Kriyyam: Mujhe tumse pyar hain (Part 6)

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Hi guys, its me shayneez once again! Im glad that u r loving my ff..
Recap: saiyyam and krishna looking amazing.

Guest is seen coming and dadi went infront with a mike
Dadi: hello! I am so happy that you all have come to bless the couples..
All the guests were shocked as they thought that they came for yuvaan and krishna’s engagement.

Dadi: u have right to be perplexed as they are both getting engage.
Suhani and other family members were also shocked as they did not know that krishna had agreed.
Dadi: saiyyam, yuvaan,krishna and baby! Come here! Ladies and gentlemen, let claps our hand to welcm these would be couples.
Everybody clapped their hands and after sometimes, dadi told evryone to gather around for the ring ceremony.

Firstly, yuvaan and baby exchanged their rings and they took everyone blessings.
Secondly, when dadi told saiyyam and krishna to come forward, their eyes met for a while… ” aise na mujhe tum dekna seene se laga dunga” (song played in background) and saiyyam smiled(that smile which could kill a girl????).
At first, krishna hesitated and then put forward her left hand and saiyyam made her wear her ring. For a while, Baby was jealous of krishna as ger ring was more beautiful than her and of course she should be as it was saiyyam’s unique choice. Then, krishna made saiyyam wear his ring.

They took everyone’s blessing and went to sit on the counch infront.
Sharad became the host and announced a performance….

Ishita and raman in yeh hai mohabatein danced on hain hasi ban gaye hain nami gayee…… followed by anika and shivaay in ishqbaaz who danced on zaalima song and abeer danced along with survi on ek baat kaheib kya ijaazat hain teri ishq ki mujko aadat hainn…
Then they all danced together on nach meri jaan….

After these performances, sharad announces yuvaan and baby performance.
These two danced on nashe si char gaye..
And then, sharad announced the performances of saiyyam and krishna.
The screen freezes on their face and tgen, saiyyam stiid up and bemd towards krishna and put his hand forward, krishna hold his hand and stood up, they started dancing on ek mulaqat hoo tu mere paas ho……music plays……ek mulaqaat ho tu mere paas ho, jeene ki vajaa tum bano tum bano

Fb is seen” kriyyam first meeting seen and saiyam lovingly watching krishna playing with sammy.. fb end
Music plays tere bin lamha khali sa lagta hain cheyra tera apna sa lagta hain music plays tere bin lamha khali sa lagta cheyra tera apna sa lagta..and they danced
Everyone applaused for them…

Baby is jealous..
Kriyyam heard someone talking about them that they are looking so cute together.
Krishna blushes and saiyyam look at her red red cheeks andt hen touch his head at the back while watching at the other side.
Saiyyam was on the seventh heaven..

Everyone danced together and at around 9:00 the guests congratulated the couples and left the party. Krishna was going in her room but saiyyaam grabbed her hand and she tourned towards him.
They kept on seeing each other that they forgot that they were holding each others hands. This cute moment was broken by sammy(saiyyam’s dog) and then krishna bend down and carresed him as he moved his tail

Saiyyam kept on watching then and the krishna toald him
Krishna:why are you watching us like this, sammy is my dog now.
Saiyyam was dumbfounded.
Saiyyam:hmmm its up to you. Hmmmm

Suhani came there.
Suhani to krishna and saiyyam: r u guys happy, i mean all this happenned so fast.
Saiyyam: no we are happy.
Suhani: sorry krishna, i was so selfish, i wanted you to be my daughter in law but something else was written for you.
Saiyyam in his mind: ha ha haa u dnt even know that she is going to be your daughter in law..
Unknowingly, i made ur wish come true.
Suhaini: saiyyam i forgot to ask u. Where is your family, i mean its a big day for you and u have nobody
Saiyyam: aunty! Infact im an orphan.. ( thinking) even with your existence, im called an orphan..
Suhani: im sorry saiyyam

Saiyyam: its ok
Saiyyam saw krishna leaving and went after her.
He called her.
Saiyyam: krishna
Krishna: hmm yesss
Saiyyam: i hope that u r happy
Krishna looking around and then replied: yes hmm i should be..
Saiyyam was shocked by her answer but
stayed quiet as he saw krishna entering her room.
Precap: a date for the wedding.

I forget to tell you something, there gonna be a maha episode but im nt going to tell you from which serial as it is a surprise.
You just have to wait for the next episode to find out….

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  1. Rockstr

    Dat was amazing..cant wait fr next

  2. Shaani

    Very nice..good…update next part soon..keep writing…

  3. This is so cute. And very excited for the maha episode ?

  4. Waiting❤

  5. Wow such a nice episode…That killer Saiyyam look was just wow ???….continue updating plzzz

  6. Aarti32

    It was an ‘Oh so cuteeee’ episode

  7. Shayneez

    Thnk u guys for loving this
    Next part gonna be more amazing….

  8. Plz show Kriyam marriage fast

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