kriyam – u r my strength Episode 143

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Episode 143
Its The 7th Month of Krishna…. N Since Its The Day of Godh Bharai The Preparations were going on…As time passes krishna got ready n were looking really gorgeous n beautiful and the function of the godh bharai started n this time for a change all the men too were allowed to attend the function as krishna wanted her prince charming beside her in the function . everyone happily agreed to her wish n gents were allowed in godh bharaia… Soon The Function Started and The Rituals too Started n Everyone were Came One By One Blessed Both Mother n Her Twins with Full Heart
Saumya: may god make urs n ur kids future shine n prosperous.n protect u all frm bad n evil eyes.god bless u all.. ( Overwhelmed too )
Yuvraaj n Suhani : ( Happy ) God Bless U Beta..n Jaldi se Humare Poti aur Pota ko Mere Godh Main Do..Dying to Play n Carry them in My Arms.. ( Overwhelmed )
Pratima:Khush raho Beta..Bhagwaan kare Tumhare Bacchoon ko Saare Khushiyaan Mile aur Make U happy….
Soon All The Elders Blesses Krishna n Her Kids n The Rituals of Godh Bharai was Completed n Nw After Completing The Rituals of Godh Bharai it was The time for Some Dancing and Enjoyment which was Announced By One And Only kushi n Yuvaan…
Kushi : Hello Ladies
Yuvaan : And Gentlemen…
Kushi n yuvaan (together) : We
Yuvaan : The Chacha
Kushi : And Chachi
Kushi n yuvaan (together) : Welcome U All To Godh Bharai of Our Beloved Krishna sayyam Birla….
Kushi : Abb Jaise All The Rituals are Done n Everyone Had Blessed The Soon would Be Mother n Her Kids Nw it’s time for Some Fun n Dance n Masti..
Yuvaan : Yes..Ryt..So agar aap logo ki Permission Ho toh Lets Start Some Fun n Masti ( All Give Permission n Dance n Other Fun Starts )

As Soon As Dance Started Everyone Started Enjoying The Dance n Were Totally Lost in Fun n Enjoyment…As Everyone Was busy in Enjoying sayyam who was Siting Beside Krishna Got an Naughty Idea n Started Moving Closer to Krishna Slowly n Seeing sayyam Coming Closer Krishna Blushed…
Krishna: Sayyam why r u here… Just go there.. Someone will see us…
Sayyam: Offo… Krishna..toh kya? U r my kids mother… Now we r going to our room…
Krishna: Kya..? But why?
Suhani comes towards krishna
Suhani: Krishna.. U go to ur room for sometime… Take sayyam with u…. Here it’s too noisy na..
Sayyam winked at krishna…
Krishna : Ji maa…

Then sayyam take krishna to their room..Soon They Both Reached n as they Entered The Room sayyam Closed The Door n Pulled Krishna Towards Him Slowly n Blocked Her Way Making Her Even More Shy n Blushed.
Krishna : ( Blushes ) Kya karrahe ho sayyam ?? Leave..Kuch toh Sharam karo..U r gonna be A Father of 2 Kids Very Soon n agat Bacchoon ne dekhliya unke Papa kitne Naughty Hai..i’m Sure they will also become Naughty Like U..Plzz Leave..They can Feel Everything what We r doing.
Sayyam : ( Smiles n Caresses Krishna’s Cheeks Romantically ) Haa Toh Let them Feel..i’m giving them Classes from nw only Hw to Control n Make Ur Life Partner Fall fr U..So Let Me Teach My Kids..Don’t Interfere in Father n Kids Matter. ( Kissed Her Cheeks Romantically )
Krishna After Hearing sayyam was All Numb n couldn’t Resist Her Prince Touch n Soon She too Started Responding to His Actions..Both Krishna n sayyam as Time Passed Were Totally Lost in Each other’s Romantic bt Yet Caring Moments…They Spent Sometime Together in Each other’s Embrace Holding Each other Comfortably while Sitting on A Couch Near The Window n Were Talking n Planning about Their Kids n their Future.

Sayyam : ( Holding Krishna Comfortably in between His Legs n Resting His Chin on Her Shoulder n Wrapping His Hands Her Around Her Baby Bump Lightly ) Princess..
Krishna : ( Smiles n Comfortably Sitting in between sayyam’s Legs n Resting Her Head on His Chest ) Hmmm..
Sayyam : ( Smiles ) Princess dekho with in some months more we will carry our babies in our arms right?
Krishna: ( Smiling Happily ) Haa sayyam..U r Ryt..I can’t Explain Hw Happy I’m..Kuch Dino Baad I will Carry My Babies,our Babies in My Arms…I will Feel what is Motherhood..n Sacch kahu I whenever i used to see anyone with their Baby na pata nhi kyoun I too had a Strange Feeling/Wish ki kash i too had a Baby in My Arms..n Today U ( Sees sayyam ) My Prince has Full Filled My This Wish too…I will be Carrying My Own Babies in Arms…Thank U Soo Much ( Kisses His Cheeks ) My Lovingly Husband..
Sayyam : ( Smiles ) Ur Welcome Princess..but don’t forget its nt only ur Baby,they r My Babies too..n all these happened becoz of My Mostly..So i will have More Ryt on them than U.. ( Winks Naughtily )
Krishna : ( Blushes ) Accha Ok..As ur Wish… baadmain don’t tell me ki They r Disturbing U Everytime when u need to change their Nappy n Feed them Frequently..i’m not gonna Help U..They r Ur Kids More na so As soon as they r Born U r going to take care of them from Starting till End..Ok ?
Sayyam : ( Gulped ) Yeh sab karna padega..i mean Nappy change..them Feeding ….
Krishna : ( Smiles Naughtily ) Haa nahi toh kya ? U thought sirf Birth dene se they will Grow Automatically..Obviously U have to All these..warna Hw will they Grow n Become Like U Tall n Intelligent..

Sayyam : ( Sweating n Gulped ) Woh..Toh Actually Krishna..i Forgot after Babies r Born na i will be Getting a New Project in Office n I will be busy in that so main socch raha tha ki Better U Only Take Care of Our Babies..I will be busy in Work n Won’t be able to Take Care Properly na..So U only Take Care of Them Better..( Worried n Scared )
Krishna : ( Laughs Mischievously ) sayyam… Look at ur Face..U r soo Scared of Changing Baby’s Diaper n Feeding them..then think about ur maa..maa ne kaise kiya hoga yeh sab for U yuvaan n yuvaani..In fact nt only Maa… All The Ladies those r Mothers they all do these Every Min to Keep Us Neat n Healthy when we were too Small.. ( Sees sayyam’s Face ) Accha Ok ( Pulls sayyam’s Cheeks ) My Dear Hubby U Don’t Worry..Main karlungi yeh sab..tumhe karne ki Zarurat nhi hai..bas Haa U need to Bring Diapers n Other Baby needed things for Our Babies..yeh toh karoge na ?? ( Laughs Teasingly )
Sayyam : ( Sarcastic Laugh ) Ha Ha Ha..Very Funny..Haa yeh Karlunga.. anwyz chale everyone might be Searching for Us..let’s go..wasebi this is ur function naa
Krishna : ( Realized ) Haa sayyam.I Completely Forgot about it..Chalo Jaldi..
Both of them come downstairs…time passes n almost all the guests had gone n the function was over…function ends…
Episode ends…

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  1. Shaani when did Krishna delivery will happen and episode was nice .Please upload two episodes together.I am very excited to read next ff

    1. Shaani

      Soon… Let’s see… I’ll try to upload next part as soon as possible. I haven’t even think about the next episode… I’ll try to upload soon..

  2. kitni short ff tumne liky hai todi zyadha lik sakti ho kya plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…………….. any way nice epiiiiii…

    1. Shaani

      Yeah sure..i’ll try my best Dr… Thankx for commenting.. Keep reading..???

  3. Mayesha

    Krishna was sitting between sayyam’s leg!!!??I van’t imagine??so funny!!!..
    AND the Sayyam…..romance karte karte kabhie bhi thakta nehi hain yea ladka??itna romance karega to twins ke bhi twins nikal ayegi..??????..hihihi..nice update,akka…

    1. Mayesha


    2. Shaani

      Heheii.. Thank u so much.. I know some of my ideas are stupid…don’t mind huh… I’ll try to upload next part soon..?

    3. Mayesha

      MIND !!!!! huh! I love those so called stupid ideas most,akka….those ideas bring a huge broad smile on my face…I love them ..I can’t ever think of minding them at all..

    4. Shaani

      Aww soo sweet of u nangii…?

  4. Nice update….

  5. You amazing writer like you explein evrything just superb sorry for not comment previos part thanks for update

    1. Shaani

      Thank u so much?? it means alot to me…no need to say sorry… When u get a time comment otherwise it’s ok I can understand..

  6. Nice update

  7. Swetha7

    hi shaani…regarding delivery ,i want to see an emotional one.i have seen in tv series during delivery scene mom blames dad out of labor pain.actually it was fun.but here i want sayyam to become more emotional seeing krishna in terrible labor pain.she got twins so her labor pain should be more painful than the normal one…this is just my idea.if you have a different idea on your mind it’s know that i love your writing.

    1. Shaani

      Hi swetha, ok I’ll think about ur idea..?
      Thank u so much for ur love..? thankx for the support also..?

  8. So amazing wala episode❤❤naughty sayyam is love?❤

    1. Shaani

      Thank u so much? glad to know that u enjoyed it..?

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  10. AnahitaAnnie

    Wooooooow… U rocked the kriyam scenes Shaani… It was sooo cute and the godh bharai was awesome… Terrific episode..loved it from the core..

    1. Shaani

      Thank you so much Annie ?? glad to know that u liked it..??

  11. Super naughty epi di?..I wonder how he made her sit between his legs??that’s really funny and ridiculous..Update Asap di.. Ha di twins girl-boy hogi ya ..

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