Kriyam- U r my strength (Episode 11)

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Episode 11
Krishna and Sayyam is walking in a park.. They are smiling and talking with each other…they looks a perfect couple.. Krishna remove Sayyam’s hand and ran near a shop… She look at the laddo…
Krishna:Bhaiya..give me 4 loddos..
Shopkeeper give laddos to Krishna she gave money and came towards sayyam
Sayyam again hold krishna’s hand… Krishna take one laddo and gave it to sayyam
Sayyam smirk and took the bag from Krishna’s hand
Sayyam: Actually Krishna how can I one hand I’m holding u and from other hand I’m holding this bag naa…

Krishna understood Krishna feed sayyam…sayyam happily eat it..krishna also eat laddo….
SAYYAM….WAKE UPPPP….it was yuvaan’s voice…sayyam wake up with jerk
Sayyam: Kya yaar u broke my dream na…this is soo bad..itini khoobsurat sapna ta….
Yuvaan: Ok tell me wht was it… I have never ever heard that u are dreaming in ur sleep…u have not told me that u r getting sweet dreams…koi baat nahi ..u sleep little more..i’ll change n come..
Sayyam: What is that dream…it was Krishna n me..we look soo happy together…krishna tumne mujhe yeh kya kiya… I even get dreams about u yaar… I wish that happen for real…

When Sayyam getting ready he got a msg to his phn…he took his phn..there was a msg form Krishna..
Krishna- gd mrng sayyam..i’m sorry yesterday I didn’t hear ur call I was sleeping becoz I got a headache..y did u called me was it a important matter..
Sayyam- it’s ok Krishna how r u feeling now…these days u get headaches frequently… Take medicine…go to a doctor…shall I take u to a doctor I’ll come n pick u…
Krishna- no no sayyam no need it’s becoz of the work pressure…we r organizing a fashion show…so me n my team is designing dresses may be because of that…it’ll be ok after the show…are u coming today…
Sayyam: Yeah I’m coming.. Btw Krishna do u like laddoo…???
Krishna- ha sayyam laddo is one of my favourites?..but y did u ask like that..and how did u know?..
Sayyam- how many questions will u ask huh..c u at the campus…
Krishna: Ok c u …
Krishna’s house…

Krishna: Aree he didn’t even answer my question.. How did he got to know about laddo? Hmmm..
Krishna: MAA… have u seen my designing book… That yellow colour scrap book
saumya: How do I know krishna… U r the one who keep it somewhr n now u r asking me…. (while entering krishna’s room) ( search for a while) are u looking for this(while showing a book)

Krishna:yes…amd grab the book..Maa I can’t do anything without u…I’m nothing without u… (hugged her mom)
Saumya: But u have to get use to work alone.. I will not come to ur sasural also..
Krishna blushed a little: Maa stop it na… Maa I’m getting late I have to go..
Saumya: Beta eat something and go..
Krishna: Ok maa..i’m feeling hungry…come..
Krishna’s mom severed her..

Saumya: I’ll bring milk for u..
After eating Krishna took blessings from her mom and left while she was walking a car came and stopped beside her she got scared… And walked hurriedly… Shutter of the car is opening and it is sayyam he call her.
Sayyam: Krishna it’s mee sayyam..
Krishna: is revealed I thought someone else…
Sayyam: Get in..

Krishna get in to the car.. Sayyam looks at Krishna while he drives the car. Krishna didn’t noticed it becoz she was checking a file..
They came to the campus … Krishna thanks sayyam and went away… Sayyam smiled seeing her concentration on the fashion show project…

Precap- another kriyam moment…

Guys plz tell me some moments na..i’m lack of ideas now

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  1. Do something about the fashion show where u knw even krishna is participating and saiyyam helping her and u can also add about their friends

    1. Shaani

      yeah sure i’ll think about it…Thankx for ur idea.. I’ll surely add somesort of a thing like that..

  2. This is good. And maybe they have romantic dance. Or maybe whilst krishna is doing the decorations for the fashion show. She slips and twists her foot. And saiyyam comes and massages her foot.

    1. Shaani

      Thank u …Glad that u liked it….in next episode there is something like that….

  3. Aarti32

    Awesome..N Saiyyam was too naughty in his dream..

    1. Shaani

      Thank u Glad U Liked it…

  4. Shani nice one❤

    1. Shaani

      Thank u zani saleem

  5. Plzz stop talking about laddos,you’re gonna my my mouth water??‍♀️
    They are my favorite?

    1. Shaani

      Hahah… I love them too … But I eat only Sri Lankan made laddo… I haven’t eaten indian laddo…?

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