Kriyam(Love, a beautiful relationship) Episode 25

Hey guys, I am back with a new episode. Thanks for commenting and loving my ff..

As everyone knows that Saiyyam and Krishna has now confessed their love so they are now happy and planning for a family…

******* 5 months later******

A girl was shown sitting near bed and holding a photo frame. She was revealed to be Krishna. She was talking to the photo frame.

Krishna: It’s been 2 weeks since you have gone for business trip and finally tomorrow, you will come. You come tomorrow and you will have a beautiful surprise.. (Smiling) she was taking to Saiyyam’s pic..

Her whole day was busy in preparations..

*****Next day*****

The whole house was decorated as a success party was held in the honour of Saiyyam winning a deal.

Suhani: Krishna, is the room ready?
Krishna: Yes aunty. Can I also come to pick Saiyyam.
Suhani: No, you can’t or else he would know the surprise.
Krishna: Hmm… Right. I am going to change clothes.
Suhani: OK!!

They both go to different directions.

Yuvan had gone to pick Saiyyam. They both arrived at 5:00. Blessing session…. He saw Krishna and went towards her. They both hugged each other passionately. At last, they broke apart.

Yuvaani: Wow!! Two love birds have finally met.
Krishna (blushes): Yuvaani!!!
Suhani: Acha Saiyyam, there is a surprise for you in your room. Go with Krishna. She will show you.
Saiyyam: Wow. Let’s go.

They both went to the room. Saiyyam opened the doors but there was no light so he switched on the lights. He was so surprised to see the room decorated.

Saiyyam: What is this?
Krishna: My surprise.

The walls were decorated with baby pics and there were so many toys.

Saiyyam: I still don’t understand.
( when he suddenly saw a crib where babies sleep)
Saiyyam (excited): Wow Krishna! Thankyou so much.
Krishna: For what??
Saiyyam: For making me a papa and going to give me a child. (While hugging).

He caresses and kisses her womb. She blushes.

Krishna: Now, go and get ready. Don’t you remember that there is a party going downstairs.
Saiyyam: I know but you gave given me such a beautiful surprise that I don’t feel like partying.
Krishna: But I am feeling. Now go.

She pushes him in washroom. The both get ready.

It was a fun party. Everyone enjoyed a lot. At last, all the guests went home.

Suhani: So Saiyyam, did you love the surprise?
Saiyyam: Of course I do. This is the best surprise that I have ever got. Thankyou so much…
Suhani: Don’t thank me. Thank Krishna.
Saiyyam: Hmm.. Thanks Krishna.

They all went to their rooms.

A villain is back. Will Krishna or Saiyyam survive??

I know guys that this is a boring episode but next will have a major twist. And don’t think if I have bought a pregnancy track but a new twist which you would have not imagined. Keep commenting…

  1. Next uplod which villain Krishna sayyam s life I hope so ki Krishna s life mai aye villain any lover boy etc

    1. Princessporsha

      There would be no lover boy etc but someone who you all didn’t expected.

  2. ahhhh villian?this epi was nice dear??

  3. AnahitaAnnie

    Aww cute episode..loved it..

  4. Cute epi..?

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