Kriyam: Takkar ka Rishta-By annie part 9

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Hi guyz… Its me Annie again. Sadly my spring break ended…. I will only be able to upload one epi per day now… Thanks a lot everyone for helping with the rituals.Could u all say if my order is ok.
1. Engagement. 2.Sangeet.3.Haldi.4.Mehendi Reception.

Its night… Suhani was discussing something with others…

Suhani: I think we should hold the engagement ceremony soon as we have only two weeks in hand. Do u all have any suggestions?

Baby: mummyji how about day after tomorrow..

Yuvani:  mamma,I agree with Baby. Its an ideal date.

Suhani: Even I think so.

Dadi: Aree tum sab decisions le rahe ho… Kisi ne mere saiyyam se pucha?

Yuvraj: Dadi is right Suhani. We should ask Saiyyam.

Suhani: But why isn’t he here?

Yuvan: Ma Saiyyam is in his room working for some project.

Suhani: Call him.

Yuvan nods and goes to Saiyyam’s room. Within some time he comes back with Saiyyam.

Saiyyam: Ma u called me?

Suhani: We were talking about ur engagement beta.

Saiyyam:: What about it? Are we holding it after a week?

Suhani: A week? Thats too much late. We also have soo many other rituals.

Saiyyam: than when do u want it?

Suhani: Day after tomorrow..

Saiyyam:( shocked) day…day after tomorrow.

Suhani: Are u ok with it?

Saiyyam: As u all wish.

Saiyyam goes back to his room.

Saiyyam’s POV

What? Day after tomorrow… I mean this early.. How will I crack this news to krish? Hope she doesn’t crack me when she hears it… Oh god, why is everything so messed up? Ok. I will tell krishna tomorrow in the office.

Its morning and after having breakfast everyone left for the office from both families..Suhani calls Soumya… And tells about the engagement date.

Suhani: So what do u think Somu?

Soumya: I have no problem with it Suhani but I didn’t talk to krishna.

Suhani: Krishna is in the office right?

Soumya: yeah.

Suhani: Fine I will ask saiyyam or Baby to talk to her.(even Baby works at the office)

Soumya: Ok.

In the office…

Saiyyam calls krishna… On the office telephone

Krishna: Hi, Krishna Mathur here…

Saiyyam: Krish, Its me Saiyyam.

Krishna: oh Saiyyam. U need anything?

Saiyyam: could come to my cabin?

Krishna: Ur cabin? Am I not embarrassed enough already? The whole office talks about our marriage and now u want me to come to ur cabin. The workers will gossip.

Saiyyam: Seriously Krishna? U r worried about the gossips.

Krishna: Well ofcourse I am. I have a status and a reputation.

Saiyyam: Krish plz its important.

Krishna: Fine…

Hangs up the phone… And arrives at Saiyyam’s cabin. Saiyyam’s seen sitting with a worried face.

Krishna: What happened Saiyyam? Why are u so worried?

Saiyyam: Me? I am perfectly fine.

Krishna: I can say u are lying. After all we are bestfriends for years now.

Saiyyam: Ok, enga…. I mean our families want our engagement to be tomorrow.( its passed a day… As it was night yesterday)

Krishna: ( shocked) u r lying right?

Saiyyam: I am not.

Krishna: Now, thats another lie.

Saiyyam: Krishna for the last time I am serious.

Krishna: Ok two-weeks for marriage. I was thinking two weeks is so early now tomorrow… ENGAGEMENT. Are u serious? This is way too fast. How will I( can’t complete).

Saiyyam comes closer to krishna and puts a finger on her lips…

Saiyyam: Come on Krish.. Don’t exert urself too much…

At that time Baby comes to Saiyyam’s cabin…

Baby: Saiyyam, i need u to look on this…..(sees kriyam).

Our kriyam breaks apart…

Baby: oh sorry looks like I entered in the wrong time. But guyz control urselves its a office.


Saiyyam: (quickly) I was just telling krish about the Engagement.

Krishna: (replies quickly too) Yeah.. Thats it, nothing more.

Baby: Ok.. Love Doveys I was just joking… Well its good that Saiyyam told u. I was going to tell but looks like my work is done. Now I need to discuss about the project with both of u. U r ready or u need time to wrap ur…

Krishna: No no. We are ready to discuss..(chuckles in an embarrassed tone).

They discuss about the project and Krishna come back to her cabin.

Krishna: Man its a hectic day…

Krishna gets a call from Soumya..

Soumya: Hi beta…

Krishna: Hi ma. I guess I know why u called.

Soumya: oh no I was not supposed to tell about the engagement. I was telling after leaving for office u and Saiyyam should come to the jeweler store. We are waiting there to select the rings. I have already informed Saiyyam.

Krishna: ok… I will be there.

At the end of office kriyam met at parking lot..

Krishna: Going to the jeweler shop right?

Saiyyam: Yeah.

They sit in the car and leave for the jeweler shop.

Suhani: oh thank god u guyz came quickly. Come on lets select the rings.

Soumya: Saiyyam do u like this one?

Saiyyam: Yeah its good. Besides I will love anything u choose for me.

Yuvraj: Krishna… Do u like this one?

Suhani: Yuvraj, what sort of ring is that? Krish how about this one?

Yuvraj: ewww Suhani. U have a bad taste…

Suhani: Yuvraj…

Krishna: Aunty, uncle stop arguing… Both the rings are nice.

YuvAni: how about this one?

Both Yuvraj and Suhani points to the same ring…

Krishna: hmm. Now this one is perfect.

They choose the rings and starts preparing to leave…

Suhani: Ok Somu and Krishna… See u tomorrow…

Both groups leave and reaches home.

Kriyam reaches their home and both finds is fully decorated..

Kriyam ( on both places): They already started arrangements..(in a nervous tone).

At MM..

Aryan: Krish u know the engagement is going to be held in our place and the mehendi there. And whats more Sangeet is going to be in the X party centre.

Krishna: Everything is planned out huh.

Aryan: and I am soo excited..(looks at Krishna’s upset face).

Aryan: I am so sorry Krishna. I know u r not ready with this…

Krishna: nah… Its ok… Its not that bad.. At least I am marrying someone I have known for years…

Aryan: thats the spirit my sis. Ok I have to go now. Gotta call the catering…

Everyone in their respective homes do their work… And goes to sleep..

Timeskip to engagement morning…

In BM…

Suhani: guyz is Saiyyam’s outfit ready? Where is the ring? Did u guyz decorate the special platter? What about the beauty salon’s appointment?

Yuvani: Mamma..calm down.. Everything is going on the right track.

Suhani: oh Yuvani..  I want everything to be perfect. After all its my youngest son’s wedding. And did u call Arjun? I already informed his family. They are coming right?

Yuvani: Ha mamma. I called Arjun, ma and Papa. They will come.

At MM…

Sonali: Krishna did u try ur outfit?

Krishna: Yeah its ok. Except soo many jewellery.

Risha: Ha beta. After all its ur engagement.

Disha: krishna I hope u remember that u have a appointment at the beauty salon. Me and Roshni will take u.

Krishna: Don’t worry I remember.

Krishna, Disha and Roshni go to the salon..

Time skip….

Disha: wow krish. Look how pretty u look.

Roshni: Yeah di and I am sorry for….

Krishna: Roshni I told u not to think about it again….

Roshni: ok…

They go to MM and everyone praise krishna. Our Birlas reaches MM.

Disha: looks like they already arrived.

Krishna’s POV
They arrived? Looks like my heart beats are rising… I feel so different. I guess I am nervous. This situation is so….. Indescribable… Today saiyyam and I will officially be engaged. I never thought our friendship will lead to this…

Soumya: Krishna… Its time to take u downstairs
krishna nods..

Krishna comes at the stairs…

Saiyyam’s POV
Woe Krishna is looking so beautiful. Her purple lehenga and the open hair… She is looking like a princess. I can’t believe its our engagement today… From best friends we are becoming a married couple… In front of the world at least.. I mean we will still nothing more than friends after the marriage.

Krishna was looking immensely beautiful. She was wearing a purple sleeve less lehenga, earings and a heavy diamond necklace.. She was looking like an angel.Well our saiyyam is also no less. he is looking really handsome with his purple sherwani and dashing hairstyle.All the Birla and Mathur were following a dress code. The birla boys were wearing black sherwani and thr birla girls were wearing blue saree. While the Mathur boys were wearing light blue sherwani and the girls were wearing off- white or cream white coloured saree…The whole place where decorated with lots of flowers and lights. The house looked like a lighted palace.

Suhani: we should start the ring ceremony..

All Mathur’s nod..Yuvani comes with a platter on her hand with a platinum and diamond  girls ring and disha comes with a platinum and diamond boys ring.

Soumya: Krishna… Take the ring… And make Saiyyam wear it on his right hand…

Krishna nods and takes the ring… She looks at Saiyyam. Saiyyam smiles.
Saiyyam forwards his hand and krishna holds it making him wear the ring….

Maan Mast Magan plays in the background…

Krishna puts the ring in Saiyyam’s finger. everyone claps..

Yuvani forwards the platter to saiyyam.. Saiyyam takes the ring… Krishna hesitantly forwards her hand. Saiyyam slowly puts the ring in Krishna’s finger and looks at her. They have an eye-lock soon broken by everyone’s clap…

Yuvani: Yipee Engagement is complete. Krishna… Come with me..I will introduce u with Arjun. Yuvani introduces Arjun( Yuvani’s husband) to krishna. They chat a bit…

They also meet Disha’s husband Karan…

When meeting is over krishna sits in a corner. Saiyyam comes there…

Saiyyam: so krish…
Krishna: So what???
Saiyyam: How do u feel after? u know…
Krishna: Stop teasing me Saiyyam. I feel so exhausted… U r wearing nothing but a sherwani but look at me… All this heavy jewellery and rhis dress…
Saiyyam: Haha… Thank god I am not a girl…
Krishna glares at saiyyam…
Saiyyam puts his hand on Krishna’s shoulder.
Saiyyam: Krish.. I hope u r ok?
Krishna: yeah don’t worry about me. Are u ok??
Saiyyam:  yeah… Of course..What will happen to me.
Krishna smiles faintly at Saiyyam

Soumya looks at them.
Soumya’s POV.
I Know that this wedding is happening in unfavourable condition but truly I am happy that my Krishna got a boy like saiyyam. I am sure no one else in the world can love her like him.
Kishan: i know what u r thinking soumya…  Even I am happy that krishna is marrying saiyyam..
Soumya sighs and sees kriyam.

Precap: Wedding shopping and a lot more.

Hope u all liked it and bye.?

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  1. Shaani

    Nice… Evry nice episode..loved it.. Keep writing..waiting for the next part…??

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much Shaani. I am soo glad that u liked it…

  2. It’s just fabulous..!!! I have been a silent reader for about 2 years. I’m commenting for the first time not only in your ff but also in any ff. You’re really a very talented writer. I’ve also read out your whole ff named “Horror in Kriyam’s life”. I just loved that!!! And this one !!!

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much Shraboni. Its a huge priviledge for me to know that I could be the first place u commented. U don’t know how much happy that makes me. Thank u soo much for coming forward to comment. All of ur inspiring words mean a lot… I am soo glad that u liked my writing… Thanks again and enjoy commenting❤??

  3. Fabulous episode
    All descriptions and dialogues were just beyond the ordinary. All the scenes were just so beautiful and artistic. The episode was seriously awesome and lovely. The description of the engagement took my breath away and left me gaping. It was artistically described and extremely well-written.

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much Shivani for all of ur inspiring words… I am happy that my writing was liked by you. Thank u soo much again…

  4. Awesome episode dear

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much dwidha… I am Glad that u liked it..

  5. Prethiga

    it was awesome loved it..

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much prethiga. I am really happy that u liked it and enjoy commenting…

  6. Aaravjaikar

    every epi of yours … just perfect… love it… keep going… #always love your ff

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much Aarav… It means a lot…

  7. Nairan_kriyam_lover

    It was a bit boring epi

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Sorry….i will try to do better next time…

  8. So good it was?❤

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much….?

  9. wat an awesum epi…really feeling sad to heae dat u‘ill be able to update one epi per day…but dats f9…waiting fr d nxt day fr next update..

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u so much sanali…will try to update soon…

  10. Hafsaaa

    Ayyye the episode was slaying ?? One request.Please get kriyam marriage fast? Can’t wait for the next one?

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Yeah kriyam marriage is coming up…….and thanks

  11. Hi Annie sorry I couldn’t comment for last two episodes. But I read them. It was awesome dear. This is also a very good episode. Saiyyam’s love for krishna is amazing dear. I hope krishna too love him soon. update asap

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Don’t apologize Yura…i totally understand….and thanks for commenting

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