KriYam-a unbreakable bond of love (Episode 4)

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Krishna : oh god I have never been out of my room after 10 pm but today for saiyam I have to. Plz forgive me.. she sees that suhani, s phone was near her pillow. She slowly moves towards her as she was limping ( her leg was injured due to saiyam, car) her leg hits the table
Krishna : ah!!.. suhani wakes up. Krishna puts her hand on her mouth.
Suhani switches on the lights and sees her. Krishna worries.
Suhani: krishna! ! What are you doing here .., r u ok??
Krishna.: suhani aunty actually ..ah ..I was .umm
Suhani : relax krishna come here… she goes and sits next to suhani.
Suhani : what happened why you came here so late.. is everything fine? Krishna : ya suhani aunty actually ah.. I was feeling scared to sleep alone so I came to sleep with you.

Suhani : scared? Krishna u r my daughter so be brave like me. I know today’s incident really scared u but u need to build up ur confidence or no one will respect u. ?. Krishna remembered saiyam saying the same wordss.. Krishna: suhani aunty why do u always encourage me like that.. suhani: because I care for u beta I want u to ne strong and happy. If any anyone encourages u like this, this means he cares for u.Krishna hugs her and thinks does this mean he cares for me?
Suhani : ok today u sleep with me but not from tomorrow
Krishna: no suhani aunty I will manage to sleep alone
Suhani : ok thats good. Now go.. suhani stands up
Krishna : r u comimg with me to my room?
Suhani: no I was just going to washroom.Krishna smiles as suhani goes to washroom. She quickly copies saiyam, s number. Suhani comes back..
Suhani : u r still here
Krishna : ya I was just going… she goes..
On the way to her room she collides with yuvaan .
Krishna: yuvaan!!

Yuvan : sorry.. what are u doing here such late at night..?
Krishna : I should asm u the same question? ? What are u doing heere
Yuvaan : just going to meet trisha..
Krishna : trisha? ? Who trisha?.. don’t tel me u have a new girlfriend.
Yuvan :shh…. slowly. ?ya u guessed it right yaar. ur my bestie. Ok now dont u tell maa
Krishna : what fun do u find in meeting girls without suhani aunty, s permission
Yuvaan : oh come on yaar.. hese little mischiefs add spice to life.. but u will understand only when u sneak out to meet a boy
Krishna : shut up I won’t do anything like that ok.
Yuvan : when a boy just steals ur heart from u then u tell me..bye
He goes… Krishna : idiot…
She goes to her rooom and dials saiyam, s number.
On saiyam’s side,
His phone vibrates but he did not hear as he was talking to goons

Saiyaam offers them money
Goon 1 : thank u sir.. (he counts the money but it was less) but sir this money is less..
Saiyaam : that is for not following my orders
Goon 2 : but sir..
Saiyam: who tore her kurta
Goon 1: sir actually
Saiyaam (shouts) : who tore her kurta
Goon2 :I did sir.. actually I tried to uold her but she ran so..
Saiyaam : so? So what? I told u that nomkne will touch her. How dare u
Goon 2: sorry sir.
Saiyaam smiles and says sorry??
He beats him black and blue.. on the other side krishna keeps on trying his number but he does not pick it up

Precap : sayyam visits suhani’s shack
Did u like it.. all suggestions are welcomed.

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  1. Aarti32

    I luvd it how Saiyyam hit d goons..

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    I love it man..tysm..for updating so soon…

  3. So good x

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    Ahhh i love this!

  5. Honeypriya

    Hey that’s nice

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