Kriyyam: Mujhe tumse pyar hain (Part 4)

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Hi guys! I hope that you have enjoyed my story till now. Plzz ignored my grammatical errors bcoz im focussing only on the plots.

Recap everybody is going to birla house
On the way, yuvaan and krishna played antakshri. While sayyam is seen driving his car behind them.
At about 22:00 they arrived at birla house while sayyam went to a hotel.
As usual, dadi was not happy as suhani entered the house. Yuvaani hugged everybody and wlcmed them. Soon everybody went to their room and suhani went to pratima’s room
Suhani: mom! I need to tell you something?
Pratima: u r free to tell me anything u wnt
Suhani: i was thking about this for the past few days… as u already knw krishna, she is a gud girl and my bestfriend somya’s daughter…
Pratima: wat, i dnt understand?
Suhani: i was thinking about marrying yuvaan and krishna
Pratima: oh my god suhani, why did nt i get that idea and krishna is ours, she is a gud girl,
Have you talked about it to them?
Suhanni: nt yet i am waitinh for tomorrow…
The next day, the bell rang and ramesh went to open the door.
It was sayyam…
Ramesh: whom do you want to meet?
Sayyam: just call mrs birla! (Dadi)
Ramesh called dadi
Dadi: oh so you are sayyam
Sayyam: yes mrs birla
Sayyam was talking with dadi when suddenly krishna came there
Krishna: you!
Sayyam: (pretending) oh dnt tell me that you live here
Dadi: u knw each other?
Krishna: yes dadi i met him at Aunty’ s restaurant

At the same time, everyone was gathered in the hall.
Dadi: gud, everyone is here! I need to tell you that sayyam is our paying guest…
Ragini: but dadi why do we need a PG?
Dadi: Rags u knw that i dnt like to be questioned.
Ragini: sorry dadi
Sayyam watches them wickedly…..???
Dadi asked ramesh to take sayyam to the guest rooom.
At the same time, suhani said: i hve something to tell you all. I want yuvaan and krishna to get married.
Everybody was shocked!
Dadi: r u crzy suhani, nw u will tie ur son 2to this girl
Suhani: but wats wrng in it they knw each other since childhood.
Suhani went to krishna who was standing near yuvaan
Suhani: i am nt forcing u, u both have the right to deny. But yuvaan i guarantee you that you will nt get a better wife than krishna.
Yuvaan was dumpfound and went to his room and a flashback is seen where a girl is dumping him.
The flashback end and he say to himself…
Yuvaan: she has already left me and mom is right i will nt get a better wife than krishna…
Krishna is seen on the terrace.
Krishna: (thinking) they have done so much for me even when i was nothing to them, i cant deny them but i dnt knw wat yuvaan will say.

It is 12:00
Everyone is in the dining room( even sayyam is)
Yuvaan: mom my answer is ready!
Suhani: yes say it without fear
Yuvaan: im ready! Im ready to get marry to krishna…
Sayyam who was eating, started to choke. He was shocked..
Suhani: i am very happy… n wat is ur answer krishna
Krishna: Suhani aunty, if there is no problem, then i am also readyy.
Suhani: mom so we should start prparing!!
Everybody is happy except sayyam, dadi and ragini

Precap: engagement party of yuvaan and krishna..

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