Kriyam: Takkar Ka Rishta-By Annie Part 17

Hi guyz its me Annie with the 17th part… Well today I will introduce a villain and some jealousy track… hope u all like it…

So let the episode commence….

Kriyam is at BH door and everyone is ready to bid bye to them as our honeymoon couple as they are leaving for their journey.

Suhani: (hugs kriyam) take care guyz.. And call us as soon as u reach Paris…

Saiyyam: Ma we will call u and plz don’t worry about us.. We will be fine..

Yuvani: (clears are throat) Try not to get too fine.. I mean u guyz are still young and still have a lot to see..

Saiyyam: what do u mean di?

Krishna pinches saiyyam…

Yuvani: don’t worry krishna will explain it to u on the way…

Saiyyam: Really krishna u will??

Krishna sends him a glare…..

Dadi: Come on… U guyz will get late for the flight..

Hugging session goes on…and they leave on the car…

They reach the airport…

Saiyyam: we have a really funny memory here..right krish?

Krishna: I will never forget that.. I mean we were in front of each other and we still were quarreling like life long enemies..(laughs).

Saiyyam smiles at krishna as she was laughing adorably…

Timeskip to inside the plane…

Saiyyam: Krishna tell me na..plz.. What was yuvani di saying?

Krishna: (keeps down the magazine she was reading) I told u saiyyam, di was joking..nothing special..

Saiyyam: (whines while acting like a child) Even I want to know the joke…(shakes krishna) plz krishna..

Some aeroplane passengers notices saiyyam and krishna…

Passenger 1: hey look at that couple..they are so cute na..

Passenger 2: U bet they are..looks like a honeymoon couple.. Their pair looks so perfect..

With kriyam…

Krishna: (sighs and gets annoyed) Fine saiyyam.. I will tell u..

Saiyyam looks on interested…

Krishna: she was talking about a baby… She said we are still young to have a baby.. Thats it…it was the joke u were whining for… I hope u r happy now…and for heaven’s sake stop annoying me..

Saiyyam: But when did we plan for a baby….(gets thinking)..

Krishna rolls her eyes… After sometime saiyyam realises the joke..and shuts down due to embarrassment….

Saiyyam: (embarrassed) look krish…I… sorry I really didn’t…

Krishna: saiyyam did I tell u anything?

Saiyyam: I thought u would take me for a shameless person..

Krishna: (laughs) I was taking u more for a child than a shameless person..I mean u took so much time to understand a tiny joke… And relax.

At the time of food serving….

Airhostess: Are u guyz newly married ma’am?

Krishna: Yeah… How did u guess?

Airhostess: Just like that.. U two look really cute together…

Kriyam look at each other…

Krishna: thank u…

Airhostess: Are u going to Paris for a honeymoon?

Krishna: Yes..(smiles)..

Airhostess: sorry ma’am for disturbing u with my questions…

Krishna: Don’t apologize.. I didn’t feel disrurbed…

She serves them food…

Saiyyam: She thinks we are cute.. But krishna how can we be cute? U r like a scary witch while I am a handsome prince…

Krishna: (looks annoyed) Saiyy…

Saiyyam: just joking…

They reach the airport….and a car is waiting for them.. The cab takes them to a hotel..

Saiyyam: Our room was booked under the name of saiyyam and krishna Birla..

Receptionists: Oh..right.. Here are ur keys and that boy will lead u to ur room.

They reach the room…

Saiyyam: (drops his bag) What? its a honeymoon suite?

He looks at krishna who was with a normal and obvious attitude..

Saiyyam: Krishna..

Krishna: u are such a baby saiyyam.. Isn’t it obvious? Our family sent us to have a honeymoon and I am not surprised as I expected that they will book one..

Saiyyam: U r right I guess..

After getting freshened…

Saiyyam: hey krish..the wall of “I love you’s” is near us..wanna visit?

Krishna: If u want to go…than sure..

They leave for the wall.. While visiting when they were coming out.. A girl collided with saiyyam..

Girl: sorry…

Saiyyam: (looks at the girl) hey aren’t u??

Girl: Saiyyam(hugs) remember me? I am Nitika..

Saiyyam: oh Neeti..(hugs her back).

Krishna coughs…

Saiyyam: Oh krishna..she is Neeti my friend from UK..

Krishna: Oh nice to meet..(shakes hand). I am krishna..

Neeti: Krishna???(looks confused)

Krishna: Mrs.Krishna Birla…

Neeti: Oh saiyyam.u got married and didn’t tell me…come on Yaar..

Saiyyam: sorry yaar.. I totally couldn’t contact u.. I didn’t have ur number..

Neeti: Ok lets not hang on to the past.. There is a nice cafe..lets go there saiyyam.

She takes saiyyam hands and entangles her arm with his arms… Krishna fumes seeing this..

Krishna: (holds Saiyyam’s arm) yeah saiyyam lets go..

Saiyyam looks at krishna who is observing Neeti with an annoyed look.. They go to the cafe…

Saiyyam and Neeti keeps talking…

Neeti: So Krishna how did u meet my friend? (Hold Saiyyam’s hand)..

Krishna while talking slowly moves Neeti’s hand from Saiyyam. Saiyyam notices it and smirks…

Saiyyam: u know krishna..all of the students used to ship me and Neeti together..(smirks).

Neeti: Yeah… U remember..

Krishna: Ships are just dream.. They never come true…thats why its just a ship..nothing more than that…

Neeti: Maybe..krishna, If u weren’t here I would have married saiyyam?

Hearing this krishna fumes in anger…

Krishna: But I am already his wife.. So its time to let that dream go..(angrily)

Neeti laughs….

Neeti: So krishna what was ur surname before…

Krishna: it was Mathur…but now its Birla. Krishna Saiyyam Birla( puts emphasis on Saiyyam’s name)..

Saiyyam controls his laugh by biting his lower lip..

Neeti: Mathurs..oh..(thinks).

Neeti: saiyyam how about we both…

Krishna gets angry on “we both”… And says..

Krishna: saiyyam, lets go to our room…i am having a headache..

Saiyyam: (pretends to be nervous but knows krishna is lying) really krish?

Krishna: Yeah..

Saiyyam: Ok Neeti. See u later..if u wish u can come to our hotel…

Krishna: Tomorrow..u can come our room tomorrow and we will hang out.. What do u say?

Neeti: Ok guyz…bye..

At kriyam’s honeymoon suite…

Saiyyam: Neeti is a great girl.. Right?(smiles while looking at krishna).

Krishna: Yeah..but I think there are some other people u need to give attention to.. Rather than her..and try to stay a little away from her..

Saiyyam: why?

Krishna: Becoz I don’t like it when someone says that she wants to marry my husband…

Saiyyam raises an eyebrow on hearing my husband. He can feel his heart skip due to happiness but he thinks to accelerate her jealousy..

Saiyyam: come on Krish..she used to be my friend…

Krishna: She might be ur friend but I am ur wife.. Don’t ever forget that..

Saiyyam: what did u say?

Krishna: I…I mean. We came for an we should emphasize on that.. Besides I am sleepy..

Krishna goes to bed and saiyyam also lays down..

Krishna’s POV

why was I so angry at Neeti? I mean she is Saiyyam’s friend.. Why was I behaving that way? Am I getting possessive over saiyyam? But we got married for Roshni…Did I just feel jealous? No, I just didn’t like her…thats it..

Saiyyam’s POV

Krishna’s jealous attitude was so cute.. I mean I like it when she gets jealous for me.. Now I am sure that she loves mee… after all she couldn’t see some other girl get close to mee… Yipeee, Saiyyam ur love, loves u…

They both go to sleep…

Precap: Neeti: Krishna Mathur and Saiyyam Birla.. Both birds by one arrow.. Looks like I can get my revenge over both families at one go..

Thats all for today.. I really hope u liked it… I tried to show krishna jealous as per everyone’s wishes…
I really anticipate that I could be successful at making u all happy..

Plz put down ur precious reviews…

Till than bye…..?

  1. Superb amazing

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much Shabnam…

  2. Great episode

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot Jano…glad that u liked it..

  3. Superb episode.
    The flame of jealousy was rightly ignited and fed with the required amount of fuel. Nitika has surely awoken a never-seen-before side of krishna which is truly interesting. The episode was indeed amazing and the dialogues were pretty awesome. Nitika has surely upped the interest quotient of this story by a great many notches..

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much Shivani for ur appreciating words…its a great privilege for me that u liked..❤❤

  4. Alvia

    Thats amazing

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      Thank u soo much Alvia…

  5. superb?

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  6. Fidato

    Annie…. I just love this bold and jealousy Krishna… Sayyam didn’t understand the joke..
    Haha… ,???
    Really nice dear….
    Villain…Hmm… Waiting for next…

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much Fidato..i am sooo happy that u liked it..❤❤

  7. Awesome episode
    Ur writing skills r superb❤

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      Thank u soo much dwidha…i am so glad that u liked it..❤❤

  8. Nice uff yeh neeti ??

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      Thanks Anika for commenting…and I know this Neeti is bad…

  9. Hafsaaa

    Aaaa this episode was on fire man?? you should have warned your readers girl “warning,be cautious,your phone and body might burn after reading this”?? uff our cutie Saiyyam was amooozing ?? I adore him ??? Hayye Krishna,Krishna bear getting jealous is the cutest thing Eva ?? Yaa I can’t explain how much I love your ff.This new jealously track had gotten me shook.So I love with it man …..Your ff is slaying and I don’t know how to express my feeling right now ? love your work and early waiting for the next one,Plus I love neeti’s character,it’s fair yet attractive ✔️ On roll.SCREAMING ???

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much Hafsaa. Ur comment is enough to make one cry…and I am soo glad u liked it..ur comment is also a great source of inspiration.. Thank u soo much such an inspiring comment…and I also appreciate the time u took out to write this beautiful comment….thank u soooo much..

  10. Shaani

    This is soo nice Annie…. Krishna’s jealousy… Omg…superb..u have described it very nicely… I loved it.. Keep writing…waiting for the next part…

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much Shaani…I am soo happy that u liked it…I am not good with jealousy tracks but glad that u all liked it…❤❤?

  11. The 1 point I love about krishna is when she is jealous..&saiyyam is when he is drunk ?…loving the jealousy track accelerate it …Villan ki entry bhi NYC thi..keep writing a?

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      Thank u soo much Isha..i am soo happy that u liked it…❤❤

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