kriyam – u r my strength Episode 109

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Episode 109
—–After 2 days—-This is their 4th n last mrng in Singapore ——-
It was another Beautiful Morning for Krishna n sayyam in Singapore Spending Some Romantic n Good time Together.the first Sunrays of this Morning fell on krishna making her wake with a big wide smile on her face….when she opened her eyes the first thing she saw was Her Husband sayyam next to her sleeping Peacefully n Comfortably.They were covered with a single sheet Covering their naked body.She Placed a Soft Kiss on her Husband’s Forehead with a Smile.then n came forward tying Her Hair n Covering Herself Fully to avoid fall of Bed sheet from Her…she looked around n found sayyam’s shirt on the floor.. She looked at sayyam n smiled… She bend down n took the shirt.. Then she wear it…As she was about to get down from the bed a strong pull made her Lye on bed again leaving her Surprised n Shocked.
Krishna : ( Shocked ) sayyam. ..what r u doing ?? Let me go n get ready…i need to pack our things as we r leaving today…So Plzz Leave Me…
Sayyam : ( Came on Top of Her n Slept On Her ) No Jaan..Flight is at the evening na..So Relax…don’t take Tension ..Come Lets Sleep for some more time ( Tightens His Grip On Her )
Krishna : ( Blushes ) sayyam..No…Let me Go…Bahut Soliya..aur kitna soge ( Sleep )
Sayyam : ( Sleepy Mood ) Jaan hum Soye Kab ti Raat bhar.. ( Smiles Naughtily ) u did nt let me Sleep…Hardly Few Hours Sleep we got..
Krishna : ( Shocked ) kya ?? I did not let u sleep ( Beats His chest ) Look who is talking ?? It was ur Idea Mr Sayyam nt mine…don’t blame me for Less Sleep Haa..
Sayyam : Aaoooww..Krishna Slowly It’s paining ( Rubbing His hitted Area )
Krishna : ( Smiles Naughtily ) Aab samajh aaya…nw plzz let me go Sayyam. ( Tries to Free Herself from sayyam’s Embrace )
Sayyam: Wase bi Krishna u look super hot in my shirt…
Krishna:(looked at her top n blushed) sayyam.. Plz mujhe jaane dho na baba….
Sayyam : Ok but on One Condition..if u Agree to that Condition then i will Let u go ( Points towards Their Lips n Smiles Naughtily )
Krishna : ( Blushes ) Hmm So U Want a Good Kiss Haa…
Sayyam : Hmm nit Bad Mrs. Krishna u r really Clever…Yes u r ryt….I want a Good Morning Kiss..
Krishna : Ok wait..i will give ur Good Morning kiss ( Smiles Naughtily )
Krishna closes her eyes n move towards sayyam slowly slowly n Reaches Close to His Lips n sayyam seeing Krishna Closer to Him Closes His Eyes too n was about to Kiss Her Soft Lips when Krishna opens her eyes n Sees sayyam’s closed eyes… Taking it as a Good Opportunity She Immediately Pushes sayym n gets up from the bed n runs inside the washroom laughing leaving sayyam Shocked n surprised.

Krishna : ( Laughing ) sayyam what did u think u will get ur Kiss Soo Easily after that Shopping mall incident…
Sayyam : ( Shocked ) Krishna Ki Bacchi…now u wait n watch what i will do with u…
He gets Up n run towards Washroom to Catch Krishna but before he could Come inside Krishna Closes the Door on His Face n starts laughing…
Krishna : ( Laughs ) Mr Sayyam Birla now its over..U Lost it…n I Won…nw lets Stop this ok… We have to do packing now… When is the flight… Exact time batowoo…
Sayyam: 4pm but we have to be there at 2.30 at least.. Kyun…?
Krishna: Ok fine.. I was just asking.. Ok come out quickly I’m hungry let’s go for breakfast after changing…
Krishna: Ok..
Sayyam Smiles n Leaves from Washroom Door n Jumps On Bed N Wears a skinny n thinks about the special Moments Spent with Krishna n Smiles… Exactly after 15 minutes Krishna Came Out Wearing a Beautiful Cream Colour Anarkali with Her Opened Wet Hair while drying… Sayyam was Mesmerized Seeing His Wife Krishna n Kept on Staring Her Lovingly…Krishna too Kept Staring Him while Blushing n Proceeded towards the dressing table n came in front of the Table n Stared Her Husband sayyam through mirror…They were having a long n a Passionate eyelock Lost in Each other’s Eyes Completely filled with love n Affection…
Pal Bhar Thahar Jaao. Dil Ye Sambhal Jaaye. Kaise Tumhe Roka Karun. Meri Taraf Aata Har. Gham Phisal Jaaye. Aankhon Mein Tum Ko Bharun. Bin Bole Baatein Tumse Karun. Gar Tum Saath Ho. Agar Tum Saath Ho
They Continued for Some time…then krishna broke the eyelock n took the Sindoor Box n again Stared at sayyam lovingly signalling him Something… Sayyam smiled n moved towards Krishna n Came In front of her n took a pinch of Sindoor n filled krishna’s Maang with Love which made Krishna to close her eyes in happiness n tears fell from her eyes..sayyam then took the mangalsutra n tied around Krishna’s Neck before Krishna signal him… This made Krishna more happy.
Behti Rehti. Nahar Nadiya Si. Teri Duniya Mein. Meri Duniya Hai. Teri Chaahaton Mein. Main Dhal Jaati Hoon. Teri Aadaton Mein. Agar Tum Saath Ho

Sayyam then made Krishna to Face towards mirror of dressing table n moved hus hands towards Her back n touched it romantically making Krishna breath heavily…sayyam leaned towards her back n kept his Chin on Her Shoulder n started Tying the dori of the Anarkali n Simultaneously Placed His Lips on Her Side Neck Romantically from back Making Krishna looses her control over her patience . Sayyam after tying the dori Gripped His Wife by her waist n tightens his hold n moves His Lips By Caressing Her right neck Side n back Sensuously n Continuously towards her left Side of Neck…he Kissed her there too n Pecked it more Passionately.Then he Turned Krishna to himself n cupped her Face Sensuously n Leaned towards her Lips Romantically n as sayyam was leaning closer to Her Lips Krishna Closed Her Eyes n holds her Anarkali Tightly n she too moved forward towards His Leaning Lips to Access the Kiss Quickly.As Soon as Their Lips Touched Each other they Hugged Each other Tightly for the support as their legs was Becoming weak due to long n Passionate liplock….They were totally lost in each other’s Lips n got busy with the kiss
Teri Nazron Mein. Hai Tere Sapne. Tere Sapno Mein. Hai Naraazi. Mujhe Lagta Hai. Ke Baatein Dil Ki. Hoti Lafzon Ki Dhokebaazi. Tum Saath Ho Ya Na. Ho Kya Fark Hai. Bedard Thi Zindagi Bedard Hai. Agar Tum Saath Ho. Agar Tum Saath Ho
They soon broke their LipLock due to lack of Oxygen n hugged each other Tightly n Passionately..Soon after Sometime Krishna Broke the Hug
Krishna : ( Blushes ) Abb u got what u want go n get ready… We have to go for breakfast…
Sayyam : No..My Mood is Still On for Romance…( Leans Towards Her Lips again Romantically )
Krishna : ( Stops Him by Putting Her Palm in between their Lips ) Ji Nahi..u Mood for Romance is Off now…( Release Her from His Hug n Points Her Hands towards Washroom ) now go to Washroom n get ready..
Sayyam: ( Loosing Look ) Okk..Meri Wifey..M Going…
Krishna: ( Smiles ) go..
Finally Sayyam Leave Krishna n Goes to Washroom to Get ready…. Then they went to take breakfast n came back towards their room n start packing things.. While enjoying each others company…
Screen fades—
[guys now kriyam romance is over.. So now I’m not going to detail everything like previous 2-3 episodes ok.. Otherwise it’ll be boring … N guys I don’t know the time difference between Singapore n India.. As far as I remember it’s about 1n 1/2 hours.. I’ll just write something here don’t think much about the time difference ok]
Krishna n sayyam is shown with their luggage at changi airport terminal 3…. Sayyam n Krishna thanked Amit for his helps during visiting to the places… Then they went inside the airport n sitting at waiting area…
Krishna: Sayyam…
Sayyam: Hm…bolo… (looking at his phn)
Krishna: Sayyam… Mujhe tumse kuch kaha ne hai…
Sayyam: Ha.. Boliye… (nit looking at Krishna)
Krishna: Sayyam… Will u look at me…
Sayyam:(off the screen of the phn n look at Krishna) now. Ok… Ab bolo… Kya kaha na hai..
Krishna: Thank u..
Sayyam:kis liye…
Krishna: Thank u for this beautiful honeymoon sayyam… I never thought that my life will be something like this… Thank u for coming into my life…
Sayyam: (emotionally) even I never thought a life like this Krishna… N thank u for u too for coming into my life like an angel… I still feel like this is a dream.. When I was not ready to love u showed the right path to me…
Both of them hugged each other…

Precap- back in India..

Hi guys… Why is it soo less comments.. Idk why… Anyways..from this episode kriyam honeymoon romance will be over n I’ll focus on nandani’s wedding track… N after that may be sayyam’s past… But I don’t get any idea how to come to that track… Let’s see.. I’ll make it little short track… N I still remembered that someone asked for sayyam’s memory loss track also…. I’ll add that one also..but it’ll be slightly different.. Not a memory loss..but something else..let’s see…
Give ur views about kriyam honeymoon… How was these 3-4 kriyam honeymoon special episodes
With love

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  1. Fanficwriter518

    Love it! ❤❤

    1. Shaani

      Thank u so much ?

  2. It was just awesome, akka… loved it so so much !!! u’re the queen of romantic writings..seriously,I mean it..

    1. Shaani

      Aww… Thank u soo much Mayesha..? it means alot to me..?

  3. I am a silent reader.. seriously loving your ff ❤

    1. Shaani

      Thank u soo much for commenting n loving my ff ?

  4. Its super duppaer Romantic .i loved it Im seariously in love with ur ff.Amazingly write and Amazingly describe. Keep rocking

    1. Shaani

      Thank u soo much ? it means alot to me ?

  5. SukhiDhillon

    Oh wow this is amazing looking forward to the next episode and sayyam`s past track too

    1. Shaani

      Thank u soo much… It has been long time… How r u?
      Glad to know that u still read my ff…
      Thank u so much?

  6. Swetha7

    wow……honeymoon was wholesome.hats off for your skill that making us super blushing….sayyam’s memory lost is a good idea…but i still don’t want to reveal the sambav’s truth that sayyam is not yuvraj’s is high time to have a twist in the story.

    1. Shaani

      Thank u so much swetha yeah.. Yeah.. I’m coming to the twist after nandani’s marriage track… Keep reading…

  7. Awesome episode dear

    1. Shaani

      Thank u so much?

  8. The episode was n fire ? just too good and the honeymoon track went fantastic

    1. Shaani

      Thank u soo much Maria…

  9. Beautiful episode dear. As usual kriyam romance was awesome. Honeymoon track was great. Keep writing dear

    1. Shaani

      Thank u so much yura ?

  10. Your FF is fabulous

    1. Shaani

      Thank u soo much. ?

  11. Saiyyamlover_17

    Hiiii✨? This was an amazing chapter☺️ Maybe you could introduce Saiyyam’s past by Saiyyam finding some documents or some photos of Sambhav torturing Suhani. Because when Saiyyam in the actual drama found out the truth , yuvraaj had some photos in his phone of Sambhav hurting Suhani. And maybe that could be the way he could find out. Also I think the Saiyyam losing his memory track will be amazing! Anyway I just can’t wait for you to start both tracks? I know they both will be spectacular!!!❤️️❤️️✨??

    1. Shaani

      Great this idea is nice… Thank u soo much Zaniab.heheii.. Do I have the permission to call u from that name..

      1. Saiyyamlover_17

        Of course. I don’t mind at all ? Also is Zainab. The ‘i’ Is before the N?❤️

    2. Shaani

      Oh.. Yeah. Yeah.. Sorry for the mistake…

      1. Saiyyamlover_17

        It’s fine❤️❤️❤️❤️?✨?????

  12. AnahitaAnnie

    The hotness of ur episode burned my eyes.. Woah it was soo romantic…i just loved every bit of the kriyam and it was like a dream..sadly honeymoon is ending but I loved it….keep going…?

    1. Shaani

      Thank you so much Annie..??

  13. Awwww so romantic… Keep it up… Dear…

    1. Shaani

      Thank u so much Jenita?

  14. RAOne

    good keep writing all the best…….keep florishing your art and work……..
    hey listen if you don’t mine I like to suggest that………. to three ideas………
    if you want to introduce past of your protagnist then….

    * introduce him(atogonist of the story back again as somevery close to weeding girl(nandini{ my be hs bade papa}) in wedding he…. identitfy sayyam or Shuani trouble her again, in these circumstances sayyam get to know about past, diffrences grew b/w sayyam and family. latter somehow sayyam get to know truth by dairy old of yuvaraj(dairy writing habbit) where he describe about atagonist… how he troubled his whole family(especailly Shuani and yuvvan{his beloved brother}) some old photo….
    after to take his revenge on evil he fight with him and bad man hit rode on sayyam heads(as usually from back when villan lose) police comes there hit to three bullet to evil and he falls down from cliff.then sayyam in hospital doctor say he is serious……… then doctor congrats he out of danger but sorry he lost his memory…….

    sayyam behave like a kid and can only be control by krishna…… over them krishna…. and sayyam unborn baby….. he accident sayyam gets his memory back(going along with krishna where sayyam gets his memory and baby together.

    iy was my opinion was not properly frame because your better writter……….. hope you will like my insane idea…….and latter its your gane, whether you want to include it or not it’s your wish………… all the with best…….



    1. Shaani

      Omg… This is soo nice idea… Thank u soo much yes I had n idea about that sayyam’s memory loss track… N that diary wala thing… I’ll definitely use it.. I love to use this whole idea actually I didn’t want to drag that sayyam’s past becoz there r some ppl who r telling not to include it n some r there who is saying to add that the moment I’m little confused… Thank u soo much for ur lovly comment.. N idea… I’ll take things from ur idea…
      Thank u once again RaOne..?

      1. RAOne

        really happy that you like the idea…….. happy writing…….!!ROCK ON!!!

  15. Really nice……and really sorry exam is going on…..just having few days gap…..that’s why commenting…… pls forgive ur little sis….will comment regularly after may….cause exam till then…..pls pray for me

    1. Shaani

      Aww.. It’s ok dr… Don’t worry…u will pass the exam… All the best ..?

  16. Awesome

    1. Shaani

      Thank u sinni?

  17. SoOOOOOOO sry dr.I had a tight schedule these days.only 2dy I got some free time n in dat time I read all d ffs and nw only I read 107,108 & 109 prts of ur ff.i love 107 epi sooo much. “The Thousand years” is my favourite song.????☺ Tnk u 4 selecting it.dat song match our kriyam perfectly. ????? n 108 epi.OMG!!!???. I was blushing hard reading dat epi?☺?☺☺??? loved all d epis.waiting eagerly 4 nandani’s wedding n sayyam’s past track. Plz post soon.??sry I might nt be able 2 comment regularly. Bt I’ll definitely read all d prts of ur ff.byeee tc love u?????

    1. Shaani

      Aww… Thank u soo much dr…. Glad to know that u liked it… Even I was blushing while typing… ?
      Thankx for reading all the episodes..?

  18. Loved it!!! Di I was blushing so much…Krishna se bhi zyada hum sab blush kar rahethe…keep writing di
    Love u lots

    1. Shaani

      Thank u soo much isha..?

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