Kriyam(Love, a beautiful relationship) Episode 28

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Hey guys, I am with a new episode. Sorry for late episode and I know that previous episode was boring but in this episode, they will know suresh’s truth. I hope you all like it..

Episode begins:

It has been 1 week and birla house has been bad happenings. Suhani and Saiyyam’s doubt has been confirmed about the reality of Mr suresh. Saiyyam and Suhani were talking in room.

Saiyyam: Maa, its enough now. I can’t see my family hurt and in danger because on suresh.
Suhani: I understand beta but we must make some plans before taking a step as it might be risky.
Saiyyam: But maa, I am worried about Krishna. You know that she is 2 weeks pregnant and I don’t want to take any risk.

Suhani: Nothing will happen if you are strong and with Krishna. She needs your support.
Saiyyam: I know maa but he tried many times to miscarriage our baby but he always failed and because of this, he may take a bigger step and try to harm Krishna and baby.
Suhani: I hope nothing will happen to Krishna and baby.

They sighs. While someone was watching this and smiles.

Screen fades.

In suresh’s room:

Suresh smiles evilly: Wow! They know. Oh, they guessed right. This time, Mrs Krishna will die. They guessed right that my next target is Krishna and her baby. Oh just wait and watch.

Next day:

Krishna and Saiyyam were going for shopping in car when someone came between their car and stopped them.

Saiyyam: What the hell! Who ate they!
Krishna: Let’s go and see.

They comes out from the car and sttod there. A man from the car came. He removed his mask.

Saiyyam: Suresh!!
Suresh: Guessed right. Its me.
Krishna: Mr. Suresh. What happened?
Saiyyam: Krishna! Don’t talk to him.
Krishna: But why?
Suresh: Let me explain to you. Well, I am an orphan as someone killed my parents in front of my eyes. (Tears running)
Krishna: That’s so sad. Who were they?
Suresh: That’s the main problem. I searched about them and finally I discovered that they were…
Saiyyam: Who were they?
Suresh: They were birlas. Yes, Mr Saiyyam birla, they were from your family. They made me an orpan. That’s why I am here. To take my revenge. I will kill you. (Angrily)

Saiyyam: Oh you can’t. I have recorded everything. (Showing the phone)
Suresh (laughs): You can’t do anything.

He signs and some men come out of the car.

Suresh: Get them.

Saiyyam fought with many of them but at last couldn’t do anything and they captured them.

Suresh: See, I told you that you can’t do anything.

He signs the men and they make them sit in the car and suresh takes them to a Cliff. He makes a video and sends it to yuvraaj and Suhani.

They received the video and watched it. They were shell- shocked.

Suhani: Please god save them. Yuvan!!
Yuvan comes there. Everyone gathers in the hall.

Yuvan: What happened maa?
Suhani: Beta, I want you to track this location and inform police. Mr. Suresh has captured Krishna and Saiyyam.

Everyone’s shocked face arwe shown. The whole house gets busy. Yuvraaj and Yuvan were informing police while others were trying to call kriyam.

Suhani comes to dadi.

Suhani: Dadi, I want to ask that if someone from our family had an accident due to which someone died?
Dadi: Yes, that car was mine. We were going but a car crashed with us and a couple died. We gave their family as much money as they wanted.
Suhani: Mr. Suresh is son on that couple. He is back to take revenge. Yuvraaj, do something. I am sure that he will try to harm Krishna and baby. Please do something. (Cries).

Saiyyam: Don’t to anything to Krishna. Please leave her. Kill me instead.
Suresh: No, I will kill three persons. Krishna, you and your unborn baby.
Saiyyam: SURESH!!

So guys tell me how’s the episode by commenting.?

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  1. Ahhh plz don’t kill baby ?nice one❤

  2. Shaani

    Oh noo… ? very well written dr… Loved it…
    Waiting for the next episode…

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