kriyam – u r my strength Episode 122

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Episode 122
Krishna wakes up from her sleep n sees herself on sayyam’s chest n again tears starts falling from her eyes making sayyam’s shirt wet…She immediately wipes them n composes herself n wishes sayyam with a smile on her face which made sanskaar feel even more bad.
Krishna : ( Composed Herself ) Good Morning Sayyam.. ( Gives Good Morning Kiss on His Cheeks ) Here is ur Good Morning Kiss.. ( again Kisses on His other Side of Cheeks ) n this one is from ( Keeps sayyam’s palm on her belly ) Our Child… Chalo anyways sayyam..U Sleep ( arranges blanket on sayyam More properly ) for some more time till then I will get freshen up..aaj bhi toh Office jaana will be back after getting freshen Up…ok..
Krishna goes to Washroom after sometimes she comes out of washroom wearing a ladies modern dress n Starts getting ready fr the office…As she was getting ready sayyam who was Lying on bed as lifeless body gets mesmerized seeing his wife’s modern look but at the same time anger was clearly seen in his eyes which made him curse himself for his helplessness n for not protecting His own wife as he knows very well men would stare her in such dress..Krishna who was getting ready saw sayyam’s teary eyes gets emotional n understands him n consoled him…
Krishna : ( Emotional ) I know sayyam what r u thinking… U r angry on me na for wearing such dress..but kya karu sayyam..wase bi sayyam i have worn these type of dresses before our marriage na…i haven’t wear these type of dresses for so long.. I also feeling weird….i’m Handling Ur such a big office n ur project so need to wear such dresses as i need to go to meet different clients n all other wear formal dresses…So to meet them i can’t go in Anarkali n Sarees everytime na..n aaj jo Meeting hai for that i need to Wear this Dress..N Don’t Worry sayyam ur wife abb Pehli wali Dependent Lady nahi hai..She has become much strong n bold n knows how to handle bad eyed people..n waise bhi yuvaan bhai hai na mere saath..So don’t Worry..but haa agar tum hata toh mujhe yeh sab karne ki Zarurat hi nahi padti..i would be resting in Home ( Touches Her Belly with Teary Eyes ) with our child ( Composed Herself ) Anyways i’m done sayyam..i’m going now.. ( Goes Near sayyam n Kisses His Cheeks n Leaves ) take care haa..will be back Soon…
As Krishna kissed sayyam a droplet fell from his eyes n was proud of his wife for fulfilling his dream the way he wanted…this time the tears which fell from his eyes was of proud n pride instead of helplessness.he was feeling like a proud husband of his beloved wife…tears continuously fell from his eyes n was praising his wife fr such a drastic change in her for him..

Screen shift to sayyam’s office
Krishna as usual was in her cabin doing her work n was completely busy doing work when a man entered the cabin n stood in front of krishna with an evil smile on his face…krishna noticed him standing in front of her n at first she got scared but somehow composed her fear n faced him confidently…
Raj : ( Smirks Evilly ) Hello Mrs r u ??
Krishna : ( Composed Her Fear ) Hello Mr Raj…i’m fime..tell me aap yaha kaise ??
Raj : ( smiles evilly ) woh kya hai na ( goes near krishna ) aap jaisi beautiful owner ho toh iss office ki toh baar baar yaha aana toh banta hai…. haina?? ( comes more closer while krishna was busy in her work ) n u r looking damn gorgeous in this dress..( was about to touch krishna bt wen krishna slapped raj hardly )
Krishna : ( Angry ) Don’t dare to touch me mr raj..u have no ryt to touch me. n from what ryt u r visiting my office again n again…. as far as i remember we r not even collaborated for a small project too..then y r u coming here again n again..n haa don’t think ki main purani wali darpook krishna i’m much more independent n strong n bold krishna..samjhe..n if anyone tries to misbehave with me i won’t spare them at all n haa m much more dangerous than my husband..did u get it mr raj sinha ??..nw plzz get lost ..i don’t wanna see ur stupid face…n haa remember one thing tumne jo mere sayyam meri pati ke saath kiya hai na… I will give u a punishment that u will remember it forever…samjhhe…i still remember what u did with my innocent husband….n I Promise I will give u a big punishment that u will retreat ur whole life..its a promise of Krishna Sayyam Birla..nw u can Get Lost from Here.. ( Full Angry ) warna I will call securities n kick u out of my office…
Raj : ( Angry ) Krishna u did a very big mistake today by insulting me in front of ur whole staff..u will pay for it .i also promise u ki i will snatch ur dignity from u one day n u will regret the most that day..i promise u..n i know u pregnant too.along with ur dignity i will snatch ur n sayyam’s lovely gift ur child too from u..u just wait n watch mrs krishna sayyam birla …just wait n watch ( Shows Krishna a Finger in Anger )

After threatening krishna raj leaves the office in anger leaving krishna scared n tensed,seeing krishna in tension naina came forward n consoled n encouraged krishna to fight against raj..
Naina : ( Consoles Krishna n Hugs ) Krishna..Plzz Sambhalo..i know u r scared n tensed after listening to krishna u can’t loose ur strength nw..u r almost at end n u r gonna win soon krishna…so when u r soo close to ur win hw can u loose hope now.. ( cups krishna’s face ) dekho krishna hum inn 3 mahino main ek boss n pa se zaada acche dost ban chuke hai..i know u r really tensed after hearing about ur child from raj..but trust me..he won’t harm u soo early..he very well knows ki agar tumhe kuch hogaya toh police will doubt him directly becoz pura business world knows ki raj k siwa no one can harm sayyam n his family..aur agar usne aisa kuch kiya toh police will . definitely catch u relax krishna..m there with u krishna..n agar tumhi iss tarrah kamzoor padjaungi toh who will bring back my handsome boss ( laughs teasingly ) i seriously miss my handsome boss now..
Krishna who was Hugging Naina Looked at Her in Anger Expressions for Sometime but soon Started to laugh..
Krishna : ( Laughs ) Naina .. ( Hits Naina ) Tumhi..don’t Dare to Flirt with My Husband Ok..Hoge woh Tumhre Boss but usse Pehle He is My Husband Samjhi ??
Naina : ( Laughs ) Haa Baba..Samjh gayi..ok nw U go Home..n take Rest..
Krishna : ( Smiles ) No Naina..m Fyn…we have only 1 Month n we have nt even started the next Part of Work ..u go n do ur Work..i’m fine..
Naina : Pakka na ??
Krishna : Haa Meri Maa..n Pakka Fyn..u go..
Naina : haa if u need any thing just Call Me..
Krishna : ( Smiles ) Haa Sure..
Naina : Hmm Ok..Bye…

Episode end with Krishna’s smiling face…

    1. Shaani

      Thank u so much???

  1. Nyc one dr..
    Ohh comon saiyam u hav to wake up nw bcz ur pyaari wife fightng alone fr ur dream project get up soon n join a hand wid krishna n fight together to win…
    Uththara dr u always proving me tat u wer an amazng writer…

    1. Shaani

      Thank u soo much…it means alot…??

  2. AnahitaAnnie

    That thappar wala part was seriously awesome..and krishna and naina’s friendship was soo cute…and the dialogues were killer..u nailed ur episode as always..and the new track is awesome…keep going and can’t wait for the next…

    1. Shaani

      Thank u soo much Annie…glad to know that u liked it..

  3. Superb epi☺….di I love the way u changed Krishna into a bold and independent girl…when she gave raj a slap I was lyk really happy..keep writing di?

    1. Shaani

      Thank u isha…?

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