Kriyam(Love, a beautiful relationship) Episode 20

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Hi guys, I am so so happy that you all love my ff.

Episode begins?☺?

******Next day******
Everyone is doing break fast.

Elsa: Thankyou Saiyyam!
Saiyyam: For what?
Elsa: For taking me for shopping.
Saiyyam: Welcome.

Everyone goes to their respective rooms.

At Elsa’s room:

Elsa: I must think a big plan to make Saiyyam mine. You don’t know me Krishna! From childhood till now, if I want anything I will take it. If it doesn’t come to me, I snatch it and can do anything. (Smiles evilly)

While in Kriyam’s room:

Krishna: Saiyyam! I am going to my friends house. I will be late.
Saiyyam: But it isn’t safe for you to come late night.
Krishna: Don’t worry Saiyyam! I will be fine. Besides driver is with me.
Saiyyam: OK but try to come early.
Krishna: okay okay! May I go?
Saiyyam: Why are you asking me?
Krishna: Because you are my husband. ( while pulling his cheeks)

She waved bye and went away. Saiyyam was standing shocked at her moves that how she pulled his cheeks and after sometime a smile crept on his face.
Saiyyam: Not bad Saiyyam, she is attracted to you now.

Elsa was outside the room and hearing their conversation. She was shocked as she thought that Saiyyam loved Krishna and now its confirmed.

Elsa(thinking): Wow, she went away. Now you see that what will I do.
While have a evil smile.

She goes to her room. She picks a small bottle.

Time passes to dinner time.

Everyone is at dinning table.
Suhani: Saiyyam, where is Krishna?
Saiyyam: Maa, she had gone to her friend’s house and she would be late.
Suhani: OK.

Elsa and bhavna serve everyone food.
Suhani: Yum. The food is delicious. Who made it?
Bhavna: Of course me.
Suhani: Di! You have magic in your hands.
Yuvan: Yes mausi, maa is right.
Bhavna: Thankyou for your appreciation and now eat.

Everyone ate food and went to their rooms.

It was late at night. Everyone was asleep except suhani and yuvraj who were waiting for Krishna to come.

Krishna at last came at 11:00.
Suhani: Beta, you are so late.
Krishna: Aunty, I am sorry. My friend insisted to have dinner so I stayed.
Yuvraaj: Next time be careful as its not safe for you to be out at late night.
Krishna: OK dadi.

She buyed him and went to her room. Saiyyam wasn’t there. She looked in washroom, terrace and outside the house but he wasn’t any where.

She at last went to suhani and yuvraaj.
Suhani: What happened beta! Why are you tensed?
Krishna: Aunty, Saiyyam isn’t anywhere.
Yuvraaj: Did you looked outside the house?
Krishna: Yes, I looked everywhere.
Suhani: Come. We three will search him.

They all looked every where.
Krishna: He is not in any room.
Suhani: Maybe he is in Elsa’s room. They must be chatting as he might be bored.
Yuvraaj: I hope so.

They all went to Elsa’s room. They knocked but no one opened.
Suhani: Its opened.

They went inside and were shocked. Saiyyam and Elsa were sleeping in same bed while Elsa was wearing a very short dress and Saiyyam was holding her and both were so close.

Suhani (shouts): SAIYYAM!!

Elsa shot open her eyes and was shocked to see Saiyyam beside her.

Elsa: What is he doing here?
Suhani: I should be asking that from you.
Elsa: Aunty, I was sleeping..

Due to the voice, Saiyyam waked up.
Saiyyam: Why are you all shouting and why am I in Elsa’s room.
Suhani: You were sleeping with her.
Saiyyam: But…

Without any answer, suhani slapped him.
(Where ones shocked faces are shown and a shocked tune comes from background)
Suhani: Why were you sleeping with her? Tell me.
Saiyyam: I don’t know maa. All I remember is I went to room and what happened next I don’t know.
Suhani: But you were holding her hand and sleeping. How dare you cheat Krishna! If you loved anyone else then why did you marry her?
Krishna: Leave it aunty.
Suhani: No, its a matter of you and I won’t leave him.
Saiyyam: Ugh.. I am going from here.
He leaves.

Krishna: Aunty, don’t worry. I will talk to him.
She also goes to their room.

Suhani and yuvraaj also leaves.

Elsa suddenly smiles and closes the door.


At dinner time, while everyone’s food was on table, she went and added some drops of medicine in Saiyyam’s food and quickly went. He ate food and slept in his room due to the medicine. Elsa came there and picked him and went to her room and laid him there. She changed her clothes and acted of sleeping.

Fb ends.
Elsa: Now this will create misunderstanding between Saiyyam and Krishna. And he will become mine.

Screen fades.

Saiyyam tells something to Krishna and she is shocked..

So guys how’s the episode. Do tell me by commenting.

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  1. A really nice fanfic can you send me the links of the previous episodes from the beginning . I have read this and really enjoyed it .

    1. Princessporsha


  2. AnahitaAnnie

    Uh oh…..i think kriyam misunderstanding…is coming up… plz…hope krishna supports Saiyyam and the witch is driven away….anyways i am in love with ur writing skills and twists and turns….it was a terrific episode…keep going and can’t wait for the next one princess…

    1. Princessporsha

      Thankyou so much…???

    2. princessporsha


  3. Nice episode
    Keep posting
    Waiting for next

    1. princessporsha

      Tysm .

    2. princessporsha


  4. Shaani

    Nice episode..loved it..
    Waiting for the next one..
    U r going really good.. U have a good skill n superb ideas yaar… Very nice.. Keep going..?

    1. princessporsha


  5. @princess_porsha…
    This was an amazing episode filled with uncalled for twists and turns. The episode was truly fantastic and suspenseful. The growing bond between krishna-sayyam is absolutely lovely and adorable. The episode was marellous in a aspects. I really have to google something ’cause I am running short of words to praise your artistic compositions…

    1. princessporsha


    2. Princessporsha

      Shivani, can you tell me how to give our previous episodes link as I don’t know any thing about it and I have to give the link to someone.

  6. OMG!!!??? poor sayyam. Hope krishna will believe him☹? nice epi dr.I loved it.plz post d nxt epi soon.?? eager 2 know wht happens nxt.????? bye tc

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