Kriyyam: Mujhe tumse pyar hain (Part 2)

Firstly, i would like to thnks all the people who liked my first ff. I will make sure to meet up to your choices, you can also give me idea of what to write in the comments below…
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Recap: the meeting of KriyYam….
The next day, Sayyam wore a yellow shirt which suited him the most and went to Suhani’s restaurant to gather imfrmations about her.
Upon arriving there, he callapsed again with someone who spilled all the cocktails over him.
It was Krishna again.
Sayyam: what the hell! (Looking at his wet shirt)
Cant you see??
Krishna: im realy very sorry
(Krishna said while picking up the glasses on the ground and then she stood up.
She was surprised to see Sayyam..
Krishna: you!! There are trouble everywhere you are seen…
Sayyam who were trying to clean the mess on his shirt, recognised that voice and looked immediately at her…
Sayyam: yes! But are just 50% right, its not me, its you…. troubles are found around you and not me…
While saying this, Krishna turned her back to avoid him but her right foot hit the chair infront of you.
She was about to fell down that Sayyam hold her in his arm. They share a small eyelock and then this sweet gesture is broken by Yuvaan( Suhani’s elder son and Krishna’s bestfriend)
Yuvaan: oh my god Krish, your foot is bleeding..
Sayyam freed her but she was unable to walk. So Sayyam carried her in his arm and made her sit on a sofa. Then, Yuvaan brought the firstaid box and clean her injury.

After sometimes, Suhani came in..
Suhani: what happenned to you krish?? Why are you wearing this bandage??
Krishna: Aunty, aunty calm down, i am perfectly alright.
Meanwhile, Sayyam was shocked to hear Krishna calling Suhani as her aunt.
Suhani was angry with Krishna being careless and at the same time, Yuvaan started to pu more petrol to the fire.
Yuvaan: that’s not it, Krishna does all the work by herself and dont let me do a single works.
Meanwhile, Krishna watched Yuvaan with severe eyes. While Yuvaan made a wicked smile.
Suhani: If this continues, how will i confront your parents Krishna!! You must take care of yourself, you know that you are more than a daughter to me.
Meanwhile, sayyam was watching their cute fights.
Sayyam thinking in his mind: so she is her weakness, krishna! I think i should take full benefits of her. She is the key….. and yuvann, hmmmm i think he will be my pawn

Precap: Sayyam watching Krishna who was playing with her dog at the seaside…

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