Kriyam(Love, a beautiful relationship) Episode 28

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Episode 28

Hey guys, I am back with a new episode. I have noticed from some days that I am getting little response from everyone. I am sorry if you all are not liking this ff. Your comments encourage me to write this ff so I request you to read and comment on this ff.

Let the episode commence:

Suhani faints as she cries. Yuvraaj called the doctor. Yuvan comes to Yuvraaj.

Yuvan: Papa, police has tracked the location. They are saying that its a cliff and is surrounded by water. They need us to come with them.
Yuvraaj: OK! Let’s go.

They told this to everyone and went with police.

Meanwhile at the cliff.

Saiyyam: Leave us..
Krishna: Ah.. Saiyyam.
Saiyyam: What happened Krishna. (Worried)
Krishna: It’s hurting. I can’t walk anymore. Ah…
Saiyyam: (panics) Um.. We will be freed soon by our family…

They climb the cliff. When they reach the top.

Suresh: So Mr and Mrs Saiyyam birla. How would you like to die. Should I shoot you or push you down. Its so confusing. (Laughs)
Saiyyam: See. You can do anything with me but please leave Krishna. What have she done of you?
Suresh: Your family has ruined my life and now I will ruin your lives. So you all be ready. First I will kill you Mrs Krishna. Get ready.
Saiyyam: No, you kill me instead OK? But don’t kill her.
Suresh: But you both have to die. Oh sorry! Not two but three. You, Krishna and your unborn baby. (Laughs).
Saiyyam: SURESH! Don’t dare to take my wife and baby’s name from your bad mouth.
Suresh: I will. Be ready.

He took out his revolver. He was about to shoot Krishna when he stopped.

Suresh: Wait, I will not kill you like that. I will push you. You could see your death by your own eyes. (Hahaha)

He comes near Krishna and she was screaming for help when Saiyyam pushed suresh’s man and started beating them.

Saiyyam (in anger): How dare you? How dare you try to kill her?

He was beating everyone when a tight grip holds him and pushes him. It was suresh. He pushes him. And while pushing, Saiyyam loses his balance and falls from the cliff but holds it.

Krishna: SAIYYAM!!!!!

She goes near him and helps him to climb up but suresh holds her and jerks her at side.

She cries because she is helpless and can’t do anything.

Suresh: Bye bye. Saiyyam birla.

Saying that he put his feet on hanging Saiyyam’s fingers and crushed them with his foot. Saiyyam cries with pain..

Saiyyam: Ah….. Krishna take care of yyourr sellf aaannd my babbby. I wiill always loovee you.

Saying this, he leaves his hands because of pain and falls down the cliff into the ocean….


She cries and cries. Police and yuvan, Yuvraaj arrive there. Police arrests suresh.

Suresh: I have taken my revenge. (Hahaha) and they take him.

Yuvan: He is arrested Krishna. Why at you crying and where is Saiyyam ( while looking around).

Krishna (crying): There. She points towards downwards of cliff.

Everyone is shocked.

Yuvraaj: Inspector! Please search whole the sea. He wouldn’t die that easily.
Inspector: Yes.

He ordered and whole team comes and searches for him.

Krishna: Yuvraaj uncle, will he be ok?
Yuvraaj: Yes, he will not leave you alone and don’t lose hope.
Krishna: Yes, he will come back.
Yuvraaj: Now, you go home. I am here.
Krishna: no, I will stay here.
Yuvraaj: See, you need some rest. Yuvan take her home.

She insists to stay but Yuvraaj sends her back. She goes to BM and everyone there consoles her.

After 3 hours, Yuvraaj comes disappointed. Krishna runs to him.

Krishna: What happened? Where is Saiyyam. Is he fine.
Suhani: Yes Yuvraaj, what happened.
Yuvraaj (sadly): They didn’t find him.
Krishna: What??
Yuvraaj: They looked everywhere but they didn’t find him. They say that he ia died as the ocean is so deep and dangerous.

Hearing this, Krishna faints..

They call doctor.

Screen fades…

Will they find Saiyyam or not?

Hey guys, please comment and let me know that how’s the episode..

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  1. It was awesome epi

  2. Hey I have been reading a few of the episodes and it’s really good can you send me the link of the ff from the beginning please I would like to read from the first episode

  3. Ahhhh??sayyam?plz bring him back?and I loved your ff❤

  4. Your ff is really good suresh track and sayyam my god plz bring him back n yah if you could add more details of their feeling such as POV that would make it more interesting

    1. Princessporsha

      Tysm and I will surely add POV??

  5. Minerva

    Amazing and awesome episode. All of the turmoils and strifes were captured perfectly and presented in a truly captivating manner. The episode was like a roller-coaster ride through an ocean of emotions to be very precise. All of the emotions and feelings were fantastically described. The way you managed to put a cliffhanger at the very end has surely taken my breath away.

  6. Shaani

    Omg… Sayyam? I guessed this …
    I know sayyam will come back.. May be he is in coma..or may be memory loss… May be something else… Idk..
    Keep going amazing .. ?

  7. Awesome epi..saiyyam nahi mar sakta?

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