Kriyam: Takkar Ka Rishta -By Annie Part 18

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Hi everyone…its me Annie with the 18th episode. I am on the way to the field trip typing this episode..i think I can type it within 30 mins..

So let the Jealousy commence…..

Krishna has been watching saiyyam from a distance talking to Neetika..

Saiyyam: Ha Neeti. Really u have plans.

Neeti: Yeah lets go to the bridge.. come on its so famous.

Saiyyam sees krishna and purposely extends the talk..

Saiyyam: No Neeti..I mean how can we leave Krishna alone..

Neeti: than being her too.

Krishna can feel her body burning in anger.she goes to saiyyam and snatches the phone..

Krishna: Hi Neeti. Its me Krishna..

Neeti: oh hi krishna..

Krishna talks with Neeti for sometime and says…

Krishna: ok bye Neeti..see u tomorrow..

She hangs up the phone and looks at Saiyyam…

Krishna: maine kya kaha tha?

Saiyyam: I don’t remember…what did u say?(scratches his head).

Krishna: Don’t act stupid..i told u to stay away from that girl..

Saiyyam: But krishna she is my….

Krishna: No friend wala excuse is permitted. And what is this? Early in the morning without even saying good morning to me u started talking to her…seriously saiyyam. I find her so annoying..

Saiyyam: no krish. She is really good and she likes to hang out with me.

Krishna: Thats the thing I hate most about her…that she wants to hang out with you.

Saiyyam: Krish…

Krishna: No more explanations.. Well let me ask you…honeymoon pe mere sath aye the ya Neeti ke sath?

Saiyyam: (makes a face) aww, krish..honeymoon ha…u r getting naughty.

Krishna: shut up..and stay away from her..

She starts to walk away when saiyyam holds her hand and pulls her..

Saiyyam: (narrows his eyes) why are u getting so hypered by mine and Neeti’s closeness? after all you and me are just best friends..

Krishna: (takes away her hand) I don’t know…

She goes to washroom…while saiyyam was talking the phone…

Krishna: Kahi yeh phersi Neeti ke sath bat to nahi kar raha..

She goes and calls Saiyyam…

Krishna: saiyyam..who were u taking to?

Saiyyam: I was talking to bhabi..

Krishna: hmm..

She tries to go the other way… But slips with saiyyam and they both fall in the bed.. With saiyyam on top of Krishna… They have an eyelock..
Saiyyam doesn’t realise what is happening to him and slowly starts to leans towards krishna…krishna also doesn’t stop him and closes her eyes..After a second they are just one inch away when….

When saiyyam realises his position and gets up..he doesn’t say anything and goes away…

Krishna’s POV

What was I doing? It looked like my whole body went numb. I didn’t even try to stop him..Am I…(shakes her head) krishna snap out of it.. Besides its not Saiyyam’s fault…its just that..oh I don’t know..

Saiyyam’s POV

What were u thinking Saiyyam? How did u lose control? I don’t know how I will face Krishna..I promised her that nothing will affect our friendship .. How could I do something without her permission? I need to apologize..

After sometime saiyyam comes inside and sees krishna sitting on the bed..

Saiyyam: Krishna..I am really sorry. I mean….I..I have no idea.. How..

Krishna: umm..its ok..forget it.

Saiyyam: no krish.its not ok. I mean I…

Krishna: i said forget it..

Saiyyam: How can I let it go? Look I am really sorry.

Krishna:(sighs) Saiyyam bas.. I am ur wife and still just for a little incident u are apologizing so much…but jab uss Neeti ke hath pakar te ho..ussko gale laga te ho tab usko sorry kiu nahi bolte.. She is just ur friend still u let her hold u…than where does ur sorry go?

Saiyyam: I…ok.. I will talk about it anymore..

Krishna: Better and also try not to talk to Neeti that much..

Saiyyam’s phone rings…

Krishna: Neeti right?

Saiyyam makes a sad expression and nods..

Krishna: If u pick up the phone than u will see the worst of me..

Saiyyam: But she is my friend can I avoid her?

Krishna: Will u chose a friend over ur wife?

Saiyyam: No..(feels happy hearing wife).

Krishna: i was thinking of going to the Eiffel Tower..and without any Neeti..

Saiyyam: sure..and besides krishna looks like this days u really like to be my wife..

Krishna: What do u mean?

Saiyyam: I mean like u were saying .. ur wife…I am ur wife and stuff like that..

Krishna: Because I am..and whats so wrong if I say who I am? I say this to remind that u don’t forget my place seeing and Neeti or Kitty…

Saiyyam: Come on krish..we should leave..

They go outside and kriyam sees Neeti..

Neeti: (hugs Saiyyam) saiyyam.thank god u are ok..i was soo scared. U were not picking ur phone…

Krishna looks at Neeti angrily…

Krishna: Neeti…u don’t need worry about Saiyyam..I am with him right?

Neeti: How can I not worry? He is my friend..I need to take care of him.

Krishna: and I am his wife..his wife is there to take care of him..right saiyyam?

Saiyyam: Yeah..yeah..Krishna takes care of me.(nervously)

Neeti: anyways were u guyz going some where?

Saiyyam: To the Eiffel Tower..

Krishna: yeah to the Eiffel Tower to have a romantic time ALONE…

Neeti: ok u guyz enjoy than..

Krishna: why don’t u come with us Neeti?

Neeti: No no..u guyz have ur time.. besides I have some work.. Bye!!!

Neeti goes away…

Saiyyam: krish u really were planning to go on a romantic journey?(laughs).

Krishna: (angry) I don’t understand why does she want to stick to u all day long?

Saiyyam: maybe she likes me..

Krishna: She better not because u are already taken…

Saiyyam: Aww, krish are u jealous?

Krishna: (subconsciously) maybe..

Saiyyam: what u are jealous??

Krishna: (comes to sense) I mean to say maybe u have gone mad…why will I be jealous… I just don’t want anyone to stick to u…as in the eyes of everyone u are already mine…

Saiyyam: and in ur eyes?

Krishna doesn’t answer that….and saiyyam decides to change the topic..

Saiyyam: Come on lets go to the tower…

Krishna: exactly…and besides I also need to do shopping…

Saiyyam: (fold his hands) Not shopping.anything but that…

Krishna: sorry but u have to do it…i need to buy some jeans and t-shirts..

Saiyyam: ok (pouts).

On the other hand…

Neeti: finally I get to take my revenge on the Birlas and Mathurs..i can never forget what they did to my family..u guyz will pay… Krishna Mathur and Saiyyam Birla.. Two birds by one arrow.i can finally take my revenge on both families.

Precap: Neeti: How is ur and Saiyyam’s relationship?
Krishna: its great…right saiyyam.
Neeti:But it doesn’t look like that..and my eyes never deceives..
Krishna: sorry to say but than u should get ur eyes checked..becoz we love each other a lot.

So guyz…I typed it real quick on the way to the field trip..hope u all liked it..

Plz let me know about ur precious reviews…

Till than bye…?

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  1. Hafsaaa

    Aww thanks for tying this ? Ik we are crazy about your ff☝️ I am so in love with this jealously track man.Our Krishna bear is trying her all best to ignore the fact but how can anyone resist the hotness of our Saiyyam baby?✔️??? Neeti is slaying it yaar,I want to award her,like yass we needed her so much.”Romantic time” we talking zzzz love it simply man,always waiting to read your ff and precap?? hayye maardala,sure neeti needs a eye check,our kriyam is pure PREFECTION? And talking about you and your writing,it’s beyond perfection..if there is anything like that? But if there is then it’s YOU..That quote in your bio man?? it’s bae…Plus I want to tell you how much I love your name ??? I know someone with the same name and she’s my favorite so everytime I read your ff,I always remember about it…Your ff is my main?? I simply love your ff and dying for the next one to be uploaded and eagerly waiting to read it….❤️

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Each and everyday when I read ur comment I feel I am about to cry.. All of ur appreciation means soo much to me..u never miss to comment on my episodes and u spend ur precious time on writing such heart warming comments… I find so much inspiration from ur comments.. U encourage me soo much. When I read ur comments I feel that I am successful in writing..u make me feel I am able to achieve the thing I started writing for… I read ur comments over and over again becoz it is soo much inspiring and encouraging…i truly have no words to thank u..for being such a regular reader and such a good friend…and of course Saiyyam is irresistable… Even I like Neeti…anyways…Thank u sooooo much for ur comment. I love u bae…..❤❤❤

  2. Harchi

    you ff is really super.
    And Krishna was really awesome.waiting for kriyam movements.
    next post ASAP

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much Harchi…i am glad that u liked it..

  3. Awesome

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot Sinni….?

  4. Shaani

    This is soo awesome Annie… I love it… I am really serious about this Neeti n her revenge … What did Birlas n Mathurs did ro Neeti…. Waiting for the next episode…. N excited about revaliation

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot Shaani..i am glad u liked it..revelation will be soon.

  5. Fenil

    Osam chppy.
    Waiting for next.

    Hey guys there is a OS competition so u try and who r going to write from SSEL.

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much fenil..i am glad u liked it..and thank u for informing me about the OS means a lot..i am not so sure about participating..if I have time than I will try.. Thanks a lot again…

  6. Awesome and amazing episode with a heady dose of the jealousy drug. The magical concoction of jealousy, awkwardness and uneasiness in this episode was indeed the cure to a love-hate relationship between the best friends. Krishna’s assertion on the fact that she is sayyam’s WIFE almost throughout the story is truly adorable and fantastic to read about. Words spoken by her are seriously superb and show her hidden care and possessive nature for her so-called husband.
    Nitika is sure to bring some much-needed zing to this story and will help strengthen the foundation of a blissful marital life for krishna and sayyam. Her actions and words can surely bring headlong changes in the lives and minds of both the lovebirds (bestfriends). Hoping for some drastic steps by nitika which will give a positive push to the slow-moving carriage of krishna and sayyam’s love life..

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much Shivani… I always love the analysis u put according to ur view and helps me understand that how my readers feel it…U can explain each and every scene so vividly…that its awesome..I have always loved ur comments…Why don’t u also try to write an ff? Becoz seeing ur comments everydat makes me feel that u are a very talented writer..

  7. Ela

    Loved this episode ???….and yeah very much happy for jealousy track…keep posting???

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u sooo much Ela…I am glad that u liked it…???

  8. it’s perfectly written?

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much Zani…ur appreciation means a lot…??

  9. Faaizah

    Just so beautiful and amazingly written, just loved it, cant wait for next one

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much Faaizah..even ur ff intro is was great…and I am soo glad that u liked it…??

  10. Awesome episode just loved krishnas dialogues waiting too badly for the next part?

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much Maria.. I am really happy that u liked it..

  11. Nice Annie. Sorry for not commenting regularly. Jealousy track is good. Krish is feeling insecure. Feels good to see her love for saiyyam which she hasn’t realised. Neeti looks evil. Don’t do anything wrong with our kriyam. I hope ur field trip went good.

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot Yura…I am glad u liked it and thanks for the wishes…don’t worry nothing will happen to kriyam…?

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