Kriyyam: Mujhe tumse pyar hain (Part 3)

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Recap sayyam is shocked as Krishna called suhani as aunty.
Sayyam was thinking about what to plot against Suhani when suddenly someone appeared infront of him, it was suhani.
Suhani: I am really sorry for what has happened!!
Sayyam: oh aunty its ok, that’s nothing…
Meanwhile he is thinking: hmmm you are sorry! Hmmm for all those things you did to me!! Sorry my foot.
At the same time, yuvaan took krishna with him and went away.

At night,
Suhani: Krish! Yuvaan! The food is ready…
Krishna was at that time, infront of her mirror brushing her gorgeous brown hair.
She was lost in her own imagination of how she collapsed twice with Sayyam and how he was rude to her. After sometime, suhani called her once again and this time, she was distracted and she ran towards the dining room where yuvaan, suhani and pratima were eating. She sat down near suhani and started to eat.
The next day, Krishna woke up with a big smile, she went to take a shower and after that, she took her breakfast and went on the beach to take some fresh air.

Meanwhile sayyam took his dog sammy for a walk on the beach. While walking, sayyam’s phone started to ring and he stopped to answer. Being a bit impatient, Sammy ran towards the sea where krishna was standing. He went near her and started to bark, when krishna looked at him, he stopped and started moving his tail. Krishna called him cutie and carressed his head. Sammy grrabed a small wood and gave it to krishna and she threw it at distance where sayyam was standing, sammy started to ran to fetch that wood. While running, sayyam thought that sammy was coming towards him but, sammy picked up that wood and move towards krishna.
Sayyam was shocked and mesmerised seeing krishna, she had worn a white blouse and a red long skirt with a ponytail, she was looking extremely beautiful and happy while playing with sammy. Soon, Sayyam took that opportunity and walked towards them and bend down before them.

At first, krishna was shocked and then, sayyam carressed sammy lovingly and peeped at krishna who was shockingly watching them.
Sayyam: what are you watching? Sammy is my dog
Krishna: So what!
At the same time, yuvaan came there and told krishna to hurry up as they had to go back. Krishna hurrily went with yuvaan.
Sayyam thought: where are they going?
He walked towards the restaurant and heard someone talking about going backat birla house. He wickedly smiled and went in his room.
At around 16:00, they entered a taxi and started their journey.

Precap: Sayyam is seen driving his car behind them…

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