have come close. Krishna is always there to help Sayyam as he is unable do things by his own due to injuries and fractured arm. And most importantly, both of them hv felt a strong feelings for the other which brings them closer. But still there is huge problem as none of them is good in expressing feelings.

One fine morning

Krishna was in the kitchen, preparing breakfast.

Sayyam came inside the room after a short span of walk in the garden. He was going to washroom while saw himself in the mirror and felt the need of shaving or at least a good trimming. He arranged the shaving kit and started shaving. But he was not able do it properly with left hand. Still he was trying and in the process, cut his cheek to bleed. He winced due to the sharp sensation of the cut and then only Krishna came in. She saw his bleeding cheek and was tensed. She went to him and took the razor away from his hand.

Krishna: Tumhe khud ye sab karne ki kya zaroorat thi?…Why didn’t u call me?

She was concerned for him as she brings the first aid kit and applies antiseptic on his cut. Sayyam again winces, feeling the sharp sensation.

Sayyam: I saw u in the kitchen…so I thought…

Krishna got irritated. She kept the antiseptic aside as she was done with it.

Krishna: Haan toh…couldn’t u just ask me if I could come or not?…aur waise…why were u shaving?…just get a trim if needed…u don’t look so good while clean shaven.

Krishna got the trimmer and started trimming, leaving the cut carefully. And with that, Sayyam was amazed. His eyes lit up with an unknown feelings of happiness as Krishna continued and soon he was lost in the beautiful eyes of his irritated wife. He felt Krishna’s word echoing in his ears. She said he doesn’t look so good while clean shaven.

Soon Krishna also felt his intense gaze upon herself and became dull, due to a feelings of shyness. She understands what all she said and tried to look away but couldn’t. She feared that if she looks away, Sayyam may get another cut.

And both of them, being lost in own thoughts, made a beautiful, intense and longtime eye lock.

And their beautiful time got over as they hear Tiger barking loudly. Kriyyam comes out of their thoughts and look away. Krishna helped Sayyam to get up and they went out to the breakfast table.

All were sitting there and Kriyyam also joined them. They all started hving breakfast when the doorbell rings. The servant opens the door and a beautiful lady comes inside. She looks at all at the dining and then a smile blooms on her face as she finds the person whom she wanted to meet.

It was Sayyam whom she waved at and went inside. Sayyam also smiled at her and they hug each other as the lady comes to him.

Sayyam: Hey Ishika…

Ishika: Sayyam…

They smile at each other.

Suhani: Sayyam…who is she?

Sayyam: Maa…she is my frnd Ishika…we were in the same college…now she has joined her father’s business…and she has come to the town yesterday for some meeting…so we decided to meet.

Others smile and welcome her.

Suhani: Ohk…so Ishika…come…sit with us for breakfast.

Ishika: No thanks Auntie…I’m done…I just came to meet him…but Sayyam…what hv u done to urself?…What happened to u?

Sayyam look at all.

Sayyam: Actually…I…had an accident.

She worries for him.

Sayyam: But I’m fine now.

They talk with eachother and Sayyam introduces her to all the family. Krishna also introduced as Sayyam’s wife which make her happy from inside. But she didn’t like the girl Ishika, at the first place. Unknowingly enough, she felt jealous when she hugged Sayyam and was worrying for him and he is also enjoying her company.

And her jealousness grew more when Suhani asks Ishika to stay with them for few days and she agrees. Krishna looks at Sayyam who was smiling at Ishika and grew angry out of nothing. She left for the kitchen with thumping feet.


So guys…that’s it for now…Hope u like this.

I’ll be posting the next part soon.

Thanks a lot for reading and appreciating me a lot for writing more. Will be awaiting ur lovely comments.

With Love



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  1. Awesome dear
    loved it

    1. Muniya

      Thank u dear…

  2. Awesome story muniya, keep going

    1. Muniya

      Thanks a lot Harini…
      I’ll post soon.

  3. I was waiting for this and finally u posted it??.. I loved it very much and eagerly waiting for the next part.. Plz post soon.

    And I also wanted to ask one thing.. U were writing an ff on Kriyyam, right?? It was my fav one.. Did u complete it?? I read that half and phir mai gayab ho gayyi thi tu se thode dinon k liye.. And I want to read that again.. So, it is still there??

    1. Muniya

      Hey Komal…Thanks a lot for ur sweet comment dear…It means a lot.
      I hv posted upto 24th part of the ff…i’ll soon continue it from 25th part?

      1. Oh.. Okay then??.. I will re- read it from chapter 1st. Thank u for informing…

  4. I just want to say thank you so much for still posting Kriyyam stuffs. Your writing is AMAZING! ❤❤With every word you make us so much more into the story. Even if you dont get as much comments know that we still love your writing. Also look at how many likes you have… Im sorry i dont comment but i have read everything you have written atleast 10 times. Please continue your ff, i cant wait! Please continue to write Kriyyam Os’s as not many people update anymore and there is still crazy kriyyam fans like you and i waitimg patiently for updates. I want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH AGAIN. And Outstanding writing! ?? I just dont have words to describe how amazing you and your writing are.

    1. Also, i just wanna say we honestly dont mind long updates. The longer the better specially if it is you.?
      Sorry for writing so much. It just shows how amazing you are!

    2. Muniya

      Hey dear…
      Thanks a lot for sucha beautiful comment…it makes me so glad.
      I really can’t control myself while writing about Kriyyam….so the stories become so long…and i’ve to split them in parts?
      I don’t mind about less comments cz i can understand people are busy with so much stuffs going on…and i’m happy that my wirting makes them happy…though for a moment…that’s enough.
      And if u guys were not there to read the stories…i’d never get that guts of it woudn’t be of any use.
      I really love to read the comments…and also miss it when i don’t get time to post my stories.
      Thank u so much for ur support.

  5. hey muniya suprb ts.stti e Tomer writing pora chok bondho korla Mona hoi sob jano ssel ta ho6a.plzzz plzz Tara tari update korba er opakha ho6a na……& plzz Tomer ff ta ooo continue korba khub miss Kori tomaka Tomer Instagram I’d ta ki bolba?

    1. Muniya

      Hi Sabana…thanks for ur sweet words…it made my day.
      Ami khub taratari ff ta post korbo…
      Actually…ami instagram e account create korechi only to follow KJ…I never post anything.
      Amar id moumita9549…tomar ta ki sabana parvin?

  6. Wow so superb and amazing Ts Muniya loved ur all os and ffs and Ts waiting for next part please post next part and next part ff Muniya

    1. Muniya

      Thank u so much Sravya…
      Glad u like it…
      I’ll be updating both ff and os soon.

  7. Fidato

    Hey…. Muniya… Another beautiful OS…In one word… I thoroughly enjoyed it… I really wanted to see this scenario in Ssel… but they ignored it after Yuvani came with Sayyam…

    I really enjoyed when you mentioned that none of them really good in expressing feelings…

    1. Muniya

      Thank u so much Fidato…
      So glad that u like it?

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