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sorry for any mistakes. please tell me how my ff is .if there are any ways to improve please tell me. your comments are important for me

chapter 1

at night 9 pm,

bhavana:krishna,yuvani dinner is ready.

both come down .

krishna:oh! yummy paneer butter masala.its my favourite maa.

yuvani:i love chicken fry .

she hugs bhavana.

bhavana: i know what my girls like .

and all 3 hug each other.

krishna:maa,where is sharad?

bhavana:he has gone out .he will be back in a while.

after half an hour…
the phone rings ,


sharad:bhavana there’s an attack in eden street.i want you all to come here with our equipments immediately.

and the phone is cut.

krishna and yuvani:what happened maa?

bhavana: there has been an attack in eden street .we need to get ready,fast.

they get ready.krishna and yuvani take the stakes and inserts them in their waist belts.
they reach the was utter dark and they see a figure running towards them.they get ready to attack the vampire.just then

bhavana flashed the light on the figure and it was sharad.they were all relieved.

sharad:we have to seperate ourselves and go into each house.i have already sent 6 people into other houses

krishna and yuvani:ok,papa.(they call sharad as papa since the death of their parents)

bhavana:krishna and yuvani take care ,you are new and young to this job,if u want any help please call us.

krishna:dont worry ma,we will take care .

the 4 of them go seperate into 4 individual houses.

krishna enters a small cosy was dark and silent.she could the sense the presence of a vampire.she heard some rustling noises and enters a small room.

she could see an outline of the vampire who was drinking blood from somebody.

krishna:hey!you ,stop whatever you are doing.

that guy turned and looked straight into her eyes.
she could see his sparkling blue eyes looking directly at her.she shivered.she had never felt like this .she realised she was also staring at him.she looked away from him and turned on the lights.she saw a dog lying there with blood oozing out of it neck.

she saw him and he was the most handsome vampire she had ever seen.

the vampire:what’s your name?

krishna:i’m krishna.

the vampire:oh! so you are the vampire hunter ?


krishna:your name?

the vampire:i’m saiyyam.

krishna:i have never seen a vampire drinking blood from an are different.

saiyyam:yep!i’m different.i’m half-human and half-vampire.

krishna:what?!!how is that possible?

saiyyam:that’s none of your business

he came near krishna and took her left hand bent it back on her waist and pulled her towards him and he whispered in her ears

saiyyam:if i again see you hunting vampires i will kill you

krishna was shocked .she has never been this close with a vampire.she felt very nervous and he looked into her brown eyes and she looked into his blue eyes.

they both stare at each other.

screen freezes.

precap:krishna is walking in the road and suddenly someone pulls her by the waist into the side road.she sees those sparkling blue eyes and knew who it was.before she could react he sank his fangs into her neck.

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  1. Aarti32

    It’s awesome..Luv Kriyyam’s chemistry..

  2. Aarti32

    But plzz update daily..

  3. So good. Please update quickly ❤❤

  4. Ahhh vampire it seems interesting??

  5. What is this baba ye kya chap 1tha vaimpaire and bhavna sharad yuvani Krishna s ma papa not good story ek karo ki Jo filal show mai chal raha hai eske hisab se story banayo ki age kya hoga ye vaipare no plz change

  6. whoa…this is pretty cool 😀 cant wait for more

  7. Aqsxxh

    God this FF is amazing and Sayyaim a vampire that is a great sight

  8. Syedul

    Update now

  9. Interesting track..something different..luved it..pls update soon

  10. It’s good but why did you made Sayyam a vampire?? dear.

  11. superb

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