KriYam-a unbreakable bond of love (Episode 3)

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They both laugh
Saiyam : if the jacket is warm then I guess I should switch on the ac again
Krishna : (loudly) no not at all
Saiyam looks at her
Krishna : (softly) ok fine switch on if u want ..she looks down
Saiyam : oho I was just watching of u will take a stand for your self or not..ok leave it u will learn gradually
He starts driving
Krishna looks at him and thinks he is trying to make me bold just like suhani aunty does.. she smiles

They hit a speed breaker
Krishna : (softly) ah!!
Saiyam: (loudly).. r u ok?
Krishna looks at him surprisingly and says ya im fyn.. its was just a speed breaker
Saiyam had an awkward situation as he really got scared weather she got hurt
Saiyam : no I was asking abouy the jacket.. it is my fav jacket. Thats why..
Krishna: really? ?
Saiyaam: ya actually it is my papa’s jacket.. so itx really close to me .. you know once I left It in a park and came back late at night when it was raining. ?I was fully drenched and had a fever.

Krishna : then im really lucky that u gave me such a price less jacket to wear..
Ah.. saiyam can I use ur phone? Actually I want to inform suhani aunty that im fine
Saiyam : ya sure
Krishna calls suhani and tells her that she is fine and coming home.
They both smile and talk until they reach the house.
Yuvan suhani and pratima were worried about krishna as they could not find her in the police station
Krishna gets of and hugs suhani..
All smile seeing krishna.
Suhani:where were u krishna? We all were so worried. R u ok?

Krishna: suhani aunty im fyn dont worry..ah one sec
She goes to the car
Krishna : saiyaam come and meet my family
Saiyam : what a coincidence that I have to meet my family through u
Krishna: what..?
Saiyaam : I mean ur family is my family.. I will meet them on some other day.. right now I have to go some where urgently. !
Krishna : but Saiyam
Saiyam: promise I will come back to meet all of u..
Krishna: smiles and says ok wait take this coupon, it os a free coupon of our shack.
Saiyam smiles and goes
Krishna comes back to suhani and explain s everything

Suhani: (remember s aambhav) and cries a little
Krishna : suhani aunty im fyn
Suhani : ok u go and change. ? I wil, make ur fav food
Krishna smiles and leaves
Yuvan : so much happened with her and she is smiling. !shes mad
Suhani : we should thank god that he sent that boy to save our krishna or else what answer would I give to somu

Its night..
Krishna is in the room combing her hair when her eyes fall, on saiyam, s jacket
She smiles remembering him and his words..
Then suddenly she realized that it was saiyam, s fav jacket
Krishna : oh no s I forgot to return it.. what if he doesn’t remember that it is with me .. he will again go out at night and find it.. then again he will fall ill.. o no .. but how can I inform him I don’t have his number…, she is worried and then thinks I called suhani aunty from his phone.. his no would be in her phone.
She slowly moves towards suhani’s room and sneaks in..

Precap: saiyaam hits the goon who had tore her kurta

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  1. Rockstr

    Dis amazing man…da storybos so adorable…nd thnq so much for updating so soon..i really cant wait for the next part

  2. Aarti32

    Cute episode..

  3. So good

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