Kriyam- U r my strength (Episode 06)

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Episode 06

Boys are walking and enjoying the climate….
Sanskar: it’s soo good ryt? We came here after a long time..
Sayyam; yeah… it feels good… thanks for giving this idea…
Lucky: I can see some girls there..( pointing towards some girls) come on let’s go to that side.. (lucky went towards that side without even waiting for their reply)
When lucky went near them… and started to talk with her… Lucky: Hi girls.. I hope we are in same campus we have met before..

Nandani; yeah yeah.. we r in the same campus. Now don’t tell that we guys are following u ppl…this is a coincident huh… don’t start the fights now..
Sayyam saw Krishna there and feels soo happy Krishna also feel happy to see sayyam infront of her…they hv a little eyelock. it was break when swara hit Krishna.
Swara: guys now altogether there are 6 ppl we can play huh… samundar ki saat kabaddi ….how is that idea…shall we…?
Nandani: u guys goo i’m not feeling like playing….
Krishna: then i’ll stay with her..
Nandani: Krishna tum jao na..i’ll be fine..
Krishna : it’s ok..i’ll stay..I also don’t want to play I just want to sit here and enjoys..soo i’ll be with u..
Lucky: come on sweetheart…. let’s go..(Lucky extended his hand to swara)
Swara:Yeah sure (swara also hold his hand)
Sanskar:(opened his mouth and stared at swara) i’ll also go with them..(turning toward sayyam) u stay here with these girls.. (sanskar ran behind swara & lucky. Sayyam was surprised about sansaker’s behaviour)

Sayyam sit down and looked towards the sky
Suddenly nandani gets up and run towards the sea and shout.. Krishna U stay there i’ll go n play with others … Krishna was going to say something but it’s useless now Krishna and sayyam is alone
Swara sanskar lucky & nandani played kabaddi little and stopped playing it and started to talk
Sanskar:Lucky who said u to touch babhi’s hand…
Lucky; swara tumhari babhi kase ho sakta hai yaar?
Sanskar:(while hitting lucky’s head) oye lucky she is my girlfriend…meri hone wali patni ha yeh
Lucky: (opened his mouth and stared at both swara & sanskar) yeh tumhari gf hai…or meri bhabi…
Nandani(her situation is also same like lucky’s) : baapree swara…. yeh thumhari boyfriend hai…hone wali pati … kabse ?

Swara: woo actually 1 month ago… Lucky & Nandani (together) kya?
Lucky: are u serious? Swasan nod their heads positively
Nandani: aur swara tumne hame kuch nahi kaha… kuch bi nahi…
Swara: u n Krishna didn’t even noticed my necklace with S&S and this ring
Lucky: sanskar maine tumhe meri Bhai maan tha…but don’t I have the right to know about my babhi. Sanskar: aree lucky it’s not like that we’ll tell our story later for now let’s concentrate about mission KRIYAM.
Lucky & Nandani : (together) mission kya?
Swara: KRIYAM…
Lucky: wo kya hai Babhi..
Swara Krishna and sayyam together kriyam it’s their couple name..
Nandani & Lucky; ooohhh… I see….
Sanskar: now both of u forget that me n swara are gf n bf ok lucky don’t say babhito swara infront of Krishna and sayyam….ok…

Precap: Mission KRIYAM..

Sorry guys this part is about swara and sanskar I don’t know wht kind of a idea is this..idk whether u guys will like it or not after uniting kriyam these additional parts will not be there soo plz bare this part for today..i’ll upload another part today itself… comment below…i’m waiting to read your comments…your comments are my energy booster…c u with the next part…

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  1. This is really good. Well done. Keep up the good work. And i have this idea when u unite krishna and sayyam. Why dont u bring the girl who saiyyam loved. Bring her into the play. To add some spice to then story.

  2. Aarti32

    I luv these setting bithana missions..They’re fun??

    1. Shaani

      heheii…. if u lv it … then i’m happy …that’s all I want… thankx for reading next part will be upload in few hours…

  3. Shaani

    Yea sure I will.. sayyam’s ex gf will be there in my story…I’m trying to give some kriyam moments to kriyam fans first as per the demand…yeah..she will come..thankx for ur suggestion…plz give suggestions like that I appreciate it…thank u for reading this part..

    1. Yeah sure i will give suggestions. And i absolutely love your fanfiction. Its one of my favourites ?

      1. Shaani

        thank u sooo much it means a lot…I won’t disappoint u guys…

  4. Very good! I really enjoyed it. Keep up with your good work.

    1. Shaani

      Thank u soo much …it means a lot… I have submitted the next part it’ll be upload in few hours

  5. Yo go girl!!story line up is going great?

    1. Shaani

      thank u soo much … I have submitted the 7th episode… it’ll be upload after few ours…thanks for reading and thank u for commenting…

  6. Rockstr

    Loved it…next part please…u r awesome

    1. Shaani

      Hahaa…thankx thank u soo much..i have submitted the 7th’ll be upload it within next few hours… Thank u soo much once again..glad u like it…

  7. It’s quite amazing and i’m loving it………ur an awsum write
    ….i wished I could have wrote like uh as well…..keep up the GuD work

    1. Shaani

      Thank u so means alot….u also write a story I will definitely read it…when u r writing ideas r coming into ur mind automatically…so I suggest u to start a story and inform me also…give it a try…

  8. Honeypriya

    Dats cute.
    Swara n sanskar
    Wht else next.
    Waiting for more

    1. Shaani

      Thank u…i have submitted the next part so it’ll be uploaded within few hours…

  9. Santhiyalathamanian

    Waiting eagerly soon pls I like the missions pls upload soon.. eagerly waiting

    1. Shaani

      I have submitted next part they will upload it soon… Thanks for reading n commenting if u have any suggestions tell them…

  10. Arshi123

    Great going….
    I wish ,in SSEL there were anyone for mission KriYam like ur story.
    Keep it up 🙂 🙂

    1. Shaani

      Thank u…glad u liked it…thankx for commenting…

  11. Awww thnxx.. …i Will try to if I get some ideas……i Will surely inform uh

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