Kriyam: Takkar Ka Rishta- By Annie Part 21

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Hi guyz I am back with the 21st episode. Well I gave a jealous krishna but I think Zani..(sorry if its not u) Liked drunk Saiyyam.. So I thought to add it.. Anyways, my dad went to BD for 2 weeks for our house renovation and he is coming back today… I am soo excited. I gave him a long list of the things to bring back. Anyways let see what we have stored in this epi.

Let the chapter commence…

Saiyyam calls Neeti and asks if he can meet her.

Saiyyam: So aren’t u free today..

Neeti: Sorry Saiyyam I have some work.. Ok I will call u later.

She stops talking thinking she hanged up but actually she was still on line..

Krishna: saiyyam, look she didn’t hang up yet. Hear if u can find any clue.

Saiyyam hears Neeti talking to a man.

Man: Nitika will u go alone in the Braun Cafe?

Neeti: Yes I will meet that person alone.. Even saiyyam is doubting me I better be careful..

Man: Where is ur phone Nitika? U might miss an important call.

Neeti: its right there.

Saiyyam quickly hangs up the phone and faces Krishna who is sitting with an anticipating look.

Krishna: did u hear anything?

Saiyyam: she is guessing that we have a doubt on her.

Krishna:what? thats all u heard?

Saiyyam: no..i also have news
She is going to some Braun Cafe in a hour.. I should go there.

Krishna: i will also come..

Saiyyam narrows his eyes…

Saiyyam: jealous ha..(smirks)

Krishna: shut up and get ready to go.

On the other side…

Neeti laughs holding her phone..

Neeti: Saiyyam did u really think i am such a fool to let my phone on line. U heard everything I wanted u to hear. I want to know ur motives. Its ok if u won’t say it in ur normal sense..(holds an alcohol glass and says) but what if I extract answers from u when u are not in ur sense..(looks at her drink and laughs devilishly).

At Cafe..

Krishna: Listen Saiyyam I will be at the rear gate keeping an eye.. u should notice really carefully what she says and does..

Saiyyam: u don’t need to keep an eye on me.. I will not talk to her.

Krishna: Saiyyam!! My eyes will be on Neeti not u.

Saiyyam: But at home u said u will keep an eye on me..

Krishna: i was joking.. Okay.. Now look Neeti entering. Chose a favourable seat and keep an eye on her.

Krishna stands the end of a pillar..she can see both saiyyam and Neeti..

Neeti: Aree Saiyyam.. Tum yaha?

Saiyyam: i just came for a stroll and thought to drink a coffee.

Neeti: Krishna didn’t come?

Saiyyam: she was taking an evening nap.And what about u?

Neeti: I came to meet someone but looks like they are not coming anymore..

Saiyyam: oh..(what should I ask).

Neeti: saiyyam wanna drink coffee.. My treat..

Saiyyam: ok.. If u want..

Screen to Krishna behind the pillar..

Krishna: this saiyyam…ab coffee peena chahta hai.. He should be working but noo.. Neeti ke sath coffee peena hai.. Stupid..

Neeti calls the waiter. She orders two choco latte and gives a sign to the waiter.. The waiter also gives an agreed look back.. The waiter comes back with coffee..

Neeti: oh the coffee arrived..

Saiyyam starts drinking coffee and Neeti looks at him with a devilish smile.. While drinking coffee Saiyyam’s eyes fall on krishna who is fuming in anger..
Saiyyam sends her an “I am sorry.. But what should I do look” and krishna sends him an “come home and I will teach u a lesson” look..

Saiyyam’s POV

Aaj to bohot garbar hogi. Krishna looks very angry. I think i shouldn’t have agreed for the coffee treat.. I don’t why my head is spining a lot and everything is getting a little blurry. Am I… Am I sick?

Time skip to 10 mins…

Saiyyam is now fully drunk.. His eyes have gone red and he is shaking a little bit..

Neeti’s POV

Looks like Saiyyam is now totally drunk. He is not in his senses. Its my best chance to extract answers..

Krishna’s POV

Why is saiyyam shaking so much and acting all gross. His eyes also look a bit changed…and he is stammering while talking..wait, is he drunk? Ok my god.. He is not in his senses and will tell Neeti that we are planning about her..

Neeti: Saiyyam where is krishna?

Saiyyam: she…(hiccup).. She..(stops and laughs).

Neeti: looks like I overdosed the amount of alcohol.. He is acting too weird.. Whats the time?

Neeti picks up her phone and sees Krishna’s reflection from behind..

Neeti: wait is that krishna? Looks like it.. I think those two are planning hard.. I should leave. If they get to know about my true motive it will be hard to get into BH. I won’t let that happen..

Neeti leaves saiyyam and hurries away.. Krishna notices Neeti going away and runs to saiyyam..

Krishna: Saiyyam are u ok?

Saiyyam: (holds her hand) aree krishna tum kab ayi? Neeti was here right.. Oh are we playing hide and seek…(laughs).

Krishna: o god Saiyyam.. U are over drunk..but how? U were drinking coffee.. Anyways lets leave..(holds his hand and tries to take him).

Saiyyam: (jerks his hands away) krishm lets stay.. Here and drink coffee together..(hiccup).

Krishna doesn’t listen to him and takes him to the car.. She ties seat belt for him and gets in..

Krishna: (looks at him angrily) very good.. U should go and drink more coffee.. Just look how u are acting..(pouts).

Saiyyam: u know krish.. U look really adorable when u pout..(laughs).

Krishna: saiyyam!!

Saiyyam: and u look even cuter when u are angry…

Krishna can’t help but smile at his childish antics…

Saiyyam: Oh krish ur smile….  is so pretty..

Krishna keeps driving and saiyyam keeps speaking unnecessary baby’sh talk..

Saiyyam: krish do u love someone?

Krishna: No…

Saiyyam: But I really love someone.. And she is so pretty..

Krishna stops the car and looks at Saiyyam… She doesn’t realise why but her eyes were getting teary..

Krishna: who saiyyam?

Saiyyam: I won’t tell u.. What if u get angry? U get angry at little matters..

Krishna: Its Neeti right?

Saiyyam: (laughs) neeti? No.. Wrong guess..(shakes his head like a baby).

Krishna: saiyyam loves someone.. Why didn’t he tell me?(gets thinking)

They reach the​ hotel and krishna carries saiyyam to the room.. Saiyyam was not being able to walk properly so they slip and both fall on the bed.. Saiyyam on top of krishna

Saiyyam: wow.. Krish u look so beautiful when ur hair blows due to the wind..

Krishna moves saiyyam side ways..and gets up..

Krishna: yeah whatever.. I should do something to make u sober.

She tries to get up but saiyyam pulls her back and she falls s on the bed  Side to saiyyam.

Saiyyam: krish..lets go to the ocean together…

Krishna: there isn’t one  here..

Saiyyam: don’t worry.. I will make one for u…(chuckles) if shahjahan can make Taj Mahal than i will make a ocean for u..

Krishna: now u are making up dialogues saiyyam..wait I will order some lemonade for u..

Saiyyam. I …hhhatte Lemmon.

Krishna quickly brings a lemon juice and makes Saiyyam drink it..

Krishna: U should go to sleep saiyyam..

Saiyyam: why don’t u also sleep?

Krishna: becoz I am not sleepy..

Saiyyam: fine than I will stay up with…with u..

Krishna: No..i will go to sleep too.

Krishna lies on the bed and saiyyam keeps his hand over her..

Krishna: saiyyamm..

Saiyyam: I wa… to sleep.

Krishna removes Saiyyam’s hand but saiyyam keeps his hand again and tugs her even closer..

Krishna: leave it..krish.. Saiyyam has gone mad..

And they go to sleep..

Next morning…

Saiyyam wakes up and sees his hand on krishna… He makes a low scream and krishna wakes up rubbing her eyes..

Krishna: are u still drunk..(waves her hand before his eyes).

Saiyyam: drunk?

Krishna: neeti ke sath coffee peeni gaye the and don’t know how u got drunk..she must have added something..

Saiyyam: what? Oh my god… I hope I didn’t tell anything to her..

Krishna: no u didn’t tell anything to her but u told something to me.

Saiyyam: (gulps) what did I say?

Krishna: (raises her eyebrow) that u love someone..

Saiyyam’s POV

Oh no.. I hope I didn’t tell that I love her.. She will kill me..plz god

Saiyyam: whom did I mention?

Krishna: u refused to tell. But I am asking now..who is it?

Saiyyam: tiger… I love tiger a lot..

Krishna: he is ur dog saiyyam not ur love..

Saiyyam: promise krish I was talking about Tiger..there is no one in my life except u… I mean I don’t love anyone…

Krishna: Ok..(with doubt).. Ok but what do we do about Neeti?

Saiyyam: i don’t know…maybe leave her alone for someone..

Krishna: u are right. Lets wait for her next move..

Precap: Neeti plays a move and secures her ticket to go to BH through kriyam..

So guyz I really hope u all liked it.

Plz plz put ur reviews.. Hoping to hear from u all.

Till than bye…..?

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  1. Shaani

    Oh… No… Kriyam failed again… ? but I loved this episode… Very well done…. ? waiting for the next part… Eagerly…

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot shaani.. Don’t worry kriyam will win soon..after all they are my protagonists

  2. Minerva

    All of the unexpressed feelings and unsaid words were wonderfully captured and truly enrapturing. The episode shed light upon the various aspects of the couple’s life and was indeed lovely. Nitika’s motives and deeds are extremely amazing as they are the most successful acts which bring the two best friends closer. Krishna’s expressions and sayyam’s actions were truly adorable and lovely. The scene in the coffee house and the one in the room with a drunk sayyam were seriously worth a million dollars.

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much Minerva.. I loved ur analysis on the chapter..and yep in a sense Neeti is playing cupid.. I am soo happy that u liked the chapter..

  3. Fanficwriter

    Gurl! The chapter was bomb?
    Right now, Krishna’s this perfect mix of badass and jealous, I’m lovin’ it!!
    Sayyam’s so adorable…(I was imagining the guilty face Sayyam had the morning after they got drunk?)
    You describe their emotions perfectly, Neeti’s pretty smart at times…reminds me of baby?
    But honestly, amazing chapter: keep it up Annie??

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much shreya… I am so glad that u liked it…and Neeti is smart but not money greedy like baby…and I loved ur comment.. Thank u so much for taking out time and commenting..

  4. Wow Annie episode was marvellous dear. Dialogues are perfect. Keep writing

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much Yura for being such a regular commenter… I am really glad u liked it.. Though I think people are loosing interest… As I got only 4 comments today.. Feeling really sad..?

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