Kriyyam: Mujhe tumse pyar hain (Part 5)

Recap: everyone except sayyam, is happy
Sayyam stood up and went towards his room
Sayyam: how is this possible?? Wait! Why am i being restless??
Meanwhile everyone was congratulating them. Suhani was so overjoyed
That she called the priest.
Suhani: namaste panditji!
Pandit: namaste! Saubhagyavati bhava
Suhani: humne apko isiliye bulaya hain ki aapp yuvaan aur krishna ki sagai ke liye shub mawrat nikalye
Pandit: the most auspicious day is tomorrow, but if it is difficult then the next auspicious day is next year..
Suhani: no, we cant wait for so long… ma(pratima)
Panditji told me that tomorrow is very auspicious… we have less time, lets hurry up…
Pratima: sharad!yuvaani! Come here! We have to hurry up…
Sharad: i will call the cook and the wedding planner..
Yuvaani: i will go shopping with krishna…
Yuvaani calling krishna: hurry up…
After a while, in sayyam’s room…
Sayyam: Damn! This cant happen….

It is 9 oclock in the afternoon…….
The hall is decorated with white lilies, a big decorative chandelier and other decorations. Suddenly, the bell rang and as usual ramesh went to open the door..
It was a girl..
(Yuvaan is seen surprised and the same fb is seen.
With a blink of eye, sayyam went to hug that girl and introduced that girl to everyone.
Sayyam: she is baby, my friend(in my ff, she is just sayyam’s childhood friend) i hope that you dnt have any problem that i called her here.
Dadi: no sayyam, you cn..
A fb is seen:” dadi met sayyam in Ahmedabad.. and as she knw that sayyam is suhani’s son and hate her. She planned to destroyed her with sayyam.”
Fb endd
Yuvaan is seen talking to Baby
Yuvaan: now, u r here as sayyam’ s friend.. hmmm Wat a joke
Baby: yuvaan, i understand u r angry with me because i dumped u but u did nt even asked me why..
Yuvaan turned his back and went to his room. There, suhani gifted him a blue sherwani to wear in his engagement and then went to see krishna.

In krishna’s room
Suhani: krish beti! R u happy with this marriage??
Krishna: Yes aunty, im realy happy but i did not get time to talk to yuvaan…
Suhani: oh! Ha ha haaa! Its nt too late u cn talk to him nw…
Krishna: Ok aunty.
At the same time, baby went in yuvaan’s room.
Baby emotionally blackmailed yuvaan and he felt for it and hugged baby. Unfortunately, krishna saw everthing (though, she is a strong character, she is gonna take a stand for herself but she is sometime weak when it comes to heart)
She entered the room and yelled at yuvaan.
Krishna: how could you do this to me? If you loved someone else then you should not have accepted this proposal… you have atleast think of mee…
Krishna left the room crying..
(Sayyam is seen watching her)
Krishna narrated all the scenario to suhani and the latter felt realy sorry for her but at the same time,she was angry with yuvaan.
She called everyone in the hall and asked yuvaan why he did all this when he loved someone else.
Everybody was shocked!
Dadi: So what suhani, yuvaan is my grandson perhaps there was a problem and it is ur mistake nt his
Pratima: but maji, we have already invited the guests.. How can we just cancel it at the last moment..
Dadi: yuvaan said that he loved baby and she is also here…
Suhani interrupted dadi
Suhani: so you want yuvaan to get engage to baby
Dadi: yes suhani, its nt so difficult.

Yuvaani Said to ragini in a low voice
Yuvaani: thats the first time i see this in real life…
Ragini: ha ha haaaaaa yes… changing of bride at the last moment
Krishna was at the same time crying on the terrace and sayyam was watching her.
Sayyam(thinking): i cant see her like this. And the suddenly, he went near her and hugged her from behind” aise na mujhe tum dekna sine se lagadunga…. mysic playing in the background.
And the suddenly his imagination was broken and he saw suhani talking to krishna..
Everybody is seen sleeping except sayyam who could not sleep as he was thinking of krishna and after sometime, he felt asleep.
The next day, sayyam was looking at krishna who was drying her wet hair.. he called her and she smiled at himm
Sayyam’s alarm rang and he woke up. He realised that he was dreaming and smiled. He went to take a shower and wore a green shirt. Then he went downstair where everybody except suhani, pratima and sharad was eating and talking about the pre engagement party. Sayyam settled at the table and after sometime, he saw krishna coming down, she had worn a blue salwar kameez and had kept her brown shining hair opened. She was as usual very pretty. She came and sat down on the front chair infront sayyam and made a small eyelock with sayyam.
After a while, all the lady of the house got ready to go to the parlour.
After 2 hours they returned and they went to dadi’s room where all the men were already there. Dadi wanted to tell them something.
Dadi: i want to tell you something..
Krishna! Beti i knw that it was u who was going to get engaged but i cant see my grandson sad.. i wnt you to marry sayyam, he is a gud boy and he dont evn have an objection.
Krishna was shocked..
Krishna: but dadi… how can i…
Dadi: look krishna im nt your enemy and u wont get a guy like him and u will not get better proposals as you were rejected..
Krishna: i thought that it was me who rejected yuvaan.
Dadi: krishna now its up to you but you have till 5 oclock..
Everybody left dadi’s room including dadi but sayyam and krishna remained there. Krishna was about to leave that sayyam holded her hands and told her…
Sayyam: im nt that bad krishna… even u were going to get marry to yuvaan who was just your friend, and u did not even knw that your friend loved someone else…
Krishna lookes at him at thought a lot..and then told him.
Krishna: if everyone wants this then let it be like this, im ready.
Sayyam smiled…
He went to dadi and told her that krishna has accepted the proposal.
Dadi: u must be happy now, u r one step closer to your destination..
At first sayyam hesitated but pretended to be bad.
Dadi: Go get ready, u r getting engage today…
It is 5 oclock
Sayyam wore a blue sherwani and went down.
Krishna was already there, she had worn a beautiful red and gold gagra choli.. she was looking the prettiest.. and sayyam could not stop looking at her…

Precap: sayyam is exchanging ring with krishna

Hi guys! I hope that u r liking my ff, its a bit like in the serial but im just making sayyam character look like wat i wnted him to be, a bit more romantic…
This time, its a bit more longer because i want to complete it the earliest possible as my exams are going to start and i wont be posting regularly…

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