KriYam-a unbreakable bond of love (Episode 23)

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Krishna comes.. Saiyam, s eyes are locked on her.. he was so concerned anout her yesterday but now.. he is happy to see her ok
Krishna comes and yuvaji makes her sit wih Saiyam
Suhani : u all sit I will make something for u all…and ya I have called pandit ji for fixing engagement date..he mist be coming.. di u plz helpme
Pratima: I will also help
They go..
Dadi and rags were not there.. and sharad took yuuvraj to his room
Yuvani signals yuvan to leave kriyam alone..
Yuvan: ah.. baby come I will just show u the house..
Yuvani : ya come baby we wil show u the house.
They go

Kriyam are alone
Krishna is stil thinkin about her dream
Saiyam : umm…are u ok??
Krishna : ya.. im fine..what about u.. hw is ur cold?
Saiyam : ya its fine.. I was just thinking weather suhani aunty will agree or not.. im glad she did
Krishna looks around and when she got sure that no bodys around. Sje hugs saiyam tight
Saiyam. : arey.. wha..what happened? ? R u ok?
Krishna : I got so scared saiyam.. I thouht I lost u., thank god aunty agreed
If she had not. I would have died without u.. I just.

Saiyam : (breaks the hug and cuts her short) shut up. Don’t u ever say that again.. nothing will happen to u
Krishna looks at him lovingly…
Krishna : so u care for me so much
Saiyam gets suprised on what he said
Saiyam : no ..I just meant..(looks in her eyes).. (brief pause).. ya.. I dk care for u coz u r the most imp person of my life.. , my everything.
His mind thoight he was lieing but his said he was not..but he was not ready to accept this he looked deep in her eyes which were filled with just innocence
Saiyam : ( thinks ) you trust me blindly krishna… I shouldn’t have used u..I kmow im bad.. I am sorry I know im gonna hurt u a lot… but I have to do sorry

Suhani pratima and bhavna come with pakode and chai..
They call everyone.. and all have tea and spend some good time with eo
They talk about kid, s childhood and laugh..even Saiyam enjoys a little..
Suhani : beta Saiyam u also tell somthing aboutur childhood
Saiyam : sorry aunty.. but my childhood had no family.. so its filled wid only bad memories.. I don’t wanna remember them. ?
Suhani feels sorry amd says don’t u ever say u don’t have a family… this is ur family
Saiyam gives a fake smile and thinks yes this is my family but u snatched it from me and now due to u krishna will suffer.. he feels sorry about this.

Precap : krishna watching saiyam sleeping

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  1. Aarti32

    Awesome episode..N feel vry bad for both Krishna n Saiyyam..Krishna bcz she will b hurt..N Saiyyam bcz he’s also hurting himself..

  2. Shaani

    Nice part…keep writing..u r an awesome writer…

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