KriYam-a unbreakable bond of love (Episode 20)

Krishna : aunty.. trust me I was about to tell u ..we just..
Suhani : im not talking to u….Saiyam just leave from here..
Saiyam : I will go .. but before going I want to tell u.. krishna was not on a wedding but with me these 2 days…. I don’t want to hide anything… we both luv each other and krishna we haven’t done anything wrong… so u don’t need to cry..ok?if u really luv me than just tell ur aunty?

He goes..
Suhani : what was this krishna? When did this happen?
Krishna tells her everything…
Saiyam calls and tells yivani what happened and she tells everyone…
After hearing everything suhami says… so u are also equally responsible krishna… u lied to me.. u don’t trust me.. I know what is wrong and what right… so I will decide what will happen now..
Krishna agrees and says yes suhani I will accept whatever u say but plz don’t be angry with me..

Suhani: I can’t do that Krishna. U broke my trust
She goes and krishna cries.. yivani comes and consoles her

On other side, saiyam is restless.
Baby comes
Baby: don’t worry saiyam..ur mom will accept the relationship.
But he wasn’t worried about that.,..he was worried about krishna….she must be crying and needed someone..he felt restless thinking about this..
He called yuvani…
Saiyam : is she ok?
Yuvani : saiyam….I can’t talk much now… but don’t worry im here with her,.u remain calm..

On other side suhani is worried about krishna..pratima comes
Suhani : maa she lied to me how an she
Pratima; yes suhani, .Sometimes kids do these mistakes…but if krishna did this this means she really luvs saiyam
Suhani : but we know nothing about him… ehat if something goes wrong… Krishna is my responsibility.,.I can’t let anything happen 2 her

Precap: what will be suhani’s decision

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