kriyam – u r my strength (Teaser)

Kriyam – u r my strength
It’s early moring n a lady in a office dress comes out of washroom while drying her hair…she goes near a dressing table n starts getting ready for the office…as she gets ready she sees a man sleeping on a bed n smiles seeing dat man n starts talking to the man while getting ready…
“oh..good morning my prince..uttgaye aap ??..waise it’s good u woke up early today..i needed ur best wishes today becoz today is the most important day for u know what it is ?? no na..then let me tell there is a meeting conducted for ur dream project.the dream project for which u have worked day n night..and today u were supposed to handle it but u r sleeping peacefully since… ( takes a deep breath n compose herself ) chalo anyways jaan..i gotta go.. i’m ready now..

suhani comes in the room.. ” krishna beta”
krishna turns to door and smiles looking at suhani “ji maa..”
Suhani’s heart breaks seeing her smile.. she gets teary eyes.. but composes her emotions and manages to say.. “come beta.. breakfast is ready.. we are waiting for you..”
Krishna “ji maa.. coming.. just give me 2 minutes” and smiles brightly..
suhani tries to smile for krishna.. but couldn’t and she left hiding her pain..
Krishna gets ready completely and takes the files and was leaving the room .. but turns again and sits on bed near the sleeping man with teary eyes..

“aur kitna soge… u r sleeping since 3 months…plzz get up soon my hubby….u need to come back for ur family,for me n for … ( touches her belly with teary eyes but soon composes herself n takes a long n deep breath ) anyways chalo mr hubby wish me luck..i need ur best wishes the most..i’m handling ur dream project which is very important for u…so need ur best wishes..( caresses man’s cheeks n pecks them lightly n leaves )…bye jaan..will be back soon…take care…
She gives a peck on man’s cheeks n leaves for the office
Give ur opinions guys….

Next episode will be uploaded soon…

  1. ohhh, so sayyam is in comma….i,guess…shani what are writter yew are….amazing??i was reading the few past ffs and then there suddenly come kriyam-u r my strength-episode-1 january28?❤since how long yew are writting?amazing?

    1. Shaani

      O really… Is it on 28th Jan… Wow.. It is almost 4 months ryt… Aree yaar… I was such a bad writer when I started this… This is my first ever ff… I’m feeling really happy… Actually I think it’s a good thing I did… It improved my creativity n the most amazing thing is that I got friends from this…
      Thank u soo much yaar…
      Thank u soo much for everyone who supported me… I love u zani.. N I love u all

  2. i love u too baby❤its been four months?i hope ke yeh buhat agay tak jae?

  3. Ema

    Ohh nooo !!!!! Dnt do this … plzzz plzzz

    1. Shaani

      Let’s see what will happen dr… Don’t worry…. U trust me Na.. I won’t let you feel disappointed….

  4. Nice dear

    1. Shaani

      Thank u soo much?

  5. Dinu

    Oh!!!!?so sayyam is in a coma.dis is d change u told before right. Instead of memory loss he’ll slip in 2 a coma.dis is also a gd twist.feeling sad 4 Krishna. Ur writing skills r superb yaar.frm d dialogs n words u use, it can clearly visible Krishna n suhani’s hidden pain.sry dr 2dy epi ithna achcha hai ki I can’t stop praising u??????? n tnk u dr 4 trying hrd 2 upload d nxt epi 2dy itself.if it uploaded 2dy I can read it 2dy itself n I can’t hv 2 wait impatiently till 2mrrw evening. Bt even if u couldn’t update it 2dy it’s k dr.???ur contrivance 2wrds it means a lot??.k dr byeee tc (sry 4 irritating u vth my long blabbering?)

    1. Shaani

      Yeah this is the change… I did…
      Thank u soo much for loving my work… Keep reading..i won’t let u feel disappointed..

  6. hey this track looks so good sayyam in coma and krishnas love for him don’t have words for your writing skills ive been reading your ff since the first episode and i have been loving it just awesome please upload ASAP

    1. Shaani

      Thank u soo much… Great to have a reader like u… Thank u soo much for loving my ff… Keep reading… I’ll try my best to upload ASAP..

  7. Saiyyamlover_17

    Omggggg!!! That means saiyyam is in coma ???? plz update this episode fast. Waiting eagerly ?❤️?

    1. Shaani

      Ok… I will try to upload soon..
      Thankx for reading n commenting ??

  8. omg I got tears in my eyes when I read the last part it was awesome and the way the Krishna is telling those words to him it was beautiful and now she is independent like the way how sayam want her to be.And u r amazing writer <3 <3 <3

    1. Shaani

      Glad to know that u like my ff…
      Thank u soo much for reading n commenting..??

  9. Swetha7

    that was unexpected twist.sayyam is in coma…….this is interesting.the krishna touched her stomach means she is pregnant right….i skip watching SSEL sometimes but never skip your are creative and logical.i think cv’s of SSEL should learn from you( they never learn anyway).You should get a chance to be a Write of Indian serial and i would be the first to be proud of as i am frm the same country as you.

    1. Shaani

      Yes I also don’t watch ssel… I don’t think that Krishna will hate suhani… How is that possible… Stupid…. Krishna is not an idiotic character that she can’t understand…what happen during that accident… It was an accident…suhani tried to save Krishna.. That’s all… It was clearly an accident… I don’t want to talk about these thing yaar…it’s useless…
      Actually thankx for ur appreciation words… It means alot..
      N yeah I love to write a drama script… In my 1st semester in campus… I wrote a script… We were assigned to do a drama… So I wrote the script n our drama became 2nd best drama from the whole batch… It’s nice feeling.. But after that I didn’t got any opportunity like that… I would like to write a drama…if I get an opportunity I will surely do…

  10. wowww shaani..i really loved it..n hope to c saiyyam fit n fine..soonn

    1. Shaani

      Thankx let’s see what will happen.. Keep reading..??

  11. AnahitaAnnie

    As I told before.. I think the current track is interesting…i don’t know but I think Saiyyam will get up eventually…and krish is pregnant…wow..poor saiyyam is missing his first baby’s prenatal timee..anyways..looking forward to this different track…❤❤

    1. Shaani

      Thank u soo much Annie… Yeah let’s see what will happen… Will this baby born normally… If yes… Sayyam will miss the change to take care of his wife during that period…. If the answer is no… Then sayyam will get a chance…

  12. The teaser was truly amazing. It was a depiction of the intense strength that krishna possesses which helps her to bear her husband’s condition and smile through all the strife. I really bow down to her and to the immense amount of talents that you possess. The episode was beyond the ordinary and truly magical. The first words gave me an impression that the brute of a raj had made krishna his wife and it was him sleeping but the subsequent lines made me take back my thoughts and rethink it all. The episode was intensely emotional and lovely..

  13. Finally i gotta a tym to read ur episods n its really awesum asusual bt feelng bad fr saiyam hope he will recover soon n we will have his naughtly romance……eagrly waitng fr nxt one pls update asap

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