Kriyam: Takkar Ka Rishta- By Annie Part 22

Hi guyz.. Its me Annie.. Are u all bored with the current track?? I got only 3 comments yesterday.. I was really sad.. Sorry guys if u are not liking it..than I will end it.. I know I am not a good writer..sorry to u all for troubling u all with my nasty ff..
also I might discontinue it if u all want.. I am sorry if the ff was not upto all of ur expectations.. Thank u soo much Shaani, Minerva and Shreya( Fanfic Writer) for commenting..
Anyways, I had a news to share.. I won the drill dance captaincy position.. One more thing to note down as academic talent for showing Stanford..

Let the episode commence…

In the morning our kriyam got a call from the Hotel reception..

Krishna: hello.

Manager: hello, ma’am there is a visitor for u.. The name is Nitika Roy.. Is she permitted to come and visit?

Krishna: Yeah, sure..

Krishna hangs up the phone and looks at saiyyam.

Krishna:Neeti is coming…

Saiyyam: Now, why?

Krishna: I don’t know.. Guess we have to wait n watch..

They hear a knock on the door..

Saiyyam receives it and sees Neeti.. She comes in and sits… Kriyam is sitting next to each other and Neeti is at their opposite..
Kriyam looks at each other…

Saiyyam: umm Neeti..

Neeti: I am so sorry Saiyyam and Krishna… I… I was going to make a big mistake..

Krishna and saiyyam looks confused.

Neeti: Sorry, I got carried away.. I played tricks to separate u guyz.. I was jealous of krishna.. I don’t live in paris..and (explains some happenings).. I am now asking forgiveness..plz forgive me..(pretends to cry).

Krishna: umm Neeti..its ok.. I guess..(can’t find words to reply)

Neeti: No krishna.. I am ur culprit.. I apologize for everything.. I started to fall for saiyyam.. I am sorry.

Krishna: we forgive u..(smiles at her).

Neeti: I am leaving So that u guyz can enjoy ue honeymoon..

Saiyyam: Even we are leaving today..

Krishna: In which Airline are u going?

Neeti: Indian airlines.. Fight no. T54.

Kriyam looks at each other..

Krishna: we are also going to the same flight.

Neeti: (wipes her crocodile tears) oh..

Krishna: why don’t u come to BH for some days and stay with us.. We will get to know each other and all relationships can be sort out..

Neeti: I don’t want to cause further trouble..

Saiyyam: no.noo. Neeti we would be happy if u came..right krish?

Krishna: ha Neeti..Come on.

Neeti: If u guyz say than okay.. Thank u guyz..

They talk a little and than Neeti leaves.

Saiyyam: dekha krish.. Sab ladkiya mujhpe marti hai..

Krishna: haha… Very fun.. Becoz all the girls are blind..but look at me.. Did I fall for u? And I am sure I that won’t happen..

Hearing this Saiyyam pulls her closer and whispers in her ears..

Saiyyam: Is that a bet?

Krishna: If u want to lose than u might consider it as a bet..

Saiyyam: don’t worry krish.. I will make u fall for me..(smirks).

Krishna: lets see…how u make me.

Saiyyam: Now all packings done?..

Krishna: Yeah..yeah that. Except that all of the luggage is overloaded.. So guess we have to pay extra..

Saiyyam: knew it.. After all u did tons of shopping whole day and my legs were hurting..what the things u brought?.. Geez.

Krishna: shut up saiyyam.. U just need and excuse to escape shopping.. And if u don’t like my shopping than find someone else who doesn’t like shopping.

Saiyyam: hmm. Neeti doesn’t shop much. But I am thinking to hold on to my current crazy wife for now.

Krishna fumes in anger..

Krishna: of course.. Neeti.. Tumhare pyaar me dewaani ho gayi thi na.. U should go to her..

Saiyyam: I am just kidding krishna. No one can ever take ur place in my life..

Krishna: As if.. I will let anyone take my place..

Saiyyam: I am feeling so sad that we are going back.

Krishna: why?

Saiyyam: Becoz I will miss seeing ur jealous attitude..

Krishna: shut up and I was not jealous..

Saiyyam: (narrows his eyes) really?

Krishna: Yeah..really.

At Neeti’s place…

Neeti: Ha.. They got fooled by my lies and crocodile tears..

Man: now don’t get over excited..u have a goal to focus too..

Neeti: I can never forget my revenge.. Those Birla’s and Mathur’s together lied to get a deal.. I will snatch that pride and money from them..

Man: u should get ready. u are getting late for ur flight..

Neeti: Yes, after all my targets are waiting for me.. India here I come..

To kriyam…

Krishna: Did u call every at home and say we are coming?

Saiyyam: (while playing) hmm.

Krishna: are u paying attention?

Saiyyam: (still playing games) hmm.

Krishna goes and snatches his phone..

Saiyyam: Krishna.. I was going To win..(pouts).

Krishna: But u were losing attention here..

Saiyyam: I told everyone to be prepared for the….

Krishna: ok I got it..

At airport…

Kriyam and Neeti is there…

Neeti: Hi krishna and Saiyyam..

Kriyam: Hi..

Neeti: Ok I think we need to go and stand in the line..

Neeti runs to the terminal while Kriyam is still outside..

Saiyyam: Poor Neeti.

Krishna: right. She thinks only she can do planning.. We are not that dull-witted to fall for ur tiny weeny traps.(smiles).

Saiyyam: krish, that was a really devilish smile..

Krishna: Saiyyam… I had enough of this idiotic talk.

Saiyyam: no Krish.. U were intelligent to trap her here.. I am impressed.. Nah, its ok.. After all u are the Saiyyam Birla’s wife…

Krishna: nope… I am krishna.. And I can do anything.. Not like a certain someone who gets drunk with coffee..

Saiyyam: I will ignore that as I am happy now.. Really krishna, we can finally now get to know about Neeti..

They both share an eyelock with a victorious smile on face..

Precap: kriyam planning along with Neeti’s.. Who will win? What did the Mathur’s and Birla’s do? Will Neeti be the reason for kriyam confession?

Okay guyz.. Thats all for today… Plz plz plz put ur feedbacks even if it is bad… Becoz only than I will be able to improve my story…

Till than bye…..?

  1. I love your story update the next one ASAP

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u Soo much Aman. I am glad that u liked it..

  2. Swetha7

    Don’t be discouraged by less comments Annie doesn’t mean that your ff is not interesting or are doing great here.sometime it happens when when people are too busy to comment.take me for example.I don’t comment regulary .but never skip your ff.and there are many silent readers.keep writing Annie.never ever think of ending this again.don’t dissapoint you fans by talking such are a great writer and you are improving day by day.never ever stop are gifted with such a talent dear.keep writing.upload the next episode soon…oh one more congratulation.keep it up.

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much Swetha.. I am really grateful for all the encouragement.. I understand that people might be busy.. Thanks again for taking the time to comment.. It means a lot.. I will try not to get discouraged… Anymore . thanks for all the encouraging words…❤❤☺

  3. Ema

    Plz yar end this neetis chapter and make krishna to confess her love for saiyyam do it soon and want more kriyyam romance and at last ur not a bad writer and this is awesome ff and we love it aloootttt ❤❤❤?????

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Don’t worry Ema.. Neeti will play cupid among kriyam..and she will be the reason of their confession.. Stay tuned as confession is my next track…and thank u sooo much for ur encouraging words…??

  4. Pleaseeeeeeee dont end it…… i really really love it….. you should continue for the who people who are obbsesed with you ff pleaseeeee

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much Shiza.. Don’t worry now I won’t even think of ending it… I am really glad that u liked it… Thanks a lot again…??and I will surely continue it… For all of u..

  5. Shaani

    Annie… For a moment I thought kriyam r fools to believe Neeti… But at the end… Aree wah.. This game is very nice… Actually how did kriyam got to know that this is Neeti’s plan n all..
    Very nice story.. I love this… I’m really excited for the upcoming episodes..update next episode soon… Plzz ?
    Congratulations on ur achievement….?
    Keep writing… God bless u…

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks for all the appreciation and wishes Shaani.. I am glad u liked it.. And Sorry next update will be at tomorrrow.. I am so sorry.. Anyways.. I am really happy u liked it dear..❤❤??

    2. Shaani

      It’s ok I can understand… I am so excited that’s why… Upload when u can no problem ?

    3. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot Shaani.. For being so supportive..?

  6. Hey Annie I read your ff every day …..I really like your ff…. Its different…. Don’t be disheartened…..

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much Jenita for all of ur encouraging words.. I am glad u liked it..

  7. Prethiga

    annie don’t get discouraged… i have been a silent reader because i was kinda lazy to comment… but i love your ff both this one and the horror one… the current track is not at all boring but if you can add some scenes were there is kriyam romance and care for each other… and pls dont end the ff… even if i don’t comment keep in mind i am always reading it… and i will try my best to comment on all the chapters…

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much Prethiga.. I am very glad to know that I still have readers.. Thank u soo much for all the support… I am really ver glad that u liked it…??

  8. Fenil

    Awesome chppies-20,21,22
    can’t wait for next.
    You’re going nicely don’t get disappointed ok.i m busy in exams so whole May i m not on TU except on Birthday :P:P:D:D.

    Love u !!
    Will read next chppies when i will get time.

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u Soo much Fenil. I am really happy that u liked the chapters.. I am not sad anymore becoz I got know there are people reading my ff. That’s all i needed.. Thank u soo much for ur comment.. Best of luck with ur exams…?

  9. Dinu

    I’m sooooo sry I told u before I was too busy these days.☹☹ i got some free time 2dy as it’s a dr I didn’t miss any prt of ur ff.infact I read all of ur ffs whenever I get a free time. Bt I don’t hv enough time 4 comment on each of them coz I hv a tight schedule. Sry dr.I tnk others also must be too busy coz most of them hv exams these u don’t be disheartened dr.ur ff is going gd.??n I loved all d prts of their honeymoon. Specially Krishna’ s jealousy track n sayyam’s drunken seen.????n tnk god kriyam didn’t fall into neeti’s trap. Hope they soon find out her true motives. Waiting 4 nxt epi.K dr enough of my blabbering. Once again sry 4 nt commenting. Plz continue ur ff.I love ur ff so much??? n Congratulations 4 ur achievement happy 4 u.bye tc??

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Don’t apologize Dinu.. Thanks for informing me that people were going through exams..anyways, ur comments has always been a source of my encourament… Thank u soo much for taking out time during ur busy schedule.. To comment and read my ff.. Thanks a lot again for ur sweet words..❤❤❤and thanks for the wishes..

  10. Sry dear for not commenting on ur last few episodes as I was quite busy with my studies
    U r a awesome writter
    Love ur episodes…❤❤

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot Dwidha.. I am glad u liked it..and thanks for the support..❤❤

  11. What an episode Annie and our smart kriyam I just love your ff it has different story and cute kriyam talks sorry for not commenting but yeah it was a lovely portrayal of their friendship and jealousy teasing. Congrats for ur achievement n trust me I’m always waiting for ur post can’t wait for kriyam to confess

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot Maria… I am soo glad u liked it.. And also thank u for the wishes.. Next update is already submitted…

  12. Don’t worry your ff is awesome
    Waiting for more kriyam scenes
    Love you

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much Jodishwari.. Yep kriyam scenes are coming up..

  13. Hi Annie… why are u sad? You know there are so many silent readers out there.. and ur readers may busy these days due to exams and some other reasons. But u know that we are reading regularly. So plz dr dn’t try to end ur ff. You have such a good writing skill. Plz continue. And episode was awesome dr. Keep writing

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much Yura… I am really happy that u liked it…. Don’t worry I am not sad anymore… Thanks a lot for the encouragement..❤❤


    Nasty ff!?! Annie how could you say that? You are basically one the best writers on here and i never ever fail to read you ffs. Ever. But unfourtunately its really nearing my exams and so i do t have to time to comment on your ff but i always read it. For example this chapter… how nicely you described how our kriyam worked together and that bet… im super excited. Please dont be disheartened. Id have no clue what id do without your ff dear xxx

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much… I am really glad u liked it… After this epi.. The number of comments won’t make me sad anymore becoz I got to know I have readers.. Be it silent…and thank u soo much for all the encouragement.. Best of luck with ur exams…

  15. Annie,Really interesting your ff.update soon plz.
    First time I commenting.

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much Sree. I am glad that u liked it..and thanks a lot for coming forward to comment..??

  16. Annie really interesting your ff.I’m excited .update soon plz.I loved it.

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot Sree. I have submitted the next part.. Hope it is updated soon..

  17. Fanficwriter

    Shut up Annie!!
    You are an amazing writer and this is an absolutely awesome ff!
    (I know I’m commenting a bit late…hehe)
    Girl, never judge yourself based on how many comments you get, cause I bet there are so many people who are silent readers and love your ff’s…keep it up 😉
    Also, congrats on winning the captaincy position! Way to go! <3

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot Sree. I have submitted the next part.. Hope it is updated soon..??

    2. AnahitaAnnie

      * wrong comment..the actual one is down ?

    3. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much Shreya… I am now never going to vet sad over comments anymore..becoz u r right there are silent readers.. Thanks a lot for the encouragement..though I know I am not that good of a writer…but thanks a lot for ur wishes and support.. Love u…???

    4. Fanficwriter

      Anytime Annie? and never think you are not a good writer…every writer has their own style?…you’re awesome!
      Love ya?

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