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sorry guys! i had my exams going on so i couldn’t update.sorry for the short update. also.

here’s the next chapter..hope u guys like it!!

chapter 4

krishna got up in the morning and went to jogging .she saw sayyam waiting in the turning.she went and hugged him tightly.

krishna:hey sayyam,gud morning.

sayyam:gud morning ,krish.

krishna:what ? is this my nickname? u hane any problem in that?

krishna:no! i’m okay with it.its really sweating nah!

krishna took her hair and made it into a ponytail.just then sayyam saw something and he was shocked.there were two bite marks in krishna’s neck.

sayyam:krishna, whats this you have 2 bite marks.didnt u notice it?

krishna(shocked):what!!i just cant believe this sayyam .i always can sense the presence of a vampire.but this time….

sambhav’s face flashed in krishna’s mind.tears flowed down her cheek.sayyam saw her crying.he couldn’t bear it .he hugged her and consoled her.

krishna:sayyam,i want to ask u something.

sayyam:sure krish ,what is it.

krishna:sayyam,do u know anybody named sambhav?

sayyam was shocked.

sayyam:krishna,how do u know him?

krishna tells him the flashback.sayyam’s face turned red with anger.

sayyam:krishna,i am really sorry for what happened to you and ur parents.

krishna:what did u do sayyam,this was neve ur fault.

sayyam:krish,i need to tell you something.

krishna:tell me sayyam.

sayyam:krishna ,sambhav is….my …father.

krishna was shocked. she couldn’t accept the fact that that beast was sayyam’s father.

sayyam:i hate him.he has done many misdeeds.he left me to die .i didn’t know who my mom is and i didn’t get my father’s love.

sayyam and krishna were crying.they both hugged each other.

krishna:sayyam,i will always be there for matter who’s son you are mine and u r always mine.
and she kissed him on the lips softly.

sayyam felt like he was in heaven.he atlast found his love.he wanted to freeze this moment.just then he had those flashes.he was hugging someone and calling her mom.and he was playing pillowfight with yuvani.he couldn’t understand anything and this made his head pain.

krishna broke the kiss.

krishna:sayyam,i became a vampire hunter just to kill sambhav.but now i need to find him.

sayyam:i will help u to kill him.u need not find him he has come here.

just the something striked krishna’s mind

krishna:i think sambhav might have bit me.

sayyam:yeah u r right .when he bites u will never feel it.krish, its safe for u to go home.

krishna:ok .bye!


krishna went jogging to home.

at home,

rags:yuvani ,don’t you think u have very less importance in this house?

yuvani:no way!i am going to feel like that.i’m living like a princess here.

rags:i think always krishna gets the attention here.that hurts me.

yuvani:rags there is nothing like that.krishna and me are really best friends.

dadi:yuvani, its better u keep a distance from krishna.

just then yuvani got flashes of dadi saying the samething when she was young.

yuvani:dadi and rags,both of u please don’t try to separate me and krishna.we are one.i listened to u when i was young and did the
mistake of hating her and now i wont repeat it.

yuvani went to the door and stopped.she turned and said “your tactics wont work with me this time”.and she went.

dadi and rags were shocked.

yuvan,yuvani and krishna had gone to a movie.

it was night,

sayyam was thinking about those flashes.just then he heard rahul’s voice and he came out of his thoughts.

rahul is sayyam’s best friend and a vampire.

rahul:hey sayyam whats going on?

sayyam:i need to talk to ur father.

rahul takes him to his father.

sayyam:father, i’m getting some flashes which i’m not able to figure out.when i’m with my girlfriend i get these flashes.

shiv knew what he was talking about.

shiv:son,you experience these only when you are with ur looks like u have met ur soulmate.

he said it with a smile.

shiv:those are the flashes of ur past.

sayyam:what,but how is krishna there.i really don’t understand.

shiv:soulmates are the ones who are with u in every life.they always love u and can never live without and my wife were

sayyam:can i relive my past?

shiv:yeah u can.but do you really want to do this?


shiv:go and lie in the bed.

shiv hyptonises sayyam.sayyam goes into the past.


shiv :whats ur name?

sayyam:my name is sayyam birla…….

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  1. Ahhh best of luck for your exams?and loved this ff?try to post the new one Asap?

  2. Its awesome…by the way did ur exams go well? Keep it going we are thoroughly enjoying it… actually waiting for the next episode

  3. Aarti32

    Wow..I’m vry excited for d precap..Plzz post d next episode soon..

  4. So good. Please update regularly. X and i hope ur exams went well. ?

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