KriYam-a unbreakable bond of love (Episode 5)

Episodes starts

Saiyaam has sweat all over his face and the goon was badly hurt. Saiyam, s hand was also bleeding..and he had a slight cut on his head
Saiyam : don’t u dare to do like that again..
On the other hand krishna was continously calling him… aftr sometime she thinks oho krishna ur so dumb itx 11:45 already he must be sleeping. this means he is not finding the jacket. ? Thats good I will call him tomorrow. She goes to sleep…
On saiyam’s side, the goons go and baby comes.. (in my ff baby is just saiyam, s orphanage friend)..
Baby: oh god!! Why is your hand bleeding so heavily.. wait I will bring first aid.,..

She does his aiding.,…
Saiyam : thanks… now tell me how much do u want? ?
Baby: what?
Saiyaam : how much money you want?.. I know all ur care is just for money… baby:u know me so well dude.. I just saw a new dress online..only 10000 rupees., I really love it..
Saiyam stands up and gives her money. ?
Saiyaam;: I know u just love money.. now go and next time no need to do this drama (he sees suhani, s pic on his wall with a cross mark on it) I know well who really cares for me and who not
Baby goes..
Saiyam talks to suhani, pic
Saiyam : u ruined my life. Now I will ruin yours left me alone now I will take ur krishna from u , just wait and watch.

For some time he tried to sleep but couldn’t as he was thinkin about his childhood…. how he used to sleep on floor with out any blanket in the cold nights. How he used to study in hardships.. how kids used to taunt him.. a tear flows down from his eyes.., he says no there is no place for tears in my life. ? Itx time for suhani birla to shed tears.., he checks his phone and sees 15 missed calls from unknown number…he calls on the number…Krishna’s phone rings…
Krishna : (sleepily) who is it at such late night? (Picks phone) hello
Saiyaam : hello… who is it

Krishna : I should ask it .. u have called me don’t u know that itx not right to call someone at such late at night..
Saiyam : excuse me I had got 15 missed calls from ur number .. or else I wasn’t interested in ruining ur sleep
Krishna : what?? (Checks her phone). oh saiyam ah sorry.. umm its me Krishna actually I..
Saiyam : krishnaa!! Where did u get my number and 15 missed calls is everything fine ? R u ok?

Krishna : saiyam actually just wanted to remind u that ur jacket is with me.. so I hope u did not went to find it.
Saiyam : ya actually I was finding it .thanks for calling… so this means u were worried about me ha… that’s why u called so late at night..

Krishna : no I just wanted to inform that’s it…
Saiyam :(lies down on his bed) really?? then u could have called in the morning also but ur concern made u call me
Krishna : ( blushes) no… nothing like that..
Saiyam : (laughs) ok leave it just kidding… vaise im sorry.. u were sleeping and I disturbed u
Krishna : no im sorry I should have not been rude…
They continued l talking for a long time.. Suddenly a ray of sun just hit krishna’s eyes.. she checked her phone
Krishna : oh god itx already 6:15

Saiyam : what?? Really (checks the clock)
Krishna : how did this… I didn’t realize how(someone knocks at her door)
Saiyam:even I didn’t..
Krishna : (softly) saiyam I will call u later ok bye bye..(cuts the phone)
Saiyam: but krishna.. hello..
Krishna goes to door and opens it.. it was yuvaan..
Yuvaan : krishna r u ok?
Krishna : ya I am fyn what happened to me. ? Im fine
Yuvan : no u used to come down at 6 every day so I thought u may be ill or something.
Krishna : no actually I was just going for a bath I will come down in 20 min.

On saiyam’s side,

So we have already been so close krishna that u don’t even feel how time flies with me… I promise I will use this closeness to the best..
Krishna is preparing sandwiches … suhani comes
Suhani: r u ok krishna? Why u waked up so late today…??
Krishna : actually aunty…I,.I slept late at night…. thats why
Pratima comes,.
Pratima;: suhani a boy has come and wants to meet u…
They all go and see saiyam waiting for them… he smiles at krishna.. krishna smiles back. ?.

Precap : krishna feeds saiyam.,..
Guys please comment on how the story is going and if u want any change in the storyline..

  1. This is so good. ?

  2. Aarti32

    Wow..D phone call part was d best one..

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  4. Fanficwriter518

    Precap sounds cute x

  5. Hello! Really nice FF! Please keep writing regularly. I can imagine all the little cute scenes in your writing. Wish we could have some of these on screen.
    Krishna feeds Sayyam.. Awww! can’t wait.

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