Kriyam: Takkar Ka Rishta -By Annie Part 20

Hi everyone..its me Annie..sorry guyz for posting late I was drowning in homework… Anyways..according to my precap I told they will go to BH today but I am changing that… Hafsaa wanted more scenes during honeymoon…so I am sticking to her suggestion.. Hope u guyz will like it..

Lets go on with the story…

Its a beautiful morning in Paris. Krishna wakes up and sees Saiyyam playing with his phone..

Krishna: Good morning..(watches him play) why are u playing so early in the morning?

Saiyyam: Becoz I was not feeling sleepy.. And krishna..

Krishna: hmm.

Saiyyam: (mockingly narrows his eyes) why are u so jealous of Neeti?

Krishna: Subha Subha Neeti ka naam. I think u can’t even sleep due to her dreams..

Saiyyam: No. I was just generally asking u.

Krishna: I am not jealous of anyone..its just that I don’t like Neeti. I just feel that I have seen her somewhere..but I can’t remember.

Saiyyam: its impossible that u saw her before.. Becoz she has been leaving in Paris since a year and u were in US that time.

Krishna: No saiyyam I swear I have seen her some where..

Saiyyam: Ok..if u remember it than tell me..

Krishna: U are believing Neeti over me…right?

Saiyyam: no krish. I can’t believe anyone over u..

They have an eye-lock.. That is soon broken by krishna…

Krishna: u want me to order breakfast?

Saiyyam: we should eat outside.. Without Neeti…Just u and me.


Saiyyam’s POV

Krishna is not a person who lies. I am sure that maybe she saw someone like Neeti..thats why she is thinking its her.. But what if krish saw her? But how is it possible? Is Neeti hiding something?

Krishna holds his shoulder from behind..

Saiyyam: Ahh(looks behind) oh krishna..

Krishna: what were u thinking in such a deep way?

Saiyyam: I promise its not about meeting Neeti..

Krishna: Too bad.. I wasn’t even thinking about her… Now what were u thinking about?

Saiyyam: Neeti..(can’t complete)

Krishna: just now u promised u weren’t thinking about her..

Saiyyam: Can I complete?

Krishna nods..

Saiyyam: I was thinking about u seeing Neeti before. I mean I know u never make up stories..but how is it possible?

Krishna: I am positive I saw her.. But in India not in USA.

Saiyyam: Fine than I will ask her.

Krishna crosses her arms and gives saiyyam a “u are a fool” look.

Saiyyam: i know u are thinking something about me.

Krishna: yes. I am thinking that u are such a fool.

Saiyyam: but what did I say?

Krishna: u want to ask her…thats the most foolish suggestion ever. If she had intentions to tell us she could have done it long time ago… Certainly she is hiding somethings..

Saiyyam: wow krish..u are turning into a detective…

Krishna: i might be one but now u need to turn into a spy.

Saiyyam: we should spy on Neeti..

Krishna: not we… It should be u.

Saiyyam: Me?(makes a face).

Krishna: do u really think she would let me hang around her? U r her so called she might trust u.

Saiyyam: Krish.. U r sending ur husband to the another persons den.. Think over what if she traps me?

Krishna: I am sending my childhood best friend to an enemy’s place.. And I trust him.. I know he will not fall into the traps of any chipkali..

Saiyyam: wow… Krishna I am impressed..

Krishna: don’t try to fly so much..or else next time u will get depressed instead of impressed.

Saiyyam: ok baba…

Krishna: And..(narrows her eyes) while u will be keeping an eye on eyes will be on u. I know I told I will trust u but..agar maine tumhe uske sath chipakte hua dekha na.

Saiyyam: if we want to catch her than thora to chipak na parega..

Krishna: saiyyam!!!

Saiyyam: just kidding…

Time skip to Neeti’s house…

According to plan saiyyam is at Neeti’s house..krishna is listening to their conversation with the recorder Saiyyam turned on..

Neeti:(while drinking coffee) Saiyyam.. Today suddenly u planned to visit my house..that too without krishna.. Did u guyz fight?

Saiyyam: Not exactly..but we did had an…(can’t complete)

Krishna says something in the ear pub stuck in Saiyyam’s ears..

Krishna: don’t u dare say That we had an argument… I told to concentrate on speaking about her staying in Paris..not about us..

Neeti: Saiyyam?

Saiyyam: no we didn’t have any argument.. I just came to see my friend.

Neeti’s POV

Saiyyam at my place that too without krishna. Something is surely wrong.. Are they suspecting me? Judging by Krishna’s past behaviour I don’t think she will let Saiyyam come to me alone.. I have to be careful..

Saiyyam: how long are u living in paris?

Neeti: one year.

Saiyyam: did u go to India between this?

Neeti: nope…i really miss it..

Saiyyam and Neeti keep talking… Saiyyam is not able to get any special information becoz Neeti is playing it safe..

Krishna: enough of this useless talk saiyyam.. Bid bye to her and comeback.. I am waiting in the opposite Cafe inside the car..

Saiyyam: ok Neeti.. I should leave now.. Sorry to disturb u..

Neeti: Not at all. Rather I was really very happy..

Saiyyam bids bye and gets out. Neeti watches him from her window..

Neeti: Saiyyam is going inside a car.. Is it krishna inside? i can’t see.what are they planning?

Screen fades to kriyam..

Krishna: i thought i sent u to work not to gossip.

Saiyyam: (folds his hand) meri maa.. Mujhe maaf kar do.. I did all i could.. I just couldn’t jump to questions without even starting normal conversation..

Krishna gives an irritated look and goes to fix her side glass.. When she calls saiyyam..

Krishna: Saiyyam I remember..

Saiyyam: remember what?

Krishna: where I saw Neeti…

Saiyyam: where?

Krishna: In India on our wedding day.. Remember I was late.. Actually that day I was supposed to come at thr right time but my tire got punctured.. And after fixing it…I sat on the car and was going to fix my side glass when I saw a girl’s reflection on it.. A girl watching from me behind another car.. And just now I remembered the girl was Neeti..

Saiyyam: What in India but she told that she leaves here since a year..

Krishna: becoz she is lying..

Saiyyam: we can’t blame someone based on assumptions..we need more proof..what does she want?

Krishna: this is even a more deeper mystery.

At screen freezes at Kriyam’s faces in deep thought..

Precap: Drunk Saiyyam… And Neeti’s motives..

So guyz I know it wasn’t that good of a episode…sorry for that anyways..

Plz put ur precious reviews… Hope to hear from u all soon..

Till than bye…..?

  1. Minerva

    It wasn’t as good of a episode ’cause it was the best one. All the dialogues and actions were awesome in their wordings and performance. The conversations of the best friends was indeed beautiful and lovely. The way in which they understand and gauge the other’s emotions is just awesome. The episode has led to some revelations and am sure the subsequent episodes are sure to follow suit.
    Fantabulous and awesome conception and presentation.

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much Minerva.. For all of ur sweet words.. After seeing ur comment I guess u are good with words.. Ur comment reminds mr of another reader or friend of mine.. Her name is Shivani… Her comments are a lot like u.. Anyways.. Thanks a lot for all of ur appreciation.. I am soo glad that u liked it..??

  2. Shaani

    Thisis too nice Annie… And those dialogues amazing yaar… I’m soo happy to se both of them working together to find about Neeti… N sayyam’s trust on Krishna is ? I totally in love with this track…
    Waiting for the next part…
    Keep writing
    God bless u…?

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much Shaani.. I am really glad that u liked it..

  3. Just loved the episode it was the best ever and yEah the revelations began I’m sure there would be more too follow ur dialogues are lovely n how beautifully have u depicted their trust through their POV this track is quit every engrossing
    The episode was fantastic n marvellously presented eagerly waiting for the next part

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much Maria..I loved ur comment
      .it was really encouraging..i am.happy that u liked it..

  4. Misbah

    Nyc episode.. When they will confess their love??….. What d mystery behind neeti.. I m waiting fa next episode..

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank soo much Misbah.. I am really glad u liked it.. About confession lets still wait a little bit.

  5. Nice one❤annie?and I’m super excited for precap

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much Zani..will try to update soon..?

  6. Fanficwriter

    Hey Annie, I finally got a chance to comment: you killed the chapter…awesome storyline, it’s really intriguing.? The dialogues were written to perfection?

    Waiting eagerly to read more?

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much Shreya.. I am soo glad u liked it.. But ur story line is even more amazing.. I tried to comment to on ur ff.. But I was having network issues.. But its solved now…?surely going to read the next chapter

    2. Fanficwriter

      Thnx Annie, you’re extremely sweet sometimes?
      Buy honestly, I truly love your ff, it’s engaging and it’s got me on the edge of my seat??

    3. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot..?

  7. Swetha7

    i don’t comment much annie but never miss your ff and shaani’s “you are my strength”. Do you know annie i am a fan of yours from the i am very busy with my studies i never comment much.but somehow i find time read yours and shani’s ff and i really enjoy them.waiting for the next episode

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much Swetha.. I am really glad to know u liked it.. And high five I also love shaani’s ff.. And thank u soo much for ur encouraging comment..

  8. Hi Annie. Update was great. Kriyam planning awesome. Nok jhok bi acchaa tha. Loved it

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much Yura.. I am happy that i was able to put up a good episode..and next episode is already submitted

  9. Hafsaaa

    Tass girl,thank you so much for keep with me ? The episode was on fleek like usual.The trust POV between our Kriyam were excellent.Woah kriyam teaming up,sounds exciting,kriyam rules✔️?? the dialogues were perfectly written.Gezz loved it ❤️? Okay baba gotta go now.Won’t be here anymore and will miss your ff dearly,have to post the last one before leaving so have to work but again I love your ff so much ??☝️

    1. Hafsaaa

      Wait not the “last”,last one? but “last” last one will be posted soon…❤️ Byess?

    2. AnahitaAnnie

      Wait u are leaving TU..noooooo u said u were not leaving it.. Can I cry?? Ok I am crying… Thanks for ur comment Hafsaa and of course how can i not listen to the request of my bae… And more than u … I will miss ur ff terribly…??

    3. Hafsaaa

      I am not leaving right now,have to come back after few days to finish my ff and then leave ♥️ Don’t cry babe and plus my name has only one “A”?☝️

    4. AnahitaAnnie

      Well….ur news of leaving wants to make me cry..anyways.. I will remember u bae…and also that ur name has one A….?

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