Kriyyam OS ‘Ishqwala Love’ ( In Loving Memory of Kriyyam)

Hi guys…I’m back again with another OS on Kriyyam.

Actually this os is very special. It took me almost 6 months to complete this as I didn’t get enough time to type. But then I started finishing it from yesterday and finally did it today.

May be u guys remember…It’s 21ST May today, and last year in this day only, our endeared couple Kriyyam, bid a last good bye from the screen, from us. SSEL ended this day. But they are always in our heart. So I just tried to relive the memories of our lovely Kriyyam. Their journey from hatred to Love is most adorable thing and here I hv tried to show that, once again.

This story is something different and simple one…Hope u’ll like this one.

***Here We Go***


Sayyam Birla and Krishna Mathur, they hv joined the same college. And from the very beginning, a rivalry has taken place between them.

Krishna is of very bold attitude. She doesn’t like to lose. And for Sayyam, he is always cool with all. Girls drool over him. And the only same thing between them is that both r very simple hearted but doesn’t know this about the other.

In the Fresher’s Welcome

Kriyyam met for the first time and hv fight at the very first place.

In a very little time, Kriyyam hv become the most popular in their batch.

One day

Krishna came to college and went to park her scooty. She parked the scooty and was about to walk towards the classroom but suddenly someone pulled her hand and then only a boy slipped there down with his bike.

Krishna gets shocked when she looks at the person who pulled her. It was Sayyam. He saw the boy coming with his bike, trembling, so pulled Krishna to save her. Sayyam went to the boy and scold him and then came to Krishna.

He was so concerned for her. Krishna stepped aback as Sayyam concernedly holds her hand.

Sayyam: Miss Mathur…r u alright?… Tumhe chot toh nahi lagi na?…

Krishna stands afar from him, frowning.

Krishna: Don’t u dare touch me again.

Sayyam was stunned.

Sayyam: What??….But listen…I was just trying to save u and….

Krishna: And u thought…I’m the white damsel in distress!!..So tum mujhe bachane chale aaye…

Sayyam was shocked now.

Sayyam: Arre…par main toh…

Krishna: Listen u Mr….Don’t try act over smart…I know everything.

Saying that she left the place, leaving Sayyam shocked and surprised by her action.

Sayyam: Pata nahi iski problem kya hai?…

One fine day

The College Union Election was declared. And being the most popular guys from the new batch, Kriyyam were offered to be the candidates to stand in election.

Sayyam accepts the offer at once as he is always ready to make new experiences in life, doesn’t bother much about win or lose. And Krishna too, accepts the offer, when she comes to know that Sayyam is standing against her. She had her own motive to show Sayyam his place by defeating him in the election.

But little did they know, Destiny has some other plans for them.

As Kriyyam were selected, they started to campaign in college for votes. One day they meet in the college corridor while going to classrooms for election campaign.

Krishna saw Sayyam coming with his gang and stopped on her track. She looks at him with scornful eyes. Sayyam too saw her, staring at him. He fakes a smirk as he approaches her.

Sayyam: So…Miss… Mathur…right?…yup…so hv u changed ur mind Miss Mathur?…

Krishna frowned a bit, being unable to understand what he meant. Sayyam smiles.

Sayyam: No…I mean…the way u r looking at me…looks like u hv fallen for me…and don’t want to fight in this election.

Krishna’s frown deepens a bit by this comment of Sayyam. But didn’t show that, rather she too smirks at him.

Krishna: And here u proved me right in what I think about u Mr….Sayyam…right?

Sayyam: That means u think about me?

Sayyam holds the smile on his lips. Krishna gets angry.

Krishna: Just shut up!!!…U proved that u r an idiot…who doesn’t even get what someone’s eyes r saying…and about whatever u said…I mean…I’ll fall for u…Krishna Mathur will fall for some idiot like u…I mean seriously!!…huh…listen u Mr. …that’s not gonna happen even in ur dreams…and I’ll never back off of this election…I’ll beat u…and that’s my challenge.

Krishna leaves the place, followed by her girls’ gang, who keep their eyes lovingly on Sayyam until they cross the corridor. Sayyam watches her going proudly after throwing a fitting reply to him.

And there, Destiny took its first step forward, towards Sayyam, to change Kriyyam’s life.

Sayyam falls, for her, for Krishna.

Sayyam falls in Love with Krishna in the very moment. He smiles unknowingly while staring at her fading figure. He was lost in her.

His frnds were looking at him, puzzled. One of them shakes him by holding his arm.

Jai: Arre Sayyam…kya ho gaya tujhe?…kya soch raha hai?

Sayyam doesn’t move or look at him but says

Sayyam: Pyaar !!! Pyaar ho gaya yaar.

His frnds were surprised.

Parth: Kya bol raha hai Sayyam?…Kisko pyaar ho gaya?…Aur kisse?

Sayyam was in same position.

Sayyam: Mujhe pyaar ho gaya….Miss Mathur se…

His frnds cried in unison ‘KYA’???

Sayyam comes to sense hearing them shouting. He looks at them.

Sayyam: Why r u all shouting?

Jai: Do u even know what did u just say?

Sayyam smiles.

Sayyam: Off course I know…

Parth: But how is that even possible?..

Sayyam: Why isn’t it possible?

His frnds keep staring at him, unbelievably. Sayyam smiles.

Sayyam: I hv met so many girls…most of them die for one look of mine on them….but Miss Mathur is different…she is the only girl I hv ever met who didn’t tried to get close to me…she has her own attitude…and that’s what I like the most about her.

Jai: But still…aise kaise pyaar ho gaya?

Sayyam: Pata nahi yaar…bas ho gaya.

He smiles to himself. His frnds sigh.

Parth: Ye toh gaya…

Few days passes

Election campaigning was on full swing. Krishna got huge busy in everything. She didn’t pay attention to Sayyam.

But Sayyam was living in his own world. He didn’t seem to hv any intention to fight the election or win it. His frnds were only doing everything for him.

Kriyyam often meet on their way and Sayyam falls for Krishna even more deeply, every time.

One day Sayyam decides to tell his feelings to Krishna and also do the same. He goes to the girls’ common room, followed by his frnds. And when they reach to the door, much to their astonishment, the room was flooding with loud laughing and giggling sound.

Sayyam and his frnds look at each other and then peep into the room. The scenario was amazing. All the girls were standing there, surrounding Krishna, who was cutting cake and was feeding them. It was her Birthday.

Sayyam smiled to see her smiling, for the first time. He was lost in her cute smiling face. But some of the girls bursts balloons and that loud sound brings Sayyam back to the sense. He looks at his frnds and they go inside.

Krishna and other girls also see them. They became quite being somewhat disturbed by the sudden entry of the intruders. Krishna frowned a bit.

Krishna: Tum log….yahan kya kar rahe ho?

Sayyam: Wo actually…we’re passing from here and heard the noise…so…came to check if u guys are in any problem.

Sayyam simply changed his mind to get rid of Krishna’s investigation and lied to her.

Krishna: Oh really…toh hamare hansne awaaz se tumhe laga hum problem mein hai…how stupid u r.

Her eyes were again turned into scornful one towards Sayyam. But he only kept an idiotic smile plastered on his lips.

Sayyam: Yea…we just misunderstood….waise…if u don’t mind…what’s going on here?….No…I mean…all of u were enjoying so much…and this cake and all…

He just wanted to spend a little time in Krishna’s presence and so tried to start a convo with her. But she was not in any mood to answer his questions or carry on the convo. But one of Krishna’s frnd replied to his question.

Priya: It’s her birthday today.

Sayyam got that already but just wanted to be confirmed. Krishna glares at Priya, angrily.

Sayyam: Oh really…ohh…Happy Birthday Miss Mathur.

Krishna looks at him and sternly says

Krishna: Thanks…

Sayyam’s frnds also wish her happy birthday. Krishna thanks them.

Sayyam: I didn’t know it’s ur birthday…then I could bring some gift for u…

Krishna looks at him, frowning.

Krishna: No…its ok…uski koi zaroorat nahi.

Sayyam was thinking what to say next, then Krishna said, with a little smile

Krishna: Actually…u know what…I can get something as gift from u.

Sayyam was surprised.

Sayyam: Really??…So what’s that?

Krishna widens her smile a bit.

Krishna: The day I’ll win the election….I’ll snatch the Victory from u…that’ll be my birthday gift from u.

Then she left from there, passing a proud smile to him. Other girls also went with her. Sayyam and his frnds stand there, saw them going.

One of his frnds said

Akash: Ye toh aise bolke gayi jaise abhi election jit gayi hai…such attitude.

Others also agree with him. Sayyam didn’t say anything.

Parth: Arre Sayyam…tu bhi toh kuch bol?…She taunts u so much…u hv to show her…her own place…right?

Now Sayyam smiled.

Sayyam: Yea…her right place is in my heart…and she’ll know that soon…cz I’ll do what she said.

His frnds were again shocked.

Prath: What r u saying Sayyam?…

Sayyam: Haan…I’m saying right…she just wants to win this election as her birthday gift from me…then I’ll surely give her that.

He looks at his frnds.

Sayyam: And u guys hv to help me in this.

Jai: Are u crazy?…No Sayyam…we can’t help u to do this…u mean to say that we hv to help u to lose this election…no we won’t do that.

Sayyam looks at them with pleading eyes.

Sayyam: Plz Yaar…this is the first time she wants something from me…how can I deny that…U know right how much I love her…and…why r u thinking that I’ll lose?…Rather This will be my victory…I’ll win her…her heart…and that is all to me…plz yaar…plz help me.

Now his frnds were really shocked to know the depth of his Love for Krishna.

Parth: U love her so much?

Sayyam smiled and nods.

Jai: Ok then…u also see…how much we love our frnd…and what can we do for his love…Let’s go guys…Miss Mathur ko jitana hai.

Sayyam became so happy. They all smile and hug eachother.

They did their best to make sure that Krishna wins the election.

After few days

Election got over and it was the day of announcing the result.

Krishna was awaiting eagerly to know the result and when she knew it, she was in cloud nine. She was so happy to know that she has win and Sayyam has lost. She became proud of herself as she win her challenge.

All the girls go to their common room and starts to celebrate their victory. Parth and Aakash were going through there and saw the girls enjoying. Krishna and Priya also saw them. The boys went there and congratulate Krishna.

Parth: Congratulations Krishna…U win.

Krishna looks at them, with a proud smile.

Krishna: Thanks…

They were leaving soon after talking to her but Krishna stops them.

Krishna: Arre wait…where is ur frnd?…Wouldn’t he come to congratulate me?…Or he is ashamed to meet me as he has lose in front of me?

Krishna smiles and her frnds also join her. Parth and Aakash get angry to hear that for Sayyam.

Parth: No…it’s not that…he is just…

Krishna cuts him off.

Krishna: I know…I know…after all…his ago has been failed in front of a ‘girl’…how can he with stand that?…But tell him one thing…from now on…I’ll defeat him in everything and he should get habituated to it.

Aakash got really angry by her taunts towards Sayyam.

Aakash: Listen Krishna…do u even know…how he…

He was about to say the truth but Parth stops him.

Parth: Aakash…chup ho ja…and come…let’s go.

But Aakash was not ready to leave without giving the fitting reply to Krishna. He jerks off Parth’s hand and goes in front of Krishna. Krishna also became curious to know what Parth was trying to hide by shutting Aakash up. She waits for what he says.

Aakash: No Parth…don’t stop me…she needs to know…

Krishna became more curious.

Krishna: What?…What do I need to know?…Tell me what happened?

Parth again tries to calm the situation but fails. Aakash tell everything to Krishna, from Sayyam’s love for her to Sayyam’s efforts to make her win the election.

And Krishna was literally stunned to know that. She couldn’t believe what she heard.

Aakash: And u know what…he took promises from us so that we don’t tell u anything about all these…but I can’t tolerate it when u insult him…instead of what he did for u…so I told u everything.

They were again leaving when Krishna said

Krishna: Where is he?

Aakash and Parth look back at her and Krishna again asks the same question.

Krishna: Where is Sayyam?

Aakash and Parth look at each other.

Parth: He is in the ground.

As soon as Krishna gets the reply, she leaves from there, leaving everyone stunned.

After few minutes

Krishna goes to the ground and finds Sayyam sitting with Jai. They also saw her. Parth and Aakash also came behind her.

Sayyam went near Krishna and forwards his hand to congratulate her.

Sayyam: Arre Miss Mathur…Congratulations…Finally tum jit hi gayi.

Krishna looked at his frnds and said

Krishna: I want to talk with him…alone.

They got it and left from there, leaving Kriyyam alone. Sayyam got confused.

Sayyam: Kya baat hai…tum…

Krishna cuts him off in the middle

Krishna: Do u love me?

Sayyam gets shocked. He can’t give any reply. Krishna waits for few minutes for his reply but he didn’t. She again asked.

Krishna: I asked…do u love me?

Now Sayyam gathered some courage and finally nods in yes.

Sayyam: Yes Miss Mathur…I love u…but…who told u that?

Krishna: Ur frnds…and they also told me…what u hv done to make me win this election.

Now Sayyam was really shocked as he took promises from them to not tell her anything.

Sayyam: What?…But I told them…I mean…it’s nothing like that…It had to happen u know…U would win anyway…I just…

Krishna again cuts him off

Krishna: Why did u do this Sayyam?…Is my words so imp. to u or it’s just that u had to show off ur greatness?

Sayyam’s shock was gone by now as he felt a glimpse of sadness in Krishna’s voice. He hesitatingly holds Krishna’s one hand which trembled a bit, being touched by the warmth of his fingers. She looked at him, in the eyes.

Sayyam: No Miss Mathur…It’s not about greatness and all…this election actually doesn’t matter to me…I don’t care if I win it or not…It’s just another different experience in life for me…but after meeting u…I knew its very imp. to u to win in everything…snatch the victory in every step of life…but believe me…I did it bcz I love u…and this victory is really ur birthday gift from me as u wished…nothing else…no ego or no sacrifice…its just a way for me to express my love for u.

He finished and looked at Krishna. Her eyes were glistened. She cleared her throat and for the first time, smiled at Sayyam. And Sayyam forgot to smile. Then she said

Krishna: This is not me Sayyam…this is not so old me who would get happy in every small matters…every small wish that would fulfill…who would enjoy every bit of happiness…I hv changed myself…my inner feelings…I hv wear a mask of rudeness…just to show off that I don’t care…but actually…deep down my heart…I’m scared…I’m scared to be loved…I’m scared if it’s being faked to me…I’m afraid to trust love…cz once it has broken my heart into pieces…and I can’t tolerate that pain anymore.

She couldn’t say anymore, being chocked and looked downwards. Sayyam felt her pain in every word of her. He firms his grip on her hand and lifts her chin with the other hand. Krishna looked at him. None of them uttered another word and Krishna was slowly captured in Sayyam’s embrace. Sayyam felt a current of happiness in his heart. He didn’t want to bother her, he just waited for her, silently.

After a long time

Krishna controls herself and looked at Sayyam with a sweet smile on her face. He too smiled.

Sayyam: Ur smile is beautiful.

Krishna widens her smile and says

Krishna: Cz I hv earned it after a long time…and a lots of pain.

She kept the smile on the lips. They sat together in the bench.

Krishna: Sayyam…I never told anyone about my pain…and may be I’d never…but I want to tell u everything…I want to be free from this weight of my heart…will u listen to me?

Sayyam nods in yes. Krishna said everything. She said how she loved her childhood best frnd and dreamt to spend her life with him. He also promised to live with her. But then, one day Krishna came to know that he has cheated on her with another girl and simply got away from her life. It hurts her so deeply that she lost trust from love.

Krishna looks at Sayyam.

Krishna: I knew I hv lose…and from then…I make myself strong and decided not to lose in any step of life…winning became so imp. to me…but today…I hv won in front of all…but I don’t feel happiness…rather…I’m happy to know that…actually I hv been defeated…defeated in front of ur love.

Sayyam: No Krishna…Love is not about win or lose…it’s about being together in the hardest time…being there for eachother when needed…and I promise u…I’ll never leave u…cz I really love u Krishna…I can’t live without u…U just need to stay in my life and make it worth living…that’s all I want from u.

He wiped off the rest tears from her pink cheeks and she smiled, blushing. Sayyam smiled.

Sayyam: U look beautiful when u blush…but I think…u look best when u swollen ur nose and look with anger in ur eyes.

And with that Krishna’s face turned into the same one as Sayyam described her to be.

Sayyam: Yea…perfectly…this one…I love this angry bird look of urs.

And Krishna became more enraged.

Krishna: U…I’ll kill u….

She started chasing him as he already started to run away after enraging her and laughed. Krishna couldn’t help but forget her anger and laugh when she get that he just simply tried to make her happy and cheerful.

They stopped and started laughing like crazy. And then Krishna finally said

Krishna: I love u Sayyam…

Sayyam stopped laughing and wholeheartedly enjoyed the moment of her confession of Love.

They smiled and again hugged each other.

Krishna: I know it’s strange to fall for some idiot like u…but now I can’t help it…It just happened in no time.

Sayyam still smiled. Krishna again said

Krishna: Thanks for coming into my life…

Sayyam: U r most welcome Miss Mathur…

Krishna breaks the hug and looks at him angrily.

Krishna: Ye kya Miss Mathur…Miss Mathur laga rakha hai tumne…I hv a name…and that’s Krishna…so call me by my name.

Sayyamhold his ears

Sayyam: Ok…Ok…sorry…actually adat ho gayi hai na…but not any more…Ok…Krishna.

Krishna smiled.

Krishna: Hmmm…that’s good.

They again laughed and then went towards their frnds. They were also eagerly waiting for them. And when Kriyyam came and Sayyam told them everything, they all were literally shocked.

But it was only for sometime as they know it had to happen some or the other day. They all cheered up and make a huge group of Frnds together, who were always together.

Kriyyam’s Love story started there and they must hv reach the destination of their true love.


So guys…That’s it. Hope u’ll like it.

I really miss Kriyyam a lot…Love them so much.

Tell me in ur comments…if u like it or not. Sorry for any mistakes…didn’t hv enough time to spell check.

Thanks a lot for reading.

With Love



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  2. Fidato

    Hey…. Muniya… I was longing for your OS… I could say… You’re truly a kriyam fan… Each and every nuke and corner of kriyam…At your fingers… Nice to relive their memories…. they both are truly talented people. Both of them have husky voice…. I just love them… Thank you so much dear….For this lovely OS

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      Hey Fidato…
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