KriYam-a unbreakable bond of love (Episode 12)

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Its 3 in the morning..
Krishna is making cofee in the kitchen and thinking about saiyam’s’s words….
Krishna : I want to go.. but how can I … oh god now u say what to do.. I…I think I should tell yuvaan….
She goes to his room but he was not there..
She then goes to yuvani room .. yuvani is sleeping…
No I shouldn’t tell her.. she will tease me..
She goes to her room and stands in her balcony .. someone taps her from behind.
Krishna : oh saiyam…. u came again ..I just… (she turns around and is shocked to see that it was yuvani)…
Yuvani : yes… me.. y u excepected some1 elese.. hmm.. saiyam. ?Right?
Krishna : no,. Nothing like that..
she goes and sits on the bed..
Yuvani smiles

Yuvani : come on krish… tell na what is brewing between u 2.. I know u not only friend… come on yaar we r friends…
Krishna : yuvani..(holds yuvani’s hand).. u promise that u won’t tell anyone.
Yuvani : ok promise.. now tell me everything… wen u guys met.. how he proposed much time it has been
Krishna : yuvani… he hasn’t proposed me yet.. and I don’t think he will… I think he just takes me as a friend. ? Thats it.
Yuvani :. What???
Krishna tells her everything that happened between them.. from the time they first met… to he time when he sneaked in her room…..
Krishna : I don’t know yuvani…. he just wants me to know about him..
Yuvani : no idiot. ? Yaar ur so dumb.. he, s indirectly asking u for a date and u.. ok when r u guyz going. ?
Krishna : what? ? What going. Howcan I go with himm.. suhani aunty won’t allow
Yuvani : oh god krishna u don’t go on a date with ur elders permission. Its all a secret..u know I will cover up dont worry dude..
Krishna : itx mumbai.. 12 hrs.. how can u cover up so long.. and I can’t lie to suhani aunty..
Yuvani : really? Then why u lied when saiyam had to get the injection. ?
Krishna : but.. that was important…. and this….
Yuvani : this is also imp. After all u guys luv eo
Krishna : no yuvani… he hasn’t proposed me yet ok??.. so how can I interpret it like that
Yuvani : but he is giving u hints that he likes u… Krishna… think about it… has any boy ever been so special in ur life.. u hink he is just friend .. yuvaan is also ur friend. ? Ask ur heart krishna… are yuvan and saiyam same for you… isn’t saiyam something more than a friend
Krishna : yes yuvani… he is special .. I haven’t felt so nice with even yuvan.. I admit that I have some feelings for him.. but im scared ., what if he doesn’t love me?.. what if I have got ot all wrong?
Yuvani : no krishna nothing is wrong. ? He said he likes being with u.. he gets angry when dadi scolds u.. he helps u to be more bold.. has any boy ever done so much for u.. it doesn’t matter krishna if u luv him.. then just give it a try.. and who knows he may want to prapose u in mumbai..anything can happen..
Krishna :.. but I can I luv him.., it has been so less time wid him and..
Yuvani : oho.. stop it krishna.. just don’t Think about anything else.. and ask ur heart. ? Do u love saiyam?

Krishna remains silent for some time and then says
Krishna : yuvani… maybe its true…. I don’t know how but ya I love saiyam… I love him..
They both smile and hug..
Krishna : I love him
Yuvani: yes krishna u do
Krishna dances around the rooom and then picks up his jacket and looks at his pic on her phone and says I love u saiyam.

Precap : saiyam : look at me krishna
She looks
Saiyam : do u trust me?

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