KRIYYAM OS Forever Yours

Hello Lovely ppls, Muniya here, back with another Kriyyam story…and Wish u all at once (belated) Happy Friendship Day, Happy Rakshabandhan, Happy Janmashtami and Happy Independence Day… Hope u all r doing well. Very Sorry for very very late update.
*****Now coming to the story*****
Here, ‘unlike’ SSEL, Yuvraaj and Sayyam has come to know that Baby has murdered Yuvaan. So, they have secretly join hands to kick Baby out of the BH and punish her for her deeds (and Baby is not married to Yuvraaj) Sharad is also with them. They continue to search for evidence against her. But Suhani, Krishna and all others r unaware of all these as they didn’t tell them anything.
Sayyam starts to act good with Baby to befool her. He pretends as if he loves her and wants to marry her. Yuvraaj and Sharad, as a part of their acting, support him. Krishna is super jealous as well as hurt seeing Sayyam’s attitude but Sayyam is enjoying her jealousy, however, feeling little bad.
The story starts at night when Krishna is in her room, trying to sleep, but couldn’t. She was thinking about Sayyam’s change in behavior.
Krishna: How can Sayyam change this much?…That day after Yuvaan’s death…he suspected that Baby is behind Yuvaan’s death and he’ll try to find out the truth…but now looks like he forgot everything…did he really forget what all Baby has done with Suhani aunty and me…huh…main bhi kya soch rahi hoon…why will he think about us…after all Baby was his gf…But what happened to Daidu and Sharad chachu?..Why r they supporting him?…
She couldn’t find any answer. She slowly falls asleep while thinking all these.

Next morning.
Krishna comes out of the kitchen and finds Sayyam, sitting at the dining, busy with his phone. They look at eachother. Krishna avoids him and was about to leave when Sayyam calls her out.
Sayyam: Krishna..
Krishna stops in her way and turns to look at him. Sayyam was about to say something meanwhile Baby comes there.
Baby: Sayyam…
Kriyyam look at her and than at eachother. Baby approaches Sayyam and gives him a glass of orange juice. She sees Krishna and smirks. She sits beside Sayyam and holds his hand. Krishna looks away.
Baby: Sayyam…this is for u…maine banaya hai…
Sayyam smiles a bit and looks at Krishna from the corner of his eyes. Krishna starts to arrange the dishes on the table.
Baby: Actually..Sayyam..I wanted to thank u…for coming back in my life…and u know we were always made for eachother…par hamari galati ki wajah se hum dono alag ho gaye the…but now I am happy that we r together again…I promise I’ll never leave u…and I am really very happy that papaji is also with us.
She says in a noticeably loud voice and looks at Krishna. Krishna finishes her work and leaves. Sayyam sees her leave.
Baby: Sayyam…dekho ab Yuvaan toh nahi raha…so I think we should get married as soon as possible…but for that first u hv to divorce with that stupid girl…
Sayyam gets shocked. But soon he composes himself and smiles at her.

Few days passes
One fine morning Krishna packs her stuffs and shifts to another room as she can’t withstand all the happenings. Baby expresses her happiness. Sayyam was fuming inside but fakes a smile to her.
Next morning Krishna wakes up and goes out. She was in the hall when Sayyam comes to her.
Sayyam: Krishna…I hv to say something.
Krishna looks at him as Sayyam approaches her said in a harsh tone
Sayyam: Mere kamre se toh nikal hi gayi ho.. toh ab meri zindagi se bhi nikal jao..
Krishna became confused.
Krishna: What do u mean?
YuvAni and all others come. Sayyam takes out the divorce papers. Krishna gets shocked. Tears beaming in her eyes. Sayyam hands her the papers. Krishna’s hands were trembling and she was more shocked to see that Sayyam has already signed. Her heart pierce into pieces. She looked at him with raged eyes.
Sayyam: Matlab ye ki…ye sign karo aur meri zindagi se chali jao.
All gets shocked.
Krishna: What do u think of urself..huh…main koi khilona hoon kya…jo jab chahe mujhse shaadi kar liya…jab chahe divorce de diya…main bhi insaan hoon Sayyam…mere bhi kuch feelings hai…mujhe bhi bura lagta hai…dard hota hai mujhe…
Baby cuts her off..
Baby: Hum jaante hain Krishna…isilye toh…tumhe aur zyaada dard na ho….isiliye ye divorce zaroori hai…ab dekho..Sayyam aur main shaadi karne wale hai…so u also get married to someone else…and live ur life happily…par divorce ke bina doosri shaadi toh illegal hai…so u know..this is the only way..tum bhi khush..hum bhi khush..
Krishna looks at Sayyam who was looking other side as he was not being able to tolerate Krishna’s situation. But Krishna thinks he agrees with Baby. Her anger, mingled with unbearable sadness, crosses limit. But she wipes off her tears and approaches him.
Krishna: Theek hai…tumhe divorce chahiye…hai na…ek minute
She grabs the pen from his hand to sign. She can’t see the papers properly as her eyes were overflowing with fresh tears. She signs the papers and throws it on Sayyam.
Krishna: Ye lo…tumhari azaadi…ab tum jisse marzi shaadi kar sakte ho…
Everybody was shocked to see Krishna’s reaction. Only Baby was smiling. She immediately picks up the papers. Krishna cries heavily and leaves from there, running. Sayyam was dying in heart seeing her every tear. But he was helpless.

He comes out of his thought as Baby suddenly hugs him. Sayyam becomes angry.
Baby: I m so happy Sayyam…ab hum jab chahe shaadi kar sakte hai…hai na?
Suhani glares at Sayyam, angrily. But was shocked to notice the changed expression on his face. His eyes were full of rage. She felt something wrong.
Sayyam breaks the hug and smiles at her with lot of difficulty. Baby leaves from there, happily. Sayyam sighs deeply to compose himself and leaves. Suhani was standing there, confused by his action.
Krishna comes to her room and throws things here and there. She was crying like anything and falls on the bed.
Suhani and Bhavna come behind her. But she doesn’t open the door. Pratima and Yuvaani come and asks Suhani to leave her alone. They leave.

Time skips to evening.
Krishna was passing through the corridor when she feels a strong pull in her arm. She was about to shriek loud but someone keeps hand over her mouth. Due to sudden force, Krishna enters the room. The person leaves her mouth and holds her tightly by her waist. Krishna immediately opens her eyes to see its Sayyam. She gets more shocked and confused at the same time. They hv an eyelock until anger takes control over Krishna.
Krishna: Tum?..What do u want now..U got what u wanted…Tumhe mujhse divorce chahiye tha..wo toh tumhe mil gaya na…than why r u running behind me now…leave me..and go to ur would be wife..ur true love… leave me I said…
Krishna struggles to free herself and doesn’t know why uncontrollable tears started to made their way on her cheeks. She frees herself and turns to leave when Sayyam pulls her back and Krishna gets pinned to the wall. Before she could understand anything, Sayyam captures her lips with his. Krishna lets out a gasp, being stunned by his action. She clutches his shirt firmly, tears trail down her throat as she closes her eyes tightly. Sayyam’s one hand is snaked around her waist while another is strongly entangled with Krishna’s hand that was pinned to the wall. Their bodies are so close that there is no gap between them.

Sayyam kisses her for sometime. However, Krishna doesn’t kiss him back but she was calmed down. Sayyam pulls out from the kiss and looks at Krishna who is still closing her eyes. She slowly opens her eyes, after catching her breathe. There was a lot of questions in her eyes, that needed answers to Sayyam’s sudden action. They were still holding eachother.
Krishna:…kya kiya tumne Sayyam?
Sayyam moves closer to her when Krishna slightly moves her face back only to hit the wall behind her.
Sayyam: Bohut zyaada bolti ho tum…tumhe chup karana bohut zaroori tha…and there is no better way than this to shut someone up.
Krishna was still quivering inside, due to their proximity. But this was not the answer that she needed. Sayyam understands that. He wipes off the tears on her cheek and tucks her hairs back. Krishna removes his hands. But Sayyam knew that he doesn’t hv enough time so he holds her and says
Sayyam: Dekho Krishna…I don’t hv enough time…do minute ke liye chup raho aur meri baat dhyaan se suno..
Krishna looks at him confused. Sayyam tells her about all the happenings. Her expression changed after his every word. She doesn’t know how to react.
Suddenly they hear Baby calling out for Sayyam. Kriyyam look at eachother.
Sayyam: Don’t worry Krishna…everything will be fine very soon…but we hv to cross this darkness to bright up our future days…to save this family…tum samajh rahi ho na?..
Sayyam tenderly cups her face as tears beams in her eyes. Krishna hugs him. Happiness and sadness, both were going through in her mind, at the same time. She was happy that Sayyam has not changed and was sad to know the harsh and cruel truth of her best friend’s death.
Sayyam understands her feelings as he was also going through the same feelings. He couldn’t help but share his emotions that were troubling him everytime he saw Krishna in pain. He wanted to hug her to comfort her, to sooth her pain. In such a vulnerable moment, being desperate to stop her tears, he, unknowingly confronted the true feelings of his heart.
Sayyam: I love u Krishna.
Krishna was shocked to core. She felt his words to be the sweetest melody ever to pour into her ears. She looks at him. Sayyam slightly nods in yes. Krishna’s happiness becomes unbounded. She smiles in between her tears and buries herself in his arms. Sayyam also hugs her passionately, in the same way.
Haan Bewajah… Bewajah chahoon tujhe humnava…Kyun ye dhadkan…Dhoon gaaye ab tera…Kyun ye dhadkan…Naam le ab bas tera…Hai tu wajah hans lamho ki…Hai tu wajah mere jine ki…Tu hi wajah ab jine ka…Khwahise teri nivaane ka…
They were lost in eachother. After sometime, Sayyam breaks the hug and Krishna looks at him. Sayyam wipes her tears.
Sayyam: I m sorry Krishna…I should hv tell u all these before…but ur Daidu said that…we should keep quiet bcz maa and dadi were already broken after Yuvaan’s death…so we didn’t say anything…I hope u understand me…
Krishna smiles and holds his hands. Sayyam becomes happy.
Sayyam: I knew it Krishna..I knew it that u’ll understand me.
Now, Krishna, without any hindrance, confesses her love.
Krishna: I love u Sayyam.
Sayyam smiles and again pulls her in a tight hug.
Haan..Haan tu jab aaye…Saans meri thaam jaaye…Haan.. Haan tu jab aaye…Labz mere ruk jaaye…Kyun ye dhadkan…Dhoon gaaye ab tera …Kyun ye dhadkan…Naam le ab bas tera…Hai tu wajah hans lamho ki…Hai tu wajah mere jine ki…Tu hi wajah ab jine ka…Khwahise teri nivaane ka…
They break the hug and happily look at eachother and smile.
Sayyam: Now I hv to go…ok..
Krishna nods. He was about to go out of the room but again comes back to her.
Sayyam: By the way Krishna…ur lips r very sweet…
Krishna gets shocked as Sayyam pecks her lips before he leaves. She grabs a cushion to throw on him as he winks at her before leaving.
Krishna closes her eyes and smiles to herself, remembering the incident that happened only few minutes ago. She relived the moment. Sayyam wanted to sooth her pain but looks like his confession has healed her wound only.

On the other side, Suhani was tensed about Sayyam’s expression and she told everyone about that. They decide to ask him. They were going to his room when saw Yuvraaj and Sharad coming to them.
Yuvraaj: Suhani…come with us…we hv to tell u something.
They all go to the terrace. Yuvraaj and Sharad tell them everything. They were very much shocked. Suhani was about to fall down but Yuvraaj holds her before she hits the floor. He makes her sit. They all were crying.
Yuvraaj: Suhani…don’t cry..Baby will be punished very soon..we hv got evidence against her.
Suhani hugs him. Pratima, Bhavna and Yuvaani console her.

After 2 days
Now everyone was together. They secretly make plans to make Baby confess her deed.
At night
All were sitting at the dining. Krishna and Bhavna were serving. Sayyam also comes. Kriyyam look at eachother. Krishna serves him. All were happy to see Krishna smiling. They all were eating when Sayyam said
Sayyam: Krishna…give me sweets..
Krishna gets shocked to hear sweet as she knows what Sayyam meant. She looks at him with widely opened eyes. Sayyam smirks.
Sayyam: Can’t u hear…I said give me sweets…
Krishna doesn’t reply.
Bhavna: Krishna…give him sweets.
Krishna somehow manages to nod and was about to pass him the bowl of sweet when Baby comes and grabs the bowl from her hand.
Baby: I’ll give him.
Kriyyam look at each other as Baby serves him. Sayyam smiles as he notices Krishna fuming in jealousy.
After sometime
Krishna’s room, which she has shifted to, became their secret meeting place. Krishna was in the room when Sayyam secretly comes and hugs her from back. Krishna was shocked.
Krishna: Sayyam tum?…why r u here now?…go to ur Baby…
Sayyam smiles.
Sayyam: I came to meet u..
Krishna: Why?..why hv u come to meet me?..go and meet Baby…she’ll give u sweets..
Sayyam laughs.
Sayyam: I don’t mind.
Krishna: What did u say?
Sayyam: Nothing…but looks like someone is jealous..
Krishna: Why will I be jealous…I don’t care.
Sayyam: Ok…I m sorry…I didn’t know Baby will come..sorry.
He holds his ears. Krishna smiles.
Krishna: Its ok…now u go.
Sayyam: But I came to meet u.
Krishna: Yea..toh ab meet ho gayi na…so now plz go…
Sayyam: Ok..I’ll go…but on one condition.
Krishna: What?..Jaldi bolo…koi aa jayega.
Sayyama: Plz Krishna…ab ye typical wife wali baatein mat shuru karo.
He comes closer to her. Krishna feels nervous.
Krishna: Sayyam…
Sayyam: I want something.
Krishna: What do u want now?
Sayyam places his finger on her lips to sign what he wants.
Sayyam: I want a kiss…but this time u hv to kiss me.
Krishna’s eyes get wide open.
Krishna: What?.. No can’t…plz leave me.
Krishna feels shy. Sayyam smiles mischievously and puts his both hands on the wall to block her way.
Sayyam: Then I m sorry…I won’t let u go.
Krishna: But Sayyam..
Sayyam: I said Sorry..
Krishna tries a lot but understands that she won’t get rid of him that easily and accepts her defeat.
Krishna: Ok..
Sayyam smirks on his victory. Krishna feels very shy. She tip toed and slowly leans towards Sayyam for two times and moves back both times, due to shyness. But Sayyam waits for her, patiently. Krishna, finally, at the third time, leans towards him and gently places her lips over his, closing her eyes tight. She nervously kisses him. Sayyam’s hands reaches her waist. His grip gets tighten while enjoying her kiss. But it lasts only for few seconds before Krishna breaks the kiss and hides her face in her hands. Sayyam laughs and removes her hands. Krishna looks at him with excessive shyness. Sayyam holds her by waist and looks at her eyes.
Sayyam: Krishna… this was ur first kiss…
Krishna lowers her eyes, while blushing hard, indicating yes. Sayyam pulls her closer and leans to her ear to whisper.
Sayyam: Than I must say…u need training.
Krishna’s eyes wide open, hearing him. Sayyam smirks at her reaction. But enough to his surprise, Krishna locks her arms around his neck and pulls him closer. Sayyam raises his eyebrow, being shocked at her gesture. Their faces now inches apart.
Krishna: Really…than who’ll be my trainer?
Sayyam smirks as he tightens his grip to pull her more closer while looking straight in her eyes.
Sayyam: None other than me…ur one and only husband…and if u want.. I can start to train u from now itself.
Krishna blushes as Sayyam nuzzles on her neck.
Krishna: go.
Krishna pushes him away playfully and laughs. Sayyam also smiles. Suddenly there is a knock on the door. They get shocked and look at eachother, tensed.
Krishna: Who may come?
Sayyam: U wait…I’ll see.
He opened the door and was relieved to see all the family members. They come and discuss about their next plan.
Next morning
Kriyyam were at the terrace.
Sayyam: Krishna…I must say…ur Daidu’s plan is superb…
He was really happy with Yuvraaj’s plan.
Krishna: Sayyam…wo sirf mere Daidu hai…tumhare koi nahi?
Sayyam doesn’t reply. Krishna cups his face and he looks at her.
Krishna: Sayyam…if Suhani aunty is ur mother..than Daidu is ur father…right?…Daidu was the one who make u understand about the value of ur life…and if only blood relation would matter than I would never be with them…and I believe…u also think the same…otherwise why would u stand beside this family when they r in distress…u know that they need u…and I also believe that long ago u hv accepted my Daidu as ur father…right?
Sayyam wondered how can Krishna understand him so well. He smiles and hugs her.

Fortunately or unfortunately, Baby hears them. She comes in front.
Baby: Sayyam…
Kriyyam gets shocked and look at eachother.
Baby: How can u do this to me?…U betrayed me?..
Everybody come their hearing Baby shouting.
Baby: Tum sab mile hue ho na…mere khilaf plan banaya tum logone…now see what I’ll do..
They all look at eachother. Baby suddenly goes to Suhani and holds her and brings her near the edge of the terrace. All gets shocked. Sayyam shouts at her.
Sayyam: Baby…leave her.
Baby, being raged by the betrayal, blurts out her wrong deed.
Baby: Shut up Sayyam…and Suhani…why r u crying?…tumhe toh khush hona tum apne pyaare bete ke pass jaa rahi ho…waise ek baat kahoon…tumhara beta…ek number ka idiot tha…if he had listen to me…than may be he would be here…but no…he had to be great…he wanted to tell u all about me…but how could I let him do that…so I had to kill him…yes Suhani…I killed ur son.. and now I’ll kill u…
Sayyam slowly steps forward but was stopped by Baby as she tries to push Suahni. She continues her drama for sometime and was about to push her from there but all of a sudden she herself screams loud and falls down on the floor. Everybody was shocked. They all turn to see Yuvaani standing there with the cops. Baby was shot in leg. Sayyam and Yuvraaj runs to Suhani. They hug her.
Yuvraaj presents all the evidence against Baby and she was taken to the police custody.

Everything becomes fine. So YuvAni decides to go for an outing. All agree and they go to their farmhouse.
Kriyyam were in the car. Sayyam was driving. Krishna was looking outside. She was quiet. Sayyam noticed that. He holds her hand.
Sayyam: What happened Krishna?
Krishna was still looking outside. She turns to him but doesn’t reply. Sayyam asks her several times but she doesn’t answer properly.
They reach the farmhouse and all enjoy but Krishna was somewhat different.
At night
After dinner everybody disperse to their rooms.
Kriyyam come to their room. Krishna arranges the bed and was about to go to sleep but Sayyam holds her hand. Krishna feels nervous as she understands what Sayyam wants now.
Sayyam bring her closer and pins her to the wall and slowly leans towards her. Krishna feels more nervous. Sayyam was about to kiss her when Krishna stops him. Sayyam raises his eyebrows asking what happened. Krishna moves from there. Sayyam follows her.
Sayyam: Kya hua Krishna?
He nuzzles on her neck, holding her from back. Krishna frees herself and pushes him away. Sayyam now gets annoyed and holds her hands tightly to turn her, forcefully.
Sayyam: Whats ur problem haan?…Why r u not saying anything?
Krishna falls on his chest and again struggles to free herself.
Krishna: Sayyam leave me..plz try to understand…hum aisa nahi kar sakte..
Sayyam holds her more tight and pulls closer
Sayyam: Kya?..par kyun?..kyun nahi kar sakte?..U said u love me na…than what happened now?..why r u stopping me?
Suddenly, Krishna hugs him and cries. Sayyam gets shocked.
Krishna: Kyun ki hamara divorce ho chuka hai Sayyam.
Sayyam doesn’t found any word to response. He was beyond shock.
Sayyam: What!!!..Krishna…r u serious…u know what…u r just impossible…unbelievable…I told u na…those were fake divorce papers Krishna…Hamara divorce sach mein nahi hua.
Sayyam breaks the hug and cups her face. Krishna looks at him as tears flows down her cheeks.
Sayyam: Haan…Krishna…wo divorce sach nahi tha.
Krishna: Divorce toh divorce hota hai na…sach ho ya jhoot.
She again hugs him and cries. Sayyam sighs in disbelief. He doesn’t know how to make this emotional fool understand.
Sayyam: And that’s ur problem?
Krishna breaks the hug to look at him. She doesn’t reply but Sayyam understands. He wipes her tears and cups her face.
Sayyam: Ok…so now what do u want?
Krishna keeps silence for sometime and than reveals her wish.
Krishna: I want to get married again.
Sayyam gets shocked.
Sayyam: What?..U want to marry again?..but u said u love me…than how can u..
Krishna gets angry and rolls her eyes.
Krishna: Buddhu..I want to marry u.
Sayyam sighs in relief.
Sayyam: Oh..Thank god…u almost gave me a heart attack.
Krishna fumes, narrowing her eyes.
Sayyam: now u want to marry me..than what r we waiting for?…let’s get married.
Krishna frowns in disbelieve.
Krishna: What? can we get married now?…U must be joking..
Sayyam: No I m not joking..I m damn serious…just a minute..
He goes and comes back with a candle in his hand and lit it up and places it on a stool. Krishna was seeing him. She couldn’t understand anything until Sayyam comes to her and lifts her in his arms. She gets shocked.
Krishna: Sayyam..kya kar rahe ho tum?
Sayyam: Getting married to u.
Krishna . Sayyam smiles and starts to take rounds around the candle.
Now Krishna understand what Sayyam meant. She was awestruck.
Krishna: Aww..Sayyam..I didn’t know u r so romantic.
Sayyam: Abhi toh bohut kuch jaanna baaki hai madam.
They complete seven rounds and take seven vows to live together, forever. Their eyes were stuck into eachothers. Krishna couldn’t control her happiness to flow down her eyes. Both remembered their previous wedding. But it was too far different from that. Sayyam puts her down and wipes off her tears. Krishna smiles.
Krishna: Bas…Ho gayi shaadi?
Sayyam smiles and nods in negative. Krishna was confused. Suddenly Sayyam places his thumb on her lower lip. Krishna at once moves a step back from there being shock but Sayyam holds her by her waist, tightly. She holds him by his shoulders. Sayyam gently wipes off the layer of maroon lipstick from her juicy lip and applies on her hairline. Krishna’s shocking expression reaches beyond imagination.
Sayyam: Now its complete.
Sayyam smiles. Krishna’s infinite happiness made her speechless. She looks at him for sometime and than hugs him. Sayyam understands her feelings. He also hugs her passionately.
Sayyam: I love u Krishna.
Krishna doesn’t reply and hugs him more tightly.
They spend a long time in eachothers embrace.
After they break the hug, they look at eachother and Sayyam slowly moves his head towards her neck. Krishna blushes and tries to go from there. But she stops midway as Sayyam holds her dupatta, He slowly pulls her towards himself while draping the dupatta around her. Krishna’s back hits his chest.
Sayyam: Ab kahan ja rahi ho tum?..ab to hamari shaadi bhi ho gayi.
Krishna blushes and also pants heavily as Sayyam removes her hair to one side and slightly kisses her neck. Krishna grows weak on knees.
Tu nazm nazm sa mere… Hothon pe theher jaa…Main khwab khwab sa teri…Aankhon mein jaagoon re…Tu ishq ishq sa mere…Rooh mein aake bas jaa…Jis ore teri sehnaai…Us ore main bhaagoon re…
Krishna blushes and tries to move from there but is again stopped by Sayyam as he gets the hold of her wrist and kisses her hand. He pulls her back so that Krishna again hits his chest.
Haath thaamle piya…Karte hain waada…Ab se tu arzoo…Tu hi hai iraada…Mera naam le piya…Main teri rubaai…Tere hi to peechhe peechhe barsaat aayi…Barsat aayi…
Krishna blushes hard as Sayyam lifts her chin. He inches closer to her lips. Krishna feels his warm breath near her lips.
Tu itra itra sa mere…Saanson mein bikhar jaa…Main faqeer tere kurbat ka…Tujhse tu maangoon re…
Gentle touch of Sayyam’s lips over her makes Krishna shiver. She clutches his shirt on his shoulder. Sayyam holds her more tight as he slowly sucks her lips. He was getting intoxicated with every passing moment.
Krishna too felt the same. Her one hand reaches up to Sayyam’s neck while another caresses his hair. They were lost in the moment while deeply feeling the other into the kiss.
Mere dil ke lifafe mein…Tera khat hai jaaniya…Khat hai jaaniya…Na cheez ne kaise paa li…Kismat ye jaaniya ve…Mere dil ke lifafe mein…Tera khat hai jaaniya..Khat hai jaaniya…Nacheez ne kaise paa li…Jannat ye janiya ve..
They come to sense being out of breathe due to the deep kissing for a long time. Both pants heavily and presses their foreheads against eachother. Krishna hugs him.
After sometime they look at eachother and smile. Krishna soon looks away being shy. Sayyam again lifts her chin and gets closer to her face, wanting for more. Krishna understands that and slowly steps back.
Sayyam sees that and smiles. He also steps towards her. Krishna continues to move back until she hits the footboard of the bed. She becomes nervous as Sayyam comes near her. Krishna feels the strong smell of his perfume. He smirks mischievously and holds her.
Sayyam: Ab kahan jaaogi?
Tu nazm nazm sa mere…Hothon pe theher jaa…Main khwab khwab sa teri…Aankhon mein jaagoon re…Tu ishq ishq sa mere…Rooh mein aake bas jaa…Jis ore teri sehnaai…Us ore main bhaagoon re…
Krishna looks at him. He was looking so hot in that black shirt, with first two buttons open. Sayyam pulls her and she falls on his chest. They hv a deep eyelock. Sayyam leans towards her and Krishna, being nervous falls on the bed with him. Sayyam smiles and slowly rests his head on her neck and softly kisses. Krishna clutches the bedsheet. Sayyam moves to other side and kisses. Krishna breathes heavily as Sayyam removes her dupatta and makes his way downwards. His desire was clearly shown in his eyes.
Sayyam became unstoppable. Krishna soon reciprocates to his passionate lovemaking that compelled her to love him back with same passion. His hands started to roam around all her body, drawing uneven patterns. Krishna couldn’t help but love and melt in his touch.
Soon they reach the expected destination of their lovemaking and falls asleep in eachothers loving embrace.

Next morning Sayyam wakes up first and finds Krishna sleeping in his arms. He smiles seeing Krishna wearing his shirt. Soon Krishna also wakes up as she feels a warm kiss on her cheek. She opens her eyes. Sayyam was smiling at her. Krishna blushes. They both smile thinking that it is the brightest morning ever in their life.
Sayyam: Good morning.
Krishna smiles.
Sayyam: U r looking beautiful in my shirt.
Krishna blushes hard. She hides herself in his chest. Sayyam laughs.
Suddenly, there is a knock on their door. Sayyam gets up and goes to open the door. Krishna was smiling at him but suddenly her expression changes as she gets shocked to see something. But before she could call Sayyam, it became late. She holds her mouth and gets up, being shocked.
Sayyam opens the door and finds its Yuvaani. Yuvaani was smiling but before wishing good morning to eachother, she shouted.
Yuvaani: Oh my gosh…
She covers her eyes and turns around.
Yuvaani: Sorry sorry sorry …
Sayyam was totally confused.
Sayyam: What happened? Yuvaani…
Yuvaani doesn’t turn and says in one go
Yuvaani: Sorry Sayyam…I didn’t want to disturb u…but mumma called everyone for breakfast…so I had to come..sorry..plz try to come soon.
Yuvaani left from there, leaving Sayyam confused by her action. He goes back inside.
Sayyam goes to Krishna and hugs her from back.
Sayyam: Krishna..u know…Yuvaani is total crazy.
He laughs but Krishna was looking tensed.
Sayyam: Now what happened to u?
Krishna looks at him and turns him towards the mirror. Sayyam was also shocked to see his face was reddened due to the reddish hue of Krishna’s lipstick marks.
Sayyam: Oh shit…
Krishna looks at him nervously. He turns to her.
Sayyam: That’s why…Yuvaani…
Krishna nods. Both understands very well that what will they face once they go out.
After sometime they went out and experienced the expected from Yuvaani, accompanied with the whole family. They were embarrassed to the core. Sayyam sends Yuvaani a number of angry glares but with no result. Everybody suppress their laugh.
They spent few days there and hv a great family time.
Time skips to few months.
Krishna was pregnant. Everybody was happy.
One day they all were sitting in the hall when Yuvaani comes and sits beside Krishna. She was looking tensed.
Krishna: Yuvaani…what happened?
Yuvaani: Actually Krishna…ek problem hai…
Everybody look at her.
Sayyam: What’s the problem?
Yuvaani: Sayyam…ab dekho..u r my brother…and Krishna is my friend and also sister…
Suhani: So is that a problem?
Yuvaani: No mumma…that’s not a problem…but…now as Krishna is pregnant…so what will their child call me…Bua or Maasi?
Everybody sighs in disbelieve. Yuvaani looks on confused.
Yuvaani: Why r u guys looking at me?…
Bhavna: Yuvaani…tum ek kaam karo…jab bachcha aa jaayega usi se pooch lena…theek hai?
Yuvaani was so happy to get the way.
Yuvaani: Wow Maasi…u r right…this is the best way..I’ll ask the child only…
She goes from there happily. Everybody burst out laughing.
Sayyam sneaks a chance to romance with Krishna. He holds her hand without being noticed by anyone and whispered in her ear
Sayyam: I love u Krishna.
Krishna looks at him amusedly and whispered back in his ear
Krishna: I know…after all tumhari iss I love u ki wajah se hi toh meri aaj ye halat hai.
Krishna smiles proudly as Sayyam’s mouth was left wide open to hear her reply.
After few months
One fine day, Sayyam brings Krishna home from hospital with their baby girl. Suhani welcomes them. All were happy except Yuvaani as she had to wait for a long time to know what will the baby choose to call her, Bua or Maasi. Everybody laugh at her cute antics. Kriyyam look at their baby and happily smile at eachother.
So guys, that’s it. Hope u all like it. And plz try to tell me which part u liked the most (if there is some)
Sorry guys…I know Baby’s part was worst thing ever…but just I didn’t want to drag with her evil deeds..
Awaiting ur precious comments that really make my day.
And plz try to avoid stupid things. This time I’ll surely try to come soon. Till than bye.
Thank u guys.
With Love
Yours Muniya (Moumita)

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