kriyam – u r my strength Episode 113

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Before starting I would like to thankx specially Annie,RaOne,isha n Dinu for your support to 111st episode… Thank u soo much.. After I read ur comments… I really felt happy… Thank u soo much for ur support ?
N thank for all who commented n gave u views about the pervious episode… Both 111st n 112nd episodes… Thank u soo much..

Episode 113
Sayyam: Krishna do u remember this lady..(while extending the photo)
Krishna: Aree.. Maa aur papa.. Achcha lagta hai.. Aur.. Yeh aadmi kon hai…
Sayyam: I don’t know.. But I feel like I have seen this other lady somewhere.. Lekin kaha..
Krishna: Ha.. I also feel like that… I have seen her somewhere??..
Sayyam: Lekin kaha…
Krishna:(tries to remember) she is the one who stopped nandani’s marriage with kabir..
Sayyam:(gets up) ha.. Exactly… She is kabir’s dadi…
Krishna: Ha…
Sayyam: Aur.. Krishna look at this photos… (while showing some more pics)
Krishna: Maa looks soo uncomfortable in these pics…
Sayyam: Aur yeh dekho… Yuvaan bhai is with that man… Aur yuvaani is with papa…
Krishna: Aur maa is also with that man… May be there 3 r frnds…
Sayyam: Krishna then whr is that man? I don’t remember this man… I have never seen him…
Krishna: Sayyam don’t think much about it.. Let’s keep that to a side… That is their personal life… Aur yeh past hai.. Toh yeh sab baat karneki kya fayda?.. Just leave it sayyam.. Come..
Sayyam: Ok… I’ll give this things to papa n come… He will chose what he want n we can destroy other unnecessary stuff…
Krishna: yeah sure..

On the hand…
Yuvraaj n suhani is clean some other place…
Yuvraaj: Suhani sayyam abi tak ghar aaya hai nahi..?
Suhani: He came Yuvraaj.. He is helping Krishna…
Yuvraaj: Achcha… Good… How was his meeting…
Suhani: He said it was good..they have signed the project… Tum kudi pucho…
Yuvraaj: Wase… Which room their r cleaning.. Damn sure u would have given them to clean my study room..
Suhani: No.. I didn’t… I told them to clean dadi’s room…
Yuvraaj: Kya… Dadi’s room…
Suhani: Haa… Why r u reacting like this..
Yuvraaj: Suhani… That box is in that room only.. It’s under dadi’s bed…
Suhani: Which box yuvraaj…
Yuvraaj: Diaries which I wrote about our struggle…
Suhani: Toh kya yuvraaj … Koi baat nahi.. They won’t read them.. If they read them they will understand how tough life we have spend… It will be a great help for them to live their life… Don’t worry ..

Yuvraaj: Suhani I have written about sambhav on those diaries… What I sayyam get to know that sambhav is his biological father… There r few pics inside the diary also..
Suhani: Yuvraaj… I totally forgot it… Ab hum kya karoongi… Mujhe toh kuch samaj nahi aatha hai…
Yuvraaj: Come on let’s go n see what happened…
They turned n came out of the room but they stoped at the door… Both suhani n yuvraaj got shocked…
Suhani: Sayyam.. Tum yaha..
Sayyam: Maa… Mein kon Hu?
Yuvraaj: Tum yeh kya puchriyoo sayyam?..
Sayyam: I heard everything papa.. O sorry.. How can I say papa to u…
Suhani n yuvraaj look at each other.. Yuvraaj tell suhani to keep calm through his eyes..
Yuvraaj:(towards sayyam) sayyam give that to me.. Come n sit …. Let’s talk…
Sayyam: Kon hai mera asli baap…?
Yuvraaj: Sit here…i’ll tell u…
Sayyam n yuvraaj sit… Pratima also come n sit with them…
Yuvraaj: Sayyam I’ll tell u the truth but promise me that u won’t get disheartened…
Sayyam: How can I not get disheartened when I got to know that I’m not ur son..but someone else..
Yuvraaj: Ok fine… We all love u sayyam… U know that ryt?… U will always be my son.. My little son… No one can change urs n mine relationship… No one can point a finger at this relationship… N no one will.. Trust me… (towards suhani) suhani.. Send yuvaan home..
Then suhani send yuvaan home…

In meantime Krishna open the door of a cupboard in room… She found some big envelopes n a diary…
Krishna: Suhani anuty ka diary… Aur yeh envelope…?.(she opened it n take those papers out) divorce papers… (she go through those pprs) suhani n sambhva… Yeh sambhav kon hai..? Aur yeh sab… (suhani enters into the room)
Suhani: Krishna…(she saw the envelope n diary)
Krishna: Ha maa… Boliye…
Suhani: (take that diary from krishna n turn few pages)
Krishna:(while suhani turning page of that book) maa woo.. Actually ….
Suhani: U read this diary from here… U will get answers to all questions..
Krishna: Nahi maa.. I’m sorry.. I don’t want to know anything…
Suhani: Nahi beta.. Plz read this… I want u to learn the truth…
Krishna sit n started to read suhani’s diary…
On the other hand yuvraaj was telling everything to Sayyam..
Yuvraaj: This story begins when we….. (yuvraaj tell the story to sayyam… Not all but some important things…) [this will be the thing which happened on the ssel so I’m not going to write it here also..]
Pratima n suhani sit on somewhere n suhani was crying….
Suhani:(crying) maa ab kya hoga… Sayyam n krishna will learn the truth… Aur.. Will their be a problem for their relationship… Mujhe dar lag ta hai maa…
Pratima: Chinta mat kar suhani… Sab tik ho jaye ga… They are grown up now . They will understand… Ab rona bant karo suhani…
Episode end with screen splitting into 3 1)yuvraaj talking to sayyam
2) crying suhani
3) Krishna who was reading the diary while crying…

what will happen next ….. Keep reading.. Give ur views about this chapter…
Love u all…

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  1. I was waiting for this confession

    1. Shaani

      Hope this episode was ok for u..?

      1. It’s lovely?

  2. Saiyyamlover_17

    Finally. Was waiting for this moment for a long time✨? Can’t wait to see saiyyam and suhani confronting each other about it. And also seeing Krishna supporting saiyyam in this time?✨

    1. Shaani

      I’ll write those things in next episode.. I’ll upload it tomorrow may be… Thankx for reading n commenting..

  3. Saiyyamlover_17

    Also is soumya a part of the story or not??

    1. Shaani

      Soumya is Krishna’s mom… She is not suhani’s frnd… In this story saumya didn’t die… Becoz saumya didn’t know all these things …

      1. Saiyyamlover_17

        Ohhh. Thanks for clearing that out. ✨❤️?

  4. Ema

    Im waiting for kriyyam baby dont forget meee … and this epi was jzt fatastic ???

    1. Shaani

      Thank u soo much Ema..?
      And yeah.. I won’t forget u… I will come to it after this sayyam’s past track…

  5. Intersting next post soon

    1. Shaani

      Thank u.. Will upload soon..

  6. Been reading your ff from the beginning, thought to comment today and just say it’s amazing and I’ve been loving the story!

    1. Shaani

      Woow… Thank u soo much.. Glad to know that… ?
      Keep reading n keep commenting ?

  7. So sorry shani I couldn’t comment on last episode actually my nana passed away 2 days back and I loved him so much and missed him so much…..and coming back to your ff it’s going amazing❤

    1. Shaani

      I’m soo sorry to hear that… My deepest sympathy dr….
      Thank u so much for reading n commenting ?

  8. Fanficwriter518

    I just read the last 3 episodes! I love them all. Your writing is so amazing and realistic. I also noticed some negativity in the comments section on one epi. Dont let anything get to you. You are an amazing writer and i personally love the fact that you focus in on problems within other character relationships, not just Kriyam. Keep going and i will keep supporting you! x ❤❤❤❤

    1. Shaani

      Thank u soo much?
      Thank u so much for ur support ? it means alot to me ?

  9. Awesome episode
    Loved it

    1. Shaani

      Thank u soo much dwidha…??

  10. Beautifully compiled episode withba fair share of tragedy and love. Its truly emotional to learn about sayyam’s past and to confront it. Be it in any story this part always awakens a side of mine which is rather subdued. It feels so heart-wrenching to read about this phase of suhani’s life and to know sayyam’s thoughts on the same. Its an integral part of the story which cannot be ignored. Its just so……

    No words to express my feelings righ now. Awaiting sayyam’s reaction and the continuation of this story…. I am really unable to think anything except for sayyam and krishna’s forthcoming emotions and words.

    1. *with a

    2. Shaani

      Thank u so much shivani ??
      I will try to give their reactions to the best..
      Idk what will happen i will try my best..

  11. RAOne

    hey buddy i want say sorry for episode 111, but like to tell u that great comeback I wanted forgot mention that in your last chapter, all the best keep writing and yes buddy thanks for support buddy for my work.
    yess no need to say thanks her comment clearly indicate that…. she always, but out wrong one…..after reading your I realised how bad it was….. yes no need to thank for it, we are frnds right, then………..leave all this focus on your work, keep your art flourshing.

  12. AnahitaAnnie

    The portraying of Saiyyam’s past was done in an outstanding way… Oo I felt so bad for Saiyyam…but the father and son bond between saiyyam and Yuvraj was worth to read..all the dialogue deliveries were awesome..
    This ff always has been my favourite. Since its start…I just loved each and every episode… It not only had kriyam romantic scenes but also fights nok jhoks and everything that a perfect love story needs… I was fascinated with ur tracks, writing and story line.. Each track had its own heart that kept me binded. Really shaani it needs talent to come up with new stories and join them together and u did them all. I can’t say much but ur ff is one of most fav of all the kriyam ffs…u r a great writer…i don’t know how long it will go on…but in my heart I never want it to end…i promise my support will be with u always….becoz ur ff was amazing and I know will remain amazing too. Keep writing and we will keep loving…?❤?

  13. Really interesting episode keep posting more don’t listen to others comments if it isn’t relevant

  14. Loved dis epi so much dr.finally sayyam learnt d truth about his father. ??? hope his relationship with suhani n yuvaraj won’t change after dis.I love their bond??? want 2 see how Krishna support sayyam in dis difficult phase. ?? eagerly waiting 4 nxt epi dr.byee tc(tnkz 4 mentioning my name dr.n don’t worry we support u always????)

  15. Dinu

    Yayyyy finally i registered on TU.tnk u soooo much shaani 4 helping me I followed ur introductions n finally it’s done.tnk u uuuuu

  16. Beautifully written uththara. Saiyyam aur yuvraaj ka bonding great dear. Ek ek dialogues was “The Best”. I have been imagining the way you wrote. It’s awesome awesome dear. Keep going

  17. Nnnya

    Oh my goodness dear.. truly an episode full of answers.. i really hope saiyyam doesnt misunderstand YuvAni i really love their relationship.. Great job dear, loved it.

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