Kriyam: Takkar Ka Rishta – By Annie Part 19

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Hi guyz I am back with the 19th episode.. Well I am so much exhausted after the field trip.. anyways, lets proceed to our story..

Let the episode commence…..

Kriyam was at their room…at that time Neeti calls…

Krishna:(while eating) I know its Neeti, Saiyyam..

Saiyyam: Can I pick it up?

Krishna: (angrily) Ok…but put it on speaker mode.

Saiyyam: Hi Neeti…how r u?

Neeti: i am fine Saiyyam..but why are u not calling me?

Krishna: (whispers) Saiyyam, tell her u have a wife to spend time with so u were busy..

Saiyyam: What?

Krishna: Will u tell her or not?

Saiyyam: Ok..I will tell that…

Neeti: hello…. Hello, Saiyyam..

Saiyyam: Sorry..I was drinking water..

Neeti: and yes why were u not calling me?

Krishna signs saiyyam to proceed…

Saiyyam: I was roaming around with krishna.

Neeti: Kya saiyyam? Biwi ke liye apne dost ko bhul gaye?

Saiyyam: Sorry yaar..lets hang out today.

Krishna keeps getting angry..?

Neeti: ok..  we two should roam around like before…

Saiyyam: ok see u…

Neeti: Bye!!

Saiyyam hangs up and turns around. He sees krishna with a pissed off face. She is standing crossing her arms and raises an eyebrow..

Krishna: Tum dono kaha ja rahe ho?

Saiyyam: just sight and Neeti are going..(purposely fuels the fire).

Krishna: u are not going anywhere..

Saiyyam: comeon krish I can’t avoid her this time again..

Krishna: fine than. U will go but with me.

Saiyyam nods…

Krishna: I am going to get ready.

Krishna goes to get dressed up.. while saiyyam laughs…

Saiyyam: krish u look so cute when u are jealous.. Hope u realise ur love for me..

Time skip to meeting Neeti…

Neeti: Saiyyam..(goes to hug him).

When Neeti comes forward to hug saiyyam..suddenly krishna come and pulls saiyyam..

Krishna: Saiyyam did u bring ur phone?

Saiyyam: Yeah..I took it in front of ur eyes…(smirks).

Neeti: oh krishna…(with a surprized face).

Krishna: Yeah..its me.

Neeti: wow, Saiyyam u bring ur wife everywhere…joru ka ghulam…

Krishna: Its not called joru ka Ghulam Neeti..Its called love.. Saiyyam loves me thats why he keeps me with him.

Neeti: Come on there is a very famous restaurant here. We should go there..

At restaurant….

Neeti: So saiyyam.. How is ur and Krishna’s relationship going?

Krishna: (doesn’t let saiyyam answer as she quickly replies) Its going great.

Neeti: But it doesn’t look like that.. And my eyes never deceive.

Krishna: Sorry to say..but than u should get ur eyes checked..becoz me and Saiyyam love each other a lot.Right saiyyam?

Saiyyam: (while drinking his coffee) yeah..krish is absolutely right..

Neeti: (smiles) I was just playing around guys..

Neeti and saiyyam talks while krishna looks at Neeti with an angry face..

Krishna’s POV..

This Neeti is too much.Sara waqt sirf Saiyyam ke sath chipakti rehti hai.. Aur ye saiyyam..uff.This saiyyam is also giving her so much of importance.. Let saiyyam come to the hotel first than I will make him understand…. What it is to ignore me..

Saiyyam’s POV

I can clearly see krishna glaring at Neeti.. I know krish that u feel hurt as I am ignoring u..but what to do? Its necessary u understand ur heart’s call..

Krishna’s patience now loses its limit…

Krishna: Achcha u know any place where me and saiyyam can spend some quality time together as a couple..just as a couple.

Neeti: i don’t know..but I will inform u if I find one…

Krishna: Its getting dark..saiyyam we should him).

Saiyyam: yeah Neeti..we should go now..bye..

Neeti: Bye!!!

At somewhere….

Neeti breaks a glass and shouts…

Neeti: This krishna is too much..if krishna wouldn’t be here my plan would be so easy..I would have married saiyyam and could take left the Birla’s and Mathur’s bankrupt..but this krishna already got married to him..I punctured Krishna’s car’s tire during the wedding day..but still she reached..I will not leave u krishna..

Man: come down Nitika…focus on ur goal and don’t get hypered..

Screen fades to kriyam…

Krishna: Saiyyam..again u were sticking to Neeti? I told u but…

Saiyyam: come on krishna..I just talked to her normally..

Krishna: Ise normally kehte ho..(angry). U hold her hands..she holds yours..and all this chit chattering.. ignoring  me..

Saiyyam: I didn’t ignore u and what is the problem..if I hold her hand..

Krishna: I am ur wife and was ur best many times did u hold my hand?

Saiyyam: krishna..why are u acting so possessive?

Krishna: Great…now u think I am possessive..and why won’t u think that way..after all Neeti jo mil gayi hai..

Saiyyam: ok sorry.but krish why do u get so angry on her?

Krishna: becoz she clings to u..

Saiyyam: And what’s ur problem if she clings to me or holds me..

Krishna: becoz she doesn’t have the right to hold ur hands…only I have that right..

Saiyyam: krishna can I ask u one thing?

Krishna: Is it related to going out with Neeti again?

Saiyyam: No..

Krishna: U can ask..

Saiyyam: are u starting to fall in love with me?

Krishna: What sort of weird question is that?

Saiyyam: I see nothing weird in it..

Krishna: U are my friend..and I don’t want u getting close with some other girl. End of story..

Saiyyam: But Neeti is a good girl..

Krishna: if start praising her again than…

Saiyyam: Okay..okay..I will not talk about her…

The screen fades…

Precap: Revelations of motives and return back to BH..

Don’t worry guyz I am extending the Jealousy track for some more days…

Hope u all liked the episode…

Plz put ur feedbacks…

Till than bye…..?

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  1. Fenil

    fantabulous chppy

    R u done phd in how to make jealous !!:D:D

    i must say , u had great experience in jealousy, BF hain ya tha , just take it lightly ok.if i hurt sorry.if u don’t want to share here than PM me i will keep it upto me:D:D:D:D:-/:P:P:P:P:P:P:P

    Can’t wait for next.

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks Fenil…well about jealousy track..its just my imagination..and BF..I am only 14…too young to have one.. And Love thats something I don’t really believe in real life.. To me looks good only in books and shows.. And experience in jealousy is somethime I don’t have…I try to keep myself at the top… So that I don’t need to feel jealous… Currently, My focus is to get a chance in stanford..the world’s first best Medical guess don’t have any time for bfs…Anyways…thanks for the appreciation…looks like U was able to put up jealousy better than I expected…??

      1. AnahitaAnnie

        *I was able not u was able…sorry mistake in the top..?

    2. AnahitaAnnie

      And don’t need to feel sorry..I am not hurt at all..u just asked a general question and expressed ur opinion…I have no grudge against that..and thank u soo much for commenting…hope u will like further episodes…☺☺

  2. Nice episode dear

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much Dwidha..

  3. Hafsaaa

    Holy moly ? The episode was on fire girl,the back to back bombs were hot as hell ?? “How many times have you hold my hand?” Aaa dude it clearly means that “boy hold my hand” nooo you can’t do this,why sending Kriyam back yaar? I wanna see the romance between them after all it’s their honeymoon.Plus I want this jealousy track to extend.Truly I am loving it and sorry,you must have been really tired after your trip and then you had to type the episode and submit it ?? But I can’t help,I am always dying to read your ff.Girl I am so in love with this neeti,her character is so relatable.With every episode you post,I fall deeper and deeper in love with your ff,you are only on your 18 part of this ff but man I have fallen deeper than the Pacific Ocean.That chipkati part was hilarious man ?? I was screaming,my mom was like “are you gone nuts Hafsa?”?? and yes I have gone nuts but after your ff.I never have words to describe how much I love your ff,I am speechless ?♥️I have no idea what I am writing right now but I am surly not praising you cause there’s no need to praise prefection itself??? please upload the next part fast.LOTS OF LOVE❤️❤️

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Hafsaa..I think u have the intention to make me cry…Ur words are so appreciative and ur always spend ur time for writing a beautiful comment..seriously everyday when I see ur comment I feel soo happy.. I really love when u put the parts u love…I am soo happy to have such an amazing friend..I am soo happy that u liked it…All the praises u give me is an new encouragement…. Truly I have no words to thank u…I am always so much inspired and encouraged by ur comment…and u wanted more fun in honeymoon…no prob..I can change the precap…I will add some more fun in Paris…and give nore jealous and love scenes…so don’t worry they are not going back Yet…I will take ur wish in account…thanks a lot for this comment again…???

  4. Episode was great. I dn’t like thz chipkali neeti?. Aur krishna getting possessive for saiyyam great yaar. Saiyyam is pouring oil in the fire?? Nice one yaar Annie

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much Yura…frankly I like Neetu..anyways..I am soo glad u liked it…don’t worry even a Chipkali…can’t separate kriyam….

  5. Shaani

    Haha..?? what an episode yaar… I can imagine Krishna ‘s face yaar… It’s awesome…
    So This is why Krishna got late for her wedding… But she said that she was walking in the garden or something ryt? Did Krishna know about that tyre puncher scene… What was Neeti about to do today for sayyam?… Lot’s of questions r going inside my mind..
    Excited about the upcoming track… Upload next part soon..?

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much Shaani..well let me clear ur confusion…krishna went to stroll in the garden and she was supposed reach in time but she got late due to the puncture…krishna saw her tire puncture but doesn’t know its neeti…hope its clear..and thanks a lot for commenting..I am glad that u liked it..

      1. Shaani

        Yeah.. Yeah I remember dr… Thankx but I think the first person will get to know about Neeti’s intentions will be Krishna… Krishna will do a background check up of this Neeti… ? I’m just guessing.. Lovley story…super excited for the upcoming episodes

  6. Hey ur episode was awesome. BT what I m thinking is that if sayyam keeps fuelling the fire then he will lose Krishna. I know it is only story. I suggest u keep the jealousy track going bt I need sayyam to support Krishna now and listen to him. And not work against Krishna’s word and be with that neeti again.and its just my imagination u can do what u like. Thnx

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much Anaita..well in earlier episodes..I mentioned that saiyyam has set a condition that none can back down from a story..and saiyyam also repeatedly asks krishna is she loves literally he is not going to lose her..and saiyyam will never leave her side…he might be fueling but leaving or losing krishna is not possible….so rest assured… And don’t worry I will take ur wish in account..I will try that saiyyam doesn’t support Neeti too much…And I am glad u liked the epi..??

  7. Fanficwriter518

    This episode was great! Keep it up. I love reading your ff and i look forward to everh new episode! ??

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much…I am glad u liked it..Truly even i look forward to ur beautiful ff and encouraging comments…☺

  8. Amazingly worded and conceptualised.
    The episode was indeed amazing and the jealousy felt by krishna added the right amount of zing to it. Jealousy which is depicted as a green-eyed monster in literature has surely played its part here and engulfed and throttled krishna to the fullest measure. I can truly visualise krishna’s soft gaze turning into a emerald green line of vision which is constantly diverted towards neeti. This feeling is sure to get the most out of krishna and torture her to the fullest.
    The episode was a wonderful depiction of neeti’s motives and her evil nature. Her objectives may as well be worthy of damnation but presently I just want her to help krishna’s feelings resurface. All of her dialogues embody her deep-rooted hate for the mathur and birla family which is surely intriguing. This building up of suspense and the immenss amount of jealousy is going to be the end of me someday..

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Wow shivani…I thought u were fantastic at analyzing.. Today I realised that u compare things even better..all the change of emotions u compared with colours were great… U know..that u have a great potential..everyday I get so mesmerized at ur beautiful writing..anyways thank u soo much for all the appreciation..and I am glad u liked it…but frankly u have a really good hand in literature

  9. Wow??krishna looks so cute when she gets jealous?❤and amazing story line?

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much Zani… I am happy that u liked it..

  10. Hi I’m really very sorry yaar. I didn’t find time to read ur ff’s since a long time because of my exams I’ll be busy till may 15 th .so hope u understand and one more thing I have read all ur previous episodes.jealously track was very fun .i’ll try to read and comment if I find time.till then bye tc.hope u understand Annie and study well.

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Don’t say sorry yaar. I totally understand.. And i am so happy that u commented today.. And don’t worry u will ace ur exams…and best of luck for ur exams….

  11. Misbah

    Episode was awesome…. Love this krishna’s jealousy track… Waiting for next..

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much Misbah.. I am soo happy u liked it..?

  12. Ema

    Wanna kriyyam’s first night romance sooon

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot Ema…for ur comment..
      Umm about kriyam first still has a little time to go…

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