Kriyam: Takkar ka Rishta -By Annie Part 16

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Hi guyz its me Annie with the 16th part…sorry guyz I couldn’t update early as I had a field trip… Anyways.. thank u all for all of ur precious comments.. It really encourages me a lot…

Let the episode commence….

In the morning krishna wakes up and finds saiyyam sleeping with his one leg and hand hanging from the edge of the bed…

Krishna: Aise bhi koyi sotha hai?

Suddenly there is a knock on the door. Krishna goes up and opens the door..

Krishna: Aunty..

Suhani: come on beta… Will u still call me aunty?

Krishna: what else should I call u?

Suhani: Saiyyam calls me how about u call me that too.

Krishna: If u wish..than okay, mom.

Suhani: Ok beta u guyz come downstairs…

Krishna: aunty there is a problem I don’t know what to wear a saree…

Suhani: Than who told u to wear one.. Wear what u always used to wear.. We don’t mind. If our daughter can wear than why not bahu.. We don’t mind with ur dressing style..

She goes away…

Krishna: I don’t know why my head is spinning a lot…

At that time saiyyam wakes up…and sees krishna going towards the washroom..
Krishna comes back changing into a jeans and a light blue coloured top..
She sits near the dresser and sees a sindoor box and her mangalsutra.. She sighs.. And starts applying sindoor amd wears her mangalsutra.. She turns back ans dees saiyyam staring…

Krishna: what happened? Why are u looking in this way?

Saiyyam: Actually I am not used to see u in sindoor and stuff so its a bit weird.

Krishna: Its going to get weirder if u keep staring like that.. So I would like u to stop it.

Saiyyam: sorry, besides who were talking to sometime ago? I think I heard noise..

Krishna: To mom..

Saiyyam: what soumya aunty is here? When did she come?

Krishna: I was talking about ur mom..

Saiyyam: u started to call my ma, mom. Wow krish u are becoming a typical bahu..

Krishna: Saiyyam shut up and get ready.. We are supposed to go downstairs.

At the breakfast table…
Saiyyam grabs a chair and krishna sits beside him..

Suhani: krishna I was thinking we should ur pehli rasoi today..during noon.

Krishna: okay mom.

Saiyyam: (laughs) mom krishna and cooking? Ise toh kuch bhi nahi aata..

Krishna narrows her eyes at saiyyam and gives him a glare..

Saiyyam: just joking… Krishna ko sirf kuch nahi balki bohot kuch aata hai..
Hai na krishna..(asks nervously).

Krishna gives him an irritated look..

Dadi: oh I totally is the reception party at night. We need to do so much preparations..

Krishna: Today?

Suhani: why beta are u not ready? If u want we can delay the dates…

Krishna: No its ok…

Time skip to reception……

Krishna is wearing a beautiful black gown gifted by dadi and saiyyam is wearing a black suit…
Krishna was continuously trying to tie a necklace but couldn’t. Saiyyam notices it…

Saiyyam: do u need help?

Krishna: No.. I can do it myself..

Saiyyam rolls his eyes and takes the necklace..his hands starts her back and she can feel vibrations in her body…

Saiyyam: see done..

Krishna: Thanks…

Saiyyam: oh krish I found my name in your hand…

Krishna: after one week… U are a fast player..(mocks).

Saiyyam: At least I found it..

He holds Krishna’s hand and points to his name. Yuvani comes there..

Yuvani: come on guyz.. Hold hands later. But now come downstairs fast.

Seeing yuvani saiyyam quickly lets go off Krishna’s hand…
They go downstairs…

Soumya: (hugs krishna) how are u beta?

Krishna: I am fine ma.. How are u all?

Soumya and krishna keeps talking..

Aryan: so jiju.. Where are u going on a honeymoon?

Saiyyam: honeymoon? Pagal ho gaye ho kya..

Aryan: iss me pagal hone ki kya baat hai.. I mean normally couples go in honeymoon after their marriage..

Saiyyam: thats because they are normal couples.. Apni behen ko dekha hai.. Gusse me chural ban jati hai.. And if I talk about honeymoin.. She will surely kill me..

Aryan: Are u that scared of krishna??

Saiyyam: if u see her angry Avatar even u will be scared…

Aryan: Apse iske bare me to baat karna hi bekar hai…

He walks away and sees Yuvan and Yuvraj taking….

Aryan: Uncle..bhai. How r u all?

Yuvan: I am fine.. What about u?

Aryan: I am good too.

Aryan keeps taking and suddenly pops up a question..

Aryan: Achcha.. Yuvan bhaiya.. Did u go to a honeymoon..

Yuvan: yes..but why are u asking? Do u intend to go a honeymoon too? Don’t worry u will also go as  soon as u get married..

Aryan: Not for me..but I was talking for kriyam.. I mean I was thinking to suggest them a place..

Yuvraj: How about malaysia?

Aryan: Krishna once went to malaysia and she didn’t like it…

Yuvan: Perfectoo. How about paris, France?

Aryan: Exactly.. Besides its also called the country of love..

Yuvraj: yeah..good idea Yuvan..

Aryan: But I can’t talk about it to krishna..

Yuvan: why?

Aryan: Aree chappal se maregi.. She will say..Aryan how dare u suggest me about these things…

Yuvraj: don’t worry me and suhani will talk..besides she was telling me about sending them to a honeymoon.

After the reception ends….

Suhani: well krishna, saiyyam I need to talk to u both…

Krishna and saiyyam look at each other…

Suhani: how about u guyz go on a honeymoon to paris..

Saiyyam clears his throat and looks at krishna..

Krishna: honeymoon(chuckles nervously).. Whats the need of these?

Baby: ofcourse there is need krish..come on u guyz need some privacy..

Krishna: But me and Saiyyam have work in office.. How can we go?

She pokes Saiyyam with her elbow and signs him to talk..

Saiyyam: Exactly.. My work is piling up…

Yuvan: don’t worry we will clear it.. U guyz enjoy..

Krishna: ok than..

Saiyyam throws at krishna a surprised look..

Suhani: Ok everyone.. We should go to sleep.

At Kriyam’s bedroom..

Saiyyam: why did u agree krish?

Krishna: so that no one gets suspicious…

Saiyyam: But honeymoon…that too on paris…

Krishna: who told u to treat it as a honeymoon.. We will go, have a normal outing..thats it.

Saiyyam: Fine..

He turns off the light and goes to sleep…

Somewhere else…

A girl is talking to someone…

Girl: they are going to paris.. right?

Man: Yes ma’am…

Girl: book my tickets to paris…

Man: will be done ma’am..

She ends the call…

Girl: birlas get ready for ur doom..

Precap: Saiyyam: But krishna she used to be my friend…
Krishna: She might be ur friend..but I am ur wife. Don’t ever forget that…

So, guyz I know todays episode was nothing special as main track starts from next episode… Hope u all liked this episode…

Put write ur precious feedbacks…

Till than bye…..?

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  1. it was awesum…i liked d way u kept hr modern…evn aftr marriage..n ya d precap is exciting me

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot Saniya…i am glad that u liked it…

  2. Prethiga

    nice episode… eagerly waiting for the next…pls post soon…

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much prethiga… But I am afraid the next update will be tomorrow…i am sooo sorry…

  3. Awesome

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u sooo much Sinni…❤❤

  4. Nice dialogues dear

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much Dwidha…glad that u liked it..

  5. Shaani

    Nice… Excited for the new entry…
    Actually Krishna was sayyam’s childhood frnd.. It means this girl was sayyam’s friend after Krishna left India.. Ryt?…
    I don’t think she was sayyam’s frnd..why would she say

    1. Shaani

      birlas get ready for ur doom..
      I guess this girl has some other intension… Let’s see..waiting for the next episode…
      Keep writing

    2. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much Shaani for ur comment…that girl is someone…but who? And why did she say this?? Well all questions will be answered soon..and Thank u soo much again..❤❤

  6. Kriyyam obsession

    Hey dear I was a silent reader but I can’t control no more!! You write way to good dear!!! I read your horror fan fiction today!!! It was superb!! I’m so happy you have decided to make krishna jealous this time and not saiyyam. All fan fictions have saiyyam’a jealousy and krishna needs to realize her feelings as saiyyam already loves her!! Very well written di!!!

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u sooo much…u can’t believe how happy it makes me that u came forward to comment…each of ur words are truly inspiring for me… I am indebted to u for all the encouragement…thank u soo much for all the appreciation…it means a lot..❤❤

  7. Fenil

    Just simply nice update
    waiting for next

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot Fenil for all of ur appreciation…i am soo glad that u liked it..?

  8. Fanficwriter518

    Amazing as always x and the precap ???

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank soo much for all the appreciation..i am truly overjoyed by ur comment…thank u soo much..

  9. Awesome and amazing…
    All the dialogues and actions were fantastic. It was a great episode for sure. Aryan is a true freak and all of his words are true masterpieces. The families of the couple are really supportive and very chiiled out.
    Looking forward to the precap and mysterious person’s revelation..

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much shivani….i am happy that u liked it…❤❤❤?

  10. so thers comes the jealousy track??so excited for the paris trip❤

  11. Hafsaaa

    Woah,new entry.Soon we’ll smell something burning ?? good one

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much hafsaa…burning is coming up in the next one..

  12. Hafsaaa

    Okay wait Saiyyam needs to chill,like dude “honeymoon in Paris” what else do you want? You nailed it again with the episode.Dialogues were on fleek like the same way you are♥️

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much…i am really happy u liked it.??.

  13. Fidato

    Wow… Krishna eyeing down Sayyam… I like bold Krishna…and cute Sayyam… Annie…

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