Kriyam(Love, a beautiful relationship) Episode 30

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Hey guys, I am back with a new episode. I hope that you like this new track.

Let the episode commence..

Krishna was crying. Someone was watching her. She comes to her.

Suhani: Krishna. You know na that Saiyyam has left us. He can’t come back.
Krishna: But aunty, my heart says that he will come back. For me and his baby. I know that he will be back.
Suhani: OK. But you know na that today is your baby shower so you must get ready. Look. I have brought this dress for you. Now go and get ready.
Krishna: OK aunty.

Sh goes and gets ready. Suhani also goes. Soon Krishna comes and sits near the mirror. She applied little makeup and wore a bangles NAD necklace as they were gifted by pratima.

She goes downstairs. The guests were arriving. The hall was decorated with purple and white curtains and had many lighting and candles. There was a stage where Krishna had to sit.

Suhani took her and make her sit on sofa specially made for Krishna. Soon everyone comes to her. Everyone blesses her and gives her gifts.

At last, it was time for the family members to give blessings and gifts to Krishna. Everyone gives gifts and at last, Suhani comes to give gifts. She was giving the gift when..

Krishna: SAIYYAM!!
Suhani: Where?

Krishna point towards the door. Everyone looks towards the door and were shocked. Krishna also stands up. She was going towards him when someone comes beside her. Whole family is !ore shocked.

A girl comes from behind. She was wearing a knee length black dress and was holding Saiyyam’s hand.

Krishna: Elsa?
Elsa: Yes. Before saying anything, I want to talk to you all alone.

She take them to a room.

Yuvraaj: How dare you hold Saiyyam’s hand. And how did you find Saiyyam.
Elsa: Well, when Saiyyam fell in the water, he drowned but he was saved as I was down that cliff. I saved him.
Suhani: OK thanks for your help and know you can go back or we will call the police as we still remember the things you did to our family.

Elsa: Well, there is one consequence.
Krishna: What?
Elsa: When he became conscious, I took him to doctor. And doctor said that he has a memory loss. If we try to remember him the past forcefully than he can lose his life.
Krishna: WHAT!!!!

Elsa: And he also thinks that I am his wife.
Krishna: You can’t take him away from me. I will tell the truth to him.
Suhani: No, you can’t.
Krishna: But why aunty.
Suhani: Doctor had said na that if we try the forcefully way than we can lose him.
Krishna: But aunty, I can’t see him with anyone else specially Elsa.
Elsa: But you have to.

She goes away. Whole family does some discussion and finally convince Krishna that doctor is right.

They go outside.
Elsa: Saiyyam, let me introduce you with everyone.

She slowly and gradually goes to everyone and introduces him. At last, they came to Krishna. Krishna was eager that maybe he remembered her by seeing her.

Saiyyam: Hello, I think you are this house’s maid. Right?

Everyone is shocked to hear this.
Saiyyam: What happened? She is the maid.
Elsa: Ah.. Yes. She is maid.
Saiyyam: But why have you decorated this house? Is their any party?
Suhani: No beta. Its Krishna’s baby shower. Come join us.
Elsa: No thanks. We both are so tiried. We are going to take rest. Saiyyam, you go and I will come in a while.

He goes.

Krishna: Why did you say that I am a maid.
Elsa: This was for him. Should I tell him that you are his wife so that he dies. Do you want your husband to die.
Suhani: We will see later. Now you go and don’t try to get attached to Saiyyam so much as Krishna is her wife not you.

She goes. Krishna cries.

Krishna: He came back aunty but he my Saiyyam didn’t come back. He ia not my Saiyyam. He thinks that I am a maid. How can he think that?
Suhani: I can understand.
Krishna: No you can’t. No one can understand my pain. Leave me alone.

Saying this, she goes to her room. She is shocked to see that Elsa was sleeping in Saiyyam’s embrace.

Krishna: Elsa! What are you doing here?
Elsa: Well, this is Saiyyam’s room so I will stay here.

Suhani also comes there.

Suhani: This is Krishna’s room and no one has the right to sleep here. I will arrange another room for you.

She goes away.

Screen fades….

Elsa starts torturing Krishna and Saiyyam in Elsa’s favor.

So guys, how the episode. Do comment. Answer my question.

Qs: How is this new track?

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  1. Nairan_kriyam_lover

    Not nice

  2. Nairan_kriyam_lover

    Not nice yaar…pls change the track sayyam does not have memory loss but he is acting…..pls pls pls

    1. Princessporsha

      You will surely enjoy this track and I can’t change the track. I hope you understand and don’t stop commenting.

  3. Very unique..!! Hope to see some kriyam moments now!! ?

  4. Shaani

    Omg … Just the way I thought… Why..why..why.. Why always them. ????? don’t mind comment ok… I’m just writing about my feelings.. I know it’s story… After I read ur chapter this is exactly what came to my mind…that’s why I wrote like that… I hope this track will drag little bit Na.. May be it’s a good thing…. But for me it’s painful to see them like that…
    Love ur story keep writing… I don’t like this memory loss track personally…but I know that this is necessary so I won’t mind… U can continue… But I know one day sayyam will get his memory… Waiting for that day…
    Waiting for the next part… ?

    1. Princessporsha

      Tysm and you sure will see that day soon. Keep commenting and reading??

  5. Nice track… Something different from all other ffs…. Enjoying this track. ?

  6. nyc epi…feeling sad fr krishna…i dint expected dat itz saiyyam…but itz ok…i hope he remembr krish soon..

    1. Princessporsha

      Tysm and he will soon remember Krishna??

  7. Alvia

    I feel like punching saiyam on his face how dare he cant he feel his lady love idiot dumbo bechari ko rula raha ha kon krta ha apni expecting wife k sath aese ??? i agree he has lost his memory or better lost his mind and that elsa chipkali I’ll break her legs if she comes near saiyam ??? i know i am a little dramatic and emotional about characters but still he will pay for it that chuhiya elsa is just getting on my nerves saiyam ki yaadash ane to beta phir pata chale ga

    1. Princessporsha

      Tysm for reading this and Elsa will surely pay for this.??

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