Kriyam(Love, a beautiful relationship) Episode 26

Hey guys, I am back with a new episode. Sorry for not updating earlier. And also sorry for previous episode as it was less exciting. But the main track will start from today.

Do let the episode commence:

****Early morning****

A couple hugging each other were shown. The were revealed as kriyam.
Krishna’s head was on Saiyyam’s chest and he held her by her waist. The were sleeping peacefully like there is no worry in the world. Then suddenly, Krishna started to wake up.

She rubbed her eyes and watched his hubby lovingly. She quickly got ready and came from washroom. She saw Saiyyam still sleeping but as she didn’t wanted to wake him so she sat on dressing table and started to do her hairs.

After a while, Saiyyam also woke up. His eyes searched for Krishna and he saw her.

Saiyyam: Good morning jaan!
Krishna: Good morning. Did you sleep well?
Saiyyam: Yes I did.

He got up and went towards Krishna. He took t sindoor and mangalsutra and helped her to wear them.

Saiyyam: Now, I want something.
Krishna: What? (Looking at him).

He pointed his lips.
Krishna: No. I am getting late. Let mes go.
Saiyyam: No. I won’t let you go.

He pinned her to the wall. And put his hands on both side so she can’t escape.

Krishna: Saiyyam, you are shameless. You are going to be a father and still behaving like a kid. Grow up.
Saiyyam: No, I won’t let you go until you give me a kiss.
Krishna (frustrated): Alright. (She went close to him and he also closed his eyes while leaning towards her. But she quickly gave a kiss on his cheek and ran away) Saiyyam was shocked.

Saiyyam (thinks): How can you be a fool Saiyyam. I won’t let you go that easily. Smirks..

He also got ready and went for break fast.

At break fast table:
Everyone has gathered and were eating.

Saiyyam: Maa, my client will come today here and he will live here for some days.
Suhani: OK. I will arrange the guest room.
Yuvan: But who is the client.
Saiyyam: He is Mr. Suresh. We are finalising a big deal with him.
Yuvan: Best of luck.

They all eat break fast. They all were gathered in main hall when there was a door bell. Ramesh opens it.

A handsome man about 25 years entered with a bag.

Saiyyam: Ah welcome Mr suresh.
He greeted everyone and introduced himself.

Yuvraaj: Welcome. Ramesh take his bag and put it inside the guest room.
Suresh: Thankyou for letting me stay here sir.
Yuvraaj: No need. You are our guest.

He goes to the guest room. Everyone goes to their works. Krishna goes to kitchen.

Suhani: Why are you heard?
Krishna: Aunty, I am making lunch.
Suhani: No beta, you need rest.
Krishna: But aunty, I am only 1 week pregnant and I love to work. I want to make Saiyyam’s favourite kheer.
Suhani: I can understand but if you rest then its good for your health.
Krishna: only kheer. Please…
Suhani: OK. But only kheer. You know that you must be careful about everything.
Krishna: Don’t worry aunty. I will manage.

Outside the kitchen, someone was hearing their conversation.

Man: (thinks): so Mrs Krishna is pregnant but I will ruin their lives.

The screen fades.

Its night. Yuvan and Saiyyam had came from the office and now everyone had gathered for dinner. Mr suresh was also there. They eat and discussed the deal. Krishna came with the kheer.

Saiyyam: Wow. The kheer is delicious. Thanks Krishna.

Everyone praises her.
Suresh: Wow, Krishna mam you make so delicious food..

Whole dinner time went in discussion of deal and at last, they all went to their respective rooms and slept but only one room’s lights were on.
It was of suresh’s.

He was holding a photo and crying.
Suresh: I miss you mom and dad. I remember the day when I lost you in front of my eyes. That was the worst day of my life.


A boy about 6 years was waiting for his parents to come to pick him from school but when they reached near to school, a car accident happened. That was when he lost his parents

Fb ended.

Suresh: That is why I am here. That car was of birlas. I will take revenge so that our soul gets peace. be ready birlas, I will take revenge. Not from suhani and yuvraaj but now I will take revenge from Saiyyam and Krishna. I will ruin your everything as I AM BACK…



Bad things start happening in birla house.

So guys, how’s the episode. Do comment.

Qs: How’s the new track? Good or bad?

  1. New track is very good I like revenge track and niceeeesssss epi plz next epi fast

  2. Nice episode

  3. Amezing epi but plz next uplod fast long plz

  4. Lovely episode. The naughty side of sayyam was a treat to read about while the actions of krishna were truly adorable. The story has really got an amazing breakthrough due to the introduction of suresh and his evil intentions. I am sure that the magical couple of krishna-sayyam will overcome all obstacles and fight all odds to defeat this menace.

    1. Princessporsha

      Tysm shivani. You always inspired me??

  5. Good track?..The Revenge track has started..update ASAP ?

  6. Shaani

    Woow… Lovely… Keep writing…waiting for the next episode… I love those revenge wala tracks… So excited…

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