Kriyyam: Mujhe tumse pyar hain (Part 1)

Hi guys, im shayneez and im going to write my first fan fiction on sayyam+krishna=KriyYam

The story starts as from where Sayyam started taking revenge from suhani.

Sayyam: “I need to know Suhani’s weaknesses and for this to happen, i need to start gathering infrmations frm nw on….” Sayyam was in a deep thought when suddenly someone collapsed with him, which distracted him, he saw a girl on the floor and her things were scattered on the ground.
The girl had worn a sleeveless blouse and a slim jeans with her long shine brown hair covering her whole face. She slowly put her hair back and sayyam were mesmerised seeing her natural beauty, he kept on staring at her while that girl stard to talk.
Mystery girl: Are you blind or what? Cant you see?Oh mr, im talkinh to you….

After a while, sayyam came back to his senses and answer back to her.
Sayyam:oh miss whatever… it was you who did nt see… u stupid, oh i was standing here first so it was u came in my direction, may be you wanted some attention..
Mystery girl: OMG how rude you are, dont you have any respect of how to talk to a girl….

Meanwhile someone screamed: Krishna! Hurry up! We are getting late.
That mystery girl looked infront and replied: im coming! And she picked up her things and looked at Sayyam with severe eyes while Sayyam turned his face away looking as if he did not care.
Krshna went away and Sayyam watched her going, he was attracted for the first time

PRECAP: So she is her weakness!!

  1. So good. Please update daily x ?

  2. Rockstr

    Wow man,i loved it…pls update asap

  3. Shayneez

    Thnk u guys i will keep udates it

  4. Aarti32

    Superb start

  5. Fanficwriter518

    Really nice! Please update soom and also make your updates longer please xx

    1. Shayneez

      Okk i will keep this in mind

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