kriyam – u r my strength Episode 131

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Episode 131

As soon as Raj was arrested by police sayyam yuvaan n rahul immediately rushed to hospital to meet krishna..sayyam… went inside the Krishna’s room n sat beside her with teary eyes n stared his wife with teary eyes who was still in unconscious state n started talking with her in the same way krishna used to talk with him when he was in coma.
Sayyam : ( Teary Eyes n Holds Krishna’s Palm ) Krishna..dekho Ur sayyam has come to meet u..from 3months u were waiting na ki kab main aaunga n kab tumhe apne baaho main lunga..look i’m back to take u in my arms Krishna.. n I wanna feel my baby too..Plzz jaldi Utho..n i know U will be full angry on me when u will come to know about my plan ( tells everything unknowingly in pain )..n i’m ready to suffer Plzz Jaldi Utno Krishna..(Kisses Her Palm with Teary Eyes )
As sayyam was crying while kissing krishna’s palm,krishna feels the kiss n a tear droplet on her palms which leads to her krishna came in conscious state she moved her fingers on the palm which were in the sayyam’s hands n as soon as he felt krishna’s finger movement he immediately looked up n saw krishna gaining her conscious n immediately called doctor to check krishna… As doctor entered doctor checked krishna n announced of her health

Doctor : ( Smiles ) Mr Sayyam Don’t Worry ur wife n ur baby both r absolutely fine..n as u gave low dose of sleeping pills so there is nothing to worry about..but haa as these 3 months were very stressful n tension full she has become weak so nw as u r back u need to take proper care of Krishna…She has been waiting for u since 3 Months…
Sayyam : ( Teary Eyes ) Yes Doctor Sure..In take care of Her now….i won’t leave my wife for a Second too..u just tell me what all to do i will do everything ( Excited )
Doctor : ( Smiles ) Relax Mr Sayyam…there is nothing special to do..u just need to take special care of ur wife as she was deprived n desperate for ur love n support since 3 months..n nothing still for ur knowledge i will give u a booklet which has all the details for pregnancy..
Sayyam : ( Excited ) thanks alot doctor.
Doctor : Ok Mr Sayyam..I have to go now..Need to Attend other Patients..
Sayyam : ( Smiles ) Ya Sure..thanks alot once again ..
Doctor : ( Smiles ) Ur Welcome
After Having a Talk with sayyam Doctor Leaves to Attend other Patience Whereas sayyam goes Near Krishna who was already in Conscious n Teary Eyes Hugged sayyam immediately as soon as He came Near Her n Cried Miserably n Tightens the Grip…

Krishna : ( Hugs Tightly n Cried Miserably ) U r Soo Bad sayyam..hw dare u do all these to me?… pehle u left me n went to delhi n then since 3 months u were in u know hw much i missed u..n then u made all this plan without informing me u made all these plan to trap raj…pata hai kitna darr gayi thi main jab ( Fumbles in Fear )wwohh.. rrraj mere Khareeb tha…Mein bohot dar gayataa…. ( closes her eyes n hugs more tightly n cried miserably ) I seriously Hate U sayyam..I Hate U.( Krishna came to know everything about the plan when sayyam was talking to her when she was in semi conscious )
Sayyam : ( Cups Her Face ) Sshh..Chup Chup Krishna.. I’m Sorry…bt main kya karta..agar main tumhe bata toh u would get more tensed about my health n u wouldn’t allowed me to do all these..plzz maaf kardo.. i’m sorry my jaan..u know i can’t see u in pain..tumhe andaza bhi nahi hai how painful it was for me also to see u in pain every day..jab tum har baar apni dil ki baath karti thi na mujhse i felt like hw unlucky i am..n when i saw that shameless man in mandir misbehaving with u in front of my eyes i can’t explain hiw angry n how much i was cursing my self for not protecting u…jaise yeh 3 months was painful for u to see me in coma in the same way it was more painful fr me to see u in pain n torture…state..plzz forgive me ( teary eyes )( wipes her tears ) bt now i’m back…look ur sayyam is back with u again to protect u,to support u,to stand with u n ( smiles naughtily ) to love u n to tease u..
Krishna:(blush) sayyam… Tum bi na.. Kuch toh sharam karo…
Sayyam: Ok..ok I can spend time with u n our baby na..n that’s enough for me.. ryt nw ur’s n baby’s health is important to me.. rest all other things is not important for me..ok nw ( makes Krishna lye on bed ) u sleep for sometime..i will clear all the formalities n then Come so that we can leave for our home sweet home asap..ok
Krishna: ( smiles n lye on bed slowly) Haa Come back Soon ( Fear )
Sayyam: ( Smiles ) Accha Ok Sure..i will be back in 30 Mins.. ( caresses her hairs n kisses her forehead lovingly ) abb Sojaau..
After about one hour sayyam comes inside Krishna’s room…
Krishna: (While Hugging to sayyam) kaha chale gaye thi..u told 30 mins but took more than 1 hour.. missed you so much sayyam .. why did u leave me alone ?? do u know hw much i missed u ( teary eyes )
Sayyam: because i got bored of you… ( Naughty Smile )
Krishna: kya ?? ( Shocked ).. (Breaks the Hug and sayyam Winks.. She Hits his Chest Playfully) sayyam.. (Make a Pout Face)
Sayyam : (Pulls Her Again in a Big Side Hug) Sorry meri jaan.. plz forgive me..woh actually formalities were more.. ( Sorry Face )
Krishna its ok.. but what if u leave me again ?? ( fear )
Sayyam:I will never do such things again..( teary eyes )
Krishna :pakka
Sayyam: Pakka Promise ( Hugs More Tightly ) .. So shall we go now ??
Krishna: (Breaks Hug as Baby Kicks) Aaaowow..

Sayyam : ( Worried ) Kya Hua ??
Krishna : ( Smiles n Touches Her Belly ) Seems Like Our Baby too wanna Go Home Soon with His Dad ( Smiles n Looks at sayyam )
Sayyam : ( Overwhelmed n Goes Near Krishna’s Stomach n Touches it ) Awww..Then Come My Baby..Lets Go Home..I Have a Surprise for U ( Kisses Her Belly Imaging it’s His Baby )
Screen fades…
Sayyam n Krishna comes to BM… Everyone was there at the door steps to welcome them…suhani was with Arti taali.. [ then u guys can imagine those hug wala scenes…sayyam hugging each family member] Everyone Present in BM were Extremely Happy n Joyful to see Krishna n sayyam back together again… After spending sometime with family members at downstairs sayyam takes Krishna to their room by holding her by 1 side of shoulder n one hand as she needed the maximum rest till her delivery…

Precap- krishna n sayyam comes to their room… Krishna was surprised after seen something…..

Guys how is this i know it’s little short… Sorry about that

  1. ur episode is beyond words so emotional ? it takes me deeper into kriyam how lovely ? and yay sayyam is back hoping that the next episodes will be spiced up with romance. Way to go shaani!~~

    1. Shaani

      Thank u so much Maria..? glad fo know that u liked it??

    1. Shaani

      Thank u so much ?

  2. Minerva

    Amazing episode which focussed on all the crests and troughs in a life of roses. The lives of krishna and sayyam had never been the perfect one at all. It hasbeen a bed of roses, complete with all the thorns and flowers. This episode focussed on their wonderful journey together through all of life’s strifes and pleasures.
    All of sayyam’s feelings and words were depicted in an amazing way and were truly awesome. His care and concern were perfectly captured and presented. All of the conversations and promises embodied the various highs and lows of life and were indeed stunning. This episode was a beautiful medley of numerous emotions – expressed and unexpressed..

    1. Shaani

      Thank u so much Minerva… I mean shivani… I don’t know from which name to call u.. But I love ur pervious name shivani…
      Anyways thank u so much for this long wala comment… Ur feedbacks r really great thing for me to improve… The way u analyse the whole episode… Thank u so much… U r a fabulous judger / commenter… ??

    1. Shaani

      Thank u so much?

  3. Ema

    Wow this is what i expected thank u veryyy much keep updating … ❤❤❤??????? kriyyam is backkkkkk …

    1. Shaani

      Thank u so much ? glad to know that u like it

    1. Shaani

      Thank u so much?

  4. Its really awesom to read their convo n haa da epi was really fantastic…waiting for nxt one

    1. Shaani

      Thank u so much suchi?

  5. AnahitaAnnie

    Wow shaani.. Fantastic episode.. I seriously have no words.. Ur writing was killer today. I just loved all the dialogues..and the scenes were really adorable..way to go girl..??

    1. Shaani

      Thank u so much Annie. For ur appreciations ? glad fo know that u liked it… ?

  6. Damn_Girl_2017

    Damn emotional. 🙂

  7. Ah shani??it was damn so amazing❤I love yew❤keep writing and keep shining?star girl?

    1. Shaani

      Thank u so much ?? next part is also uploaded… U can read it Zani ??

  8. Superb shaani. Really loved the kriyam convo. Wordings are so beautiful dear. The way u explained was awesome. Keep it up

    1. Shaani

      Thank u so much yura??? it means alot to me ???… I have uploaded the next part also..

  9. Sorry di I could not read all epi…emotional epi…I am happy that kriyyam is back toget together ?

    1. Shaani

      Aree… Isha meri pyaari behen… No need to say sorry I can understand… Thank you so much ?… I’m glad that you liked it… I have uploaded the next episode also… Keep reading..

  10. Ela

    Thank god sayyam is back….this episode was very emotional ??…hope that there will be some scenes of kriyam in next epi…plz update nxt part sooonnn ??

    1. Shaani

      Thank u so much Ela… Yes I will give some kriyam cute wala scenes in next episodes…i’ll try my best..

  11. Swetha7

    shaani i wonder how the words flow in to your minds.your words have magical power that any one fall in live with.superb writing it.

    1. Shaani

      Thank u so much swetha… Glad to know that u liked it… Is my style that much good… I don’t think so…. Sometimes those ideas skill comes automatically..but sometimes… Nothing is coming to my head… So I’m ending up with useless chapter…
      Anyways thank u so much… I have uploaded the next part also… Keep reading..

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