Kriyyam: Mujhe tumse pyar hain (Part 7)

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Hi guys! Its me shayneez once again, so in today’s episode, there will be a maha episode of mujhe tumse pyar part 7 and swaragini…”When heart meets another ep 9”
I kindly request u all to plzz read her ff also, there will be many sxene of kriyyam but i dnt think it will be posted on the same day as telly updates has many ff to post so kindly wait for it…???
The next day, dadi called the priest asked him to come at birla house.
After half and hour, the priest came and all the members came downstair, in the hall..

As, he had not matched both yuvaan and saiyyam’s kunli (kind of horoscope bookss) with baby and krishna’s… he asked for them and matched them..
Pandit: assambhav! I watching this kunli after so many years, i am seeing this kunli..
Suhani: what happened panditji, is there any problem?
Pandit: no, infact it is the best one.
Baby thought that it was hers and was really happy but thats was short as the pandit called kriyyam to bless them.( it was them)
Krishna looked at saiyyam and went to take the blessings..

The priest then said that the shubd date for the wedding was after one month. Then he left.
Dadi: pratima, suhani! We hace really short time, we need to start preparing and of course its birla’s wedding and it shoul be shandaar.
Suhani:yes dadi
Pratima: suhani! U should call the wedding planner as we will nt be able to conduct the best one.
Suhani: yes ma i know someone, i met her in one of krishnamarriage.
Suhani took the phone and called Ragini gagodia.
Ragini: hello

Suhani: helllo beti! Do you remember me, i am krishna’s aunty.
R: oh yes aunty, how r u, hw did u remmber me??
S:actually ragini, i have a gud news, krishna is getting marriedand i just wanted to knw if you will be free these several days..
R: oh my god, i cant believe that krishna is getting married, thats nice.
S: hmmmm if u are free, u can come over birla house, we will talk and it is not so comfortable on the phone.
R: ok aunty, i will leave today itself..

S: okk ragu
After that, suhani disconnect the phone and went in krishna’s room.
There, suhani told krishna that ragini was coning here. On hearing this, krishna jumped in joy and said…
Krishna: after so many years!!!!hmm let me call her…. no no! She may be busy… woh pagah ladki! She is always busy…

Krishna said to herself.
At the same time saiyyam was listening to her, he was happy to see her happy…
He entered the room and went toward krishna who standing on the bed, she was blabbering and jumping. Saiyyam kept on looking at her as she was like a small girl.
Suddenly, she sprained her leg, she was about to fell but saiyyam hold her in his arms. Her eyes was closed. Saiyyam started to laugh and krishna opened her eyes and saw him with severe eyes, she was dumpfounded to see saiyyam laughing like this. When saiyyam saw that krishna was staring at her, his laughing automatically stopped “ aise na muje tum dekna seene se laga dunga” music played in bg… they did not know that krishna was still in saiyyam’arm..

Krishna was blushing and at the same time, the bell rang, krishna took this opportunity and went to open the door. It was ragini
Krishna dragged ragini to her room, there, in the corridor, they came ascross saiyyam who was leaving krishna’s room. Ragini saw here looking at krishna while she was still blushing.
In the room, ragina asked krishna about her love life, but krishna told her that it was an arrange marriage. Ragini thought that it was a love marriage. Meanwhile,
Krishna told her..
Krishna: forget about mine, but tell something ragini, i heard that u was going to get married…. wat happened??? Is there any thing wrong..
Ragini (while crying) : yeah u heard it right, everything was going so fast and i was really happy untill….
Krishna: untill wat????

Ragini narrated everything of wat had happened to her and Swara and how sanskar left her.
Ragini did not loose hope, she was determine to stay strong.
Krishna: im really sorry ragini, but all these happened in ur life and u still managed to smile… hats off to u you..
Ragini: indeed! I think that was not true love thats why he did this to me, i dnt knw wat going to happen next, but i wont loose hope and courage.
Krishna was sobbing at that time and said:
Krishna: now thats the spirit, i hope that i was like u, its been i day since so much things happened in my life. Firstly my marriage was fixed with yuvaan…
Ragini: wat?? With yuvaan, but who is saiyyam then..
Krishna: then…. at the last moment, Yuvaan thought about the”person” he loved, he could have rejected me before all these things but he did not do that and i hate him for that….

Ragini: thnk god! Ur safe, i sure saiyyam is the one….. believe mee
Krishna: hmmm actually, i have never had a conversation with saiyyam
Ragini: wat? Hahahaaaaaaa, by the way, he is cute naa
Krishna blushed and her cheeks became red as a tomatoo
Ragini: looks who is blushing!!!
Krishna: stop pulling my legs nw
Ragini: okk, okkkkk
Krishna (while joking): thnk god u r nt like ragini chachi…
Both laughed cheerfully together..

Precap: the entry of maheshwari family and kriyyam went shopping together..

So guys, i hope that u liked it… there will be 1 or 2 maha ep.
So plzz cmment below to tell me if ur loving this maha episode..
Guys, as i said before you can give me ideas specially of how to make the scenes if kriyyam more beautiful without changing the revenge character of saiyyam.
One more thing, i am not going to post daily now.. as i am a bit busy with my exams….
Plzz ignore my gramatical errors..

Sorry sorry, i just wanted to ask u all somethings, would you like to cmmentt ur coyntry name and ur language u use.(just for fun) lets start by me, im from mauritius and i speak creole

Credit: shayneez and hajrah

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  1. Shaani

    Nice part..i can imagine baby’s face when pandit ji blessed kriyam haha…soo funny…nice part…krep writing..

  2. This so good. Im from England and i speak english

  3. Hi the episode was very nice. By the way i m from india and i speak english

  4. Aarti32

    It was awesome..But I didn’t find d mahaepisode in swaragini FF..plzz send d link..

    1. Shayneez

      May be it has nt yet posted

    1. Aarti32

      Thanx dear

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