KriYam-a unbreakable bond of love (Episode 2)

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Krishna watches saiyam fighting the goons.. his hand gets injured
Krishna: saiyaam!!
Saiyam. Don’t worry go and sit in the car
Krishna tries to stand up but couldn’t as her leg was hurt.. saiyam fights the goonsand they go away….
Saiyam smiles and goes to krishna
Saiyam:r u ok?
Krishna was crying and was not able to speak.

Saiyam: ok ok relax.. come stand up.. he helps her to stand uo he sees her kurta has been teared and she was trying to hide it..
He thinks I told them not to even touch her then why did they….
Krishna: thank have been a great help..

Saiyam: its om I understand. ? He goes to the car and brings his jacket
Here wear it
Krishna: but
Saiyam: oho I said na come on were it
She takes it and wers it.
Saiyam: now come I will drop you
Krishna looks at him surprisingly
Saiyam: what?? Oh you think I will also do wrong with you like those goons tried to do
Krishna: when you threw sand in my eyes I thought you as a bad person . Then why did u help me.. (that seen is included in the ff)
Saiyam: cuz I just realised u r useful to me
Krishna: what??
Saiyaam: jus kidding… look that was a smal fight but right now u needed me..and I know the cost of a girl’s respect..
Krishna smiles
Saiyam: come now sit in the car… he helps her to sit in the car and is now driving to suhani, s shack.,
On the way saiyam says

itx quite cold na r u ok?? Or u want me to switch on the heater..
Krishna:no im fine
Saiyam switches on the ac instead and krishna begins to feel the cold
Krishna: saiyaam
Krishna: why did you switch on the ac
Saiyam:im feeling hot..thats why
Krishna: just now u said itx cold
Saiyam.: yeah that was for u., not for hot guys like me..I hope u don’t mind it
Krishna:no itx ok..
She began to shiver but yet tolerates it
Saiyam looks at her. Then stops the car and switch es off the ac
Krishna: what happened?
Saiyaam:exactly his is your problem
Krishna: what?
Saiyaam: why don’t u fight for your self krishna., in tdays world nobody will fight for u except u., u need to build up ur confidence. ? Or no one will respect u
Krishna remembered how suhani says such words to her when she cares for her
Saiyam : krishna learn to stand ip for ur self.. u can be stronger than u think., .. u just need to believe in urself. Ok??
Krishma keeps on looking at him
Krishna: ah ya ok umm I will try.. I will try my best.
Saiyam: good.. vaise I hope ur not feeling much cold
Krishna: no ur jacket is pretty warm
They both laugh…,
Saiyam thinks girls like u can be so easily flattered..

Precap:krishna wakes up at night and sneaks into suhani’s room
I hope the update was long enough. ? Do tell me
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  1. So good. ?

  2. Fanficwriter518

    Good update xx

  3. Vinlora

    Lovely update…loved it…?

  4. Aarti32

    Dis Saiyyam is so chalu..I tell u

    1. Taniasharma

      Yeah .. I hope his chaluness will bring some spice in the story

  5. Rockstr

    Krishnas innocence and sayyams chalu ness…dats wat make kriyyam the most adorable couple…luv ur ff..pls keep updating

  6. good going

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