KriYam-a unbreakable bond of love (Episode 18)

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Episode starts with krishna coming back home..
Suhani pratima and yuvaan yuvani welcome..they sit
Suhani : how did the wedding go Krishna?
Krishna:(was eating something) which wedding suhani aunty?
Yuvani pinchs her..krishna realized what she said.
Krishna: uh.ya it was nyc… aunty im a bit tired.. can i go and sleep
Suhani : but it is only 8pm beta..don’t u want to have dinner??
Krishna: no Suhani aunty.. im fyn.. i will just go
Yuvani: ya and today i will sleep with u Krishna.. i want to know everything that happened there… she says with a wicked smile
Suhani: par beta shes tired.. u guyz talk tomorrow..
Krishna: its ok aunty.. we ll sleep together
Krishna yuvani go
Yuvan: no matter how much they are tired but girls can’t resist talking

On Saiyam’s side..
Saiyam and baby talk..
Baby: so u proposed her?
Saiyam: i had to..
Baby: she’s so stupid na.. didn’t even realize u r triking her..
Saiyam( gets a bit angry): u don’t need to interfere in this ok
Baby: ok baba..don’t be angry now..but one thing is sure..these 2 will be the best days of hr life
Saiyam( recalls their entire trip.. and smiles).. even mine
Baby: what?
Saiyam(comes 2 sense).. just kidding…i wil just go and change..
He goes.. baby searches her wallet and takes some money from it..
Baby: now here is the money for my new dress

On Krishna,s side
Yuvani: oh my god..did he.. so Krishna u guys are in relation now.. omg im so happy
Krishna: hmm..even i am..everything is just going perfect.. bas now i need to tell Suhani aunty about all this..
Yuvani: what?? Come on Krishna..don’t be so boring..i think u guys should take some some romance and then tell muma
Krishna: but yuvani..
Yuvani: no Krishna.. its ur first do as i say .. now come on.. sleep.. we will talk tomorrow…
Yuvani goes to sleep whole krishna lies down on bed thinking about Saiyam
On other side Saiyam is also thinking about Krishna.. both are smiling
Krishna calls Saiyam
Saiyam: hello
Krishna: r u sleeping?
Saiyam: ah..yes i am sleeping..sleeping and talking together
Krishna laughs..
Krishna: i just called coz i couldn’t sleeep
Saiyam: me too…. i just (sneezes)
Krishna: what happened Saiyam?? R u ok??
Saiyam: ah ya.. actually that rain…( sneezes)
Krishna: rain?? Im so sorry.. i didn’t know u fall ill if u get so sorry..i
Saiyam: krishna..Krishna its ok im fyn..

Krishna: r u sure?
Saiyam: ya..(thinks she cares for me so much and i..i am really bad,…but i can’t do anything..i am compelled to do so)
Krishna: ok then u just take medicine..
Saiyam: ok baba i u go for sleep or else we will end up talking all last tym..
Krishna smiles
Krishna: so what..u don’t like talking to me
Saiyam: when did i say that??.. i just meant if i didn’t sleep early.. how will i wake up and come there to meet u there
Krishna: hmm….Saiyam i was just thinking that i should tell Suhani aunty about us..
Saiyam: ur right.. don’t worry we’ll tell her when the right time comes..u trust me na?
Krishna: ya..more than myself..
Kriyam smile
Saiyam feels bad

Precap: krishna runs and hugs Saiyam.
Krishna: i love u Saiyam..i really luv u.. i can’t live without u..

Suhani sees all this

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  1. Shaani

    Very Nice. Feeling sad for Krishna…keep updating..

  2. Nyc story line Dr can’t wait for next episode… it ASAP… 🙂

  3. Rockstr

    As usual,you nailed it…udate asap

  4. So good.

  5. Aarti32

    Now I’m also feeling bad for Krishna..Dat means your writing is so connecting..plzz post soon..

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