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chapter 2

sayyam and krishna were staring at each other.sayyam was the first one to break the moment.he went out of the house while krishna was looking at him.she heard yuvani calling her name.

yuvani:krishna!krishna where are you?

yuvani saw krishna in that small room

yuvani:hey krishna!are you okay?

krishna:um..yeah…i’m fine.

yuvani:come lets go.

they all go home.

krishna was walking on the road and suddenly someone pulled her by the waist to the side road.she saw those sparkling blue eyes and knew who it was.but before she could react he sank his fangs into her neck.
krishna shouted nooooo….

just then she woke up breathing heavily realizing that it was a dream.there were pearls of droplet of sweat on her forehead.she went and stood in front of the mirror and saw her neck for bite marks,there was none.she was releived.
krishna(thinking):i hate vampires .but still sayyam was different .why am i feeling like this ?
thinking about sayyam krishna slept.

near the cemetry,
sayyam(thinking):i have never seen this girl krishna ..but i fell i have some connection with her…..even though i hate vampire hunters she was different…she was so beautiful….
thinking about krishna sayyam slept.

next morning,
krishna goes for jogging.there were some goons sitting at the corner of the road
they try to misbehave with krishna and she fought with them.then suddenly someone tied her hands.she turned and saw the head of the goon .he gave a tight slap on krishna’s face and she fell down.when he was about to touch her someone from the back hit him.krishna saw sayyam fighting with the goons and she was really happy to see him.
allthe goons ran away.
sayyam untied her ropes and krishna hugged him tightly and cried.sayyam was surprised.he also hugged her and a smile crept on his face.

krishna realized how tightly she was hugging him and moved away.she was blushing.

krishna:um….thank you sayyam for helping me.

sayyam:no problem krishna.

he went near her and cupped her face .

sayyam:krishna,you should not cry,you are a brave girl.when i see you cry it hurts .

krishna was looking at him .and she asked,

krishna:sayyam,yesterday you told you will kill me and whats thi sudden change?

sayyam:i dont have an answer for that.but i can tell you one thing i like you krishna.

krishna was surprised by the sudden confession.
sayyam was about to leave,

krishna:sayyam,even i like you.

both of them were blushing .they both looked at each other and smiled.

screen freezes.

precap:krishna gets a call from home.she goes home and is shocked.

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  1. This is soo cute!!..I’m loving’s got a unique and interesting touch to it..update regularly plzzz!

  2. This is so good. But i request if you could make the updates longer they are bit too short…..

  3. Plz update a longer one I like your ff

  4. Fanficwriter518

    Aw this is really good. Update soon please x

  5. Aqsxxh

    really interesting i love it

  6. Aarti32

    D episode was adorable..But d precap?? I hope Bhavna n Sharad r fine

  7. Awesome episode but please make it long dear.

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