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chapter 3

krishna got a call from home. it was yuvani.

yuvani: krishna come home fast.

krishna: why ?what happened?

yuvani: you come home then you will know.

the phone was cut.

krishna: sayyam i need to go home see you later.bye!!

sayyam: okay! bye! take care!!

sayyam saw krishna jogging towards her home..

krishna went to home and opened the door.she was shocked.

krishna: omg!!! i just cant believe it .yuvan,dadi and rags when did you all come.i am so happy to see you many years have passed since we all met.

yuvan: i know you would be happy to see us. thats why we kept it a secret.

krishna went and hugged yuvan.

krishna:welcome to india bro!!

she went and took blessings from dadi and went and hugged rags.

bhavana:breakfast is ready!!

they all had breakfast.
yuvan,yuvani and krishna go out to have some fun.

dadi:bhavana i think we should get krishna married to someone.

bhavana:dadi,why suddenly you are telling this.krishna is just 18 years and why would we get her married so soon.

rags:bhavana if we get her married and send her to that house a big burden will be cleared.

bhavana:no !!this wont happen.i never thought of her as a burden and i will never think something like that.i have promised suhani that i
will take care of her.and i have the responsibility to fulfill it.

dadi and rags look at each other.

dadi:ok!no was just a suggestion.

dadi and rags go upstairs to the guest room.

dadi:we need to work out another plan to kick this krishna out of the house.

rags:yes dadi we will soon come up with a good plan.

it was night,
krishna,yuvan,yuvani,rags,sharad and bhavana were playing cards.dadi was watching them play the game.the game got over and everyone went to sleep.

krishna woke up at about 12 am and saw someone sitting in the window sill.she switched on the lights and it was sayyam.

krishna:sayyam what are you doing in the middle of the night in my house??

sayyam:krishna i couldnt sleep so i thought i could come over here and look at you sleep.

krishna:do you think yourself as edward?

sayyam:no i think of you as bella

(characters in twilight- edward and bella)

krishna:oh!that was very flattering

sayyam looked at her as if he was hurt

krishna:ok,ok i’m what do you want now?

sayyam:come lets talk.

he goes and lifts krishna from her bed and goes to the balcony.he climbs down the balcony with krishna.
they both walk on that silent road while joining their hands.they go to a park and sit on a bench.

krishna:i love this moment sayyam.

sayyam:i love all the moments with you krishna.

krishna and sayyam look at each other lovingly.sayyam brings her face towards his and takes the strand of hair that was dancing to the tune of air and tucked it behind her ears.krishna shivered.he caressed her face with his fingers and brought his lips on hers.
the kiss started softly and it grew into a passionate one.sayyam pulled krishna on his lap .krishna raced her fingers through his hair.and just then sayyam felt a shock on the back of his head.he got flashes of krishna and him in a bike ride .both of them were laughing at something.krishna was holding his waist tightly during that ride.
she was very traditional and he didnt have any idea where these flashes came.then krishna pulled away from him and got of his lap.

krishna:sayyam,we are sitting in a park .

sayyam:i know but i couldnt control myself.

krishna:i need to go home.

sayyam:come let me walk with you.

sayyam goes till krishna’s home.she goes inside the house and waves her hand to sayyam.

just then sayyam gets a call.

rahul:sayyam,i have a news for you.

sayyam:what news?

rahul:its about your father

sayyam’s voice changed into anger.

sayyam:why do you remind me of him know i hate it when somebody talks about him .

rahul:he has come to india.

sayyam:what the hell??why has he come now??

rahul:he wants to discuss something with the council.

sayyam:so when is the council being held?

rahul:tomorrow should be there dude!

sayyam:i know.thats the problem now.if i see him i’m sure i will kill him.

rahul:come on dude ,he’s your father.


the birds sitting on the tree flew away.

sayyam:you know what he did and still you say he is my father.

rahul:ok.i’m sorry sayyam.

sayyam:ok,thanks for informing me.i will just be careful.goodnight!!

rahul:goodnight dude!

the phone was cut.

just then near the woods a mysterious figure is shown.

at about 2 am krishna woke up and felt very thirsty.she drank water from the bootle she had kept in her side table.she felt like somebody was watching her.she saw around the room and couldnt see anybody.

krishna(thinking aloud):it cant be sayyam.then who can it be??maybe i’m just imagining.

krishna then fell asleep.the figure which was standing in the dark corner was looking at krishna.a wicked smile crept on his lips.

the screen freezes with that smile on his lips.

precap:krishna got up as usual and went for jogging.she met sayyam .he was waiting for her at the turning of the road.and they both hugged.just then sayyam saw something and was shocked.

i hope this one is long…

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