Kriyam: Takkar Ka Rishta-By Annie part 15

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Hi guyz its me Annie with the 15th shot…sorry I couldn’t update another part yesterday…i wanted to but a sudden plan came up.. We went to Universal Studios.. And I did comment on ffs while standing in the que…it was long.. anyways, today is the wedding…i have decided to give kriyam night a bit of difference.. hope u guyz like it…

So let the marriage commence…

At MM….

Krishna is sitting near her dressers…
She is looking heavenly in her red and golden lehenga..she fixed her nose ring and shouts…

Krishna: ouch..this thing pricks a lot..i wonder why brides have to wear such weird ornaments. More the nose ring the situation is pricking me hard. I never felt so much nervous before. And its so different…

At BH….

Saiyyam is standing while Yuvani is fixing his shawl….

Saiyyam: Yuvani di how much time will u take??

Yuvani: I am doing this to make u look the bear with it saiyyam (pouts)..

The Mathur’s left for the venue…

Disha: krishna u sit here..i need to attend to some work downstairs…

Disha goes away….

Krishna’s POV

There is one place I would like to go before marriage… My favourite garden in the world… Its gives me soo much peace.. I would like to go there before this day..hmm there is still time for the wedding… I should leave now..

All the Birla’s arrive on barat… saiyyam is over a horse and everyone is seen dancing…

They arrive at the palace where kriyam is having their destination wedding..

Soumya does saiyyam’s aarti..he goes inside..

Time skip…

Saiyyam is sitting and looking around… Suddenly Aryan pops up..

Aryan: jiju,…(hugs him).

Saiyyam: (hugs him back) how r u Aryan?

Aryan: I am good but looks like u r looking someone…

Saiyyam: yeah.. I was looking where Roshni is…(liess)

Aryan: jiju i think ur eyes started to go blind at the tender age of sad.

Saiyyam: what do u mean?

Aryan: Roshni is exactly standing opposite to u..

He points at Roshni who was instructing the servant about the lightings..

Saiyyam: I.. I.. I didn’t notice..

Aryan: Don’t worry jiju.. U will see krishna soon..

He walks away…

Saiyyam: are my expressions that obvious…

Timeskip ….

Everyone is at the mandap and priest asks for krishna….

Soumya: Disha, Aryan go bring krishna…

They nod and goes to Krishna’s dressing room.. The scenario shocked them…

Aryan: di..diii.. Krishna kaha hai..

Disha: (panicking) I know my sister she can’t to do this…i think she went outside do to some work..

Aryan: what do we do now???

Suddenly they hear the door opening from downstairs… They rush…
And sees krishna coming inside..

Krishna: (out of breath) I am sorry…

Soumya: krishna where did u go?

Krishna: Actually ma..i was feeling a bit..umm. Nervous so I went to my favourite garden..

Soumya: (angrily) at this time..

Suhani: soumya bas..and how much more will u scold by bahu..she was feeeling she went for a stroll. But now she is back.. Right..end of matter.

Soumya: Thik he..

She takes krishna to the mandap.. and makes her sit..

Saiyyam: (whispers) krishna, kahi bhagne ka plan to nahi tha?

Krishna: (pinches his hand) no way.. Aise tumhe mandap pe chor kar mai kaise bhag jati..after all mere bestfriend ki ijjat ka saval hai…

Saiyyam chuckles….

The pandit makes them do some rituals…before the fire..

Priest: someone plz come forward to do the gatbhandhan..

Yuvani comes…and ties the knot…kriyam standup and takes seven vows..and sits down

Priest: Pheras are complete… Now groom take the sindoor and adorn it in the brides forehead..

Saiyyam takes a pinch and applies it to krishna…

Priest: Now take the mangalsutra…

Saiyyam takes the mangalsutra and ties it around Krishna’s neck..

Priest: The marriage is complete..i know pronounce u husband and wife…

Everyone claps….and blessing session goes on….

Time for Bidaai…

Everyone is at the door.. Krishna hugs everyone and can feel tears rolling from her eyes..(well basically she is not crying loud but silent tear drops are falling from her eyes)..

They make kriyam sit in the car and they leave for BH…

At the car…

Saiyyam: krishna are u ok…

Krishna: Yeah.. I mean I stayed away from my family for 8 years..but this time its a bit different..

Saiyyam: Don’t worry I understand…

They reach BH… The whole birla khandan is standing at the door step.. Saiyyam gets down and forwards his hands to krishna for help.. She holds it and gets out…

Suhani does their aarti..

Suhani: Krishna, drop this rice pot with ur right leg and come inside…

Krishna slowly kicks the rice pot…

Suhani: Now put ur legs in this red plate and walk forward…

Krishna dips her legs in the red colour and leaves her footprint behind…

Suhani: Baby take krishna to Saiyyam’s room.

Saiyyam is sitting in a sofa with his chin resting on the fist of his hands..
Yuvan comes…

Yuvan: so are u feeling?

Saiyyam: whats there to feel bhai?

Yuvan: I mean looking at your face it looks like u are desperate to go inside ur room…

Saiyyam’s POV

U are a very inexperienced mind reader bhai… I am thinking the total opposite. What i am thinking is how to avoid going inside the room? I mean krishna…this is a total mess.

Yuvan: Oh, mom told me to turn off the lights… See u tomorrow..

Saiyyam slowly goes inside the room..he finds krishna already changed into a night dress and with a packet of chips..

Saiyyam: Krishna…

Krishna: (while eating) oh Saiyyam. I was thinking why were u gone for so much time?

Saiyyam: I was talking to Yuvan bhai and why are u eating at this time?

Krishna: the whole day I couldn’t eat anything and I was feeling hungry..

Saiyyam makes a face..

Krishna: Don’t make that face Saiyyam!! I couldn’t eat anything even in the morning becoz the beauticians took my morning away..and besides I like eating when I am missing someone..

Saiyyam: weird habits!!!

Krishna gives him a look and throws the packet away as she finished eating..

Saiyyam: I… Um..I will arrange the couch for u..

Krishna: I can’t sleep in a small place..

Saiyyam: Fine I will sleep in the couch..but even I can’t sleep in a small place.

Krishna: Why should anyone sleep in the couch?


Krishna starts laughing…

Saiyyam: why are u laughing krishna?

Krishna: Saiyyam do u know u look really adorable when u are scared and shy like that..(giggles)

Saiyyam: No its nothing like that…

Krishna: Aww, Saiyyam is scared of me..

Saiyyam: Am not..besides I am feeling sleepy.

Krishna: Me too. We should sleep.

Saiyyam: So where am I going to sleep?

Krishna: In the bed.(gives an obvious look).

Saiyyam: And u?

Krishna: In the bed..

Saiyyam: u won’t mind.

Krishna: saiyyam do u want me to tell dialogues like, “pati dev don’t come near me”. (Laughs)

Saiyyam: i thought u will become uncomfortable.

Krishna: Saiyyam, we are best friends. And I don’t have any problem with sleeping in the same bed as my best friend..after all I won’t eat u and same applies for u.

Saiyyam: Fine than..go to sleep.

Saiyyam changes into his night dress and goes to sleep…krishna also falls asleep after some time..

Precap: wedding reception and honeymoon….

Ok guyz marriage commenced…. Woah, new track honeymoon+ jealousy+ villains. I hope u all liked the episode….

Please put ur precious reviews….

Till than bye……?

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  1. Nice update plz update next part soon hope to see krishna jelous plz dont show saiyyams jelousy show krishnas i want her to realise her love soon plz.

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Yep Krishna will be jealous this time…and thanks for commenting…

  2. Shaani

    Wow… I am really excited for the track… Plz update next part soon..(when u r free, but u know Na That we r excited to read next part of ur ff)

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u sooo much shaani.. I will update next episode.. Tomorrow..sorry ?…I have a field trip in during morning and noon…anyways..i am so glad that u liked it..❤❤

      1. Shaani

        Ahha… It’s ok Dr… No problem..

  3. Awesome

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much Sinni…?

  4. Hafsaaa

    Yikes babe,that “In the bed” part was aaa?? Loved it all the way.Kriyam honeymoon,I am more excited for it than them I guess ? And did I read “jealousy”? Ooooo girl you got me ready.Wait,I need to get some popcorn,My favorite ff is ON ☝️✔️ Can’t wait for the next one ?

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot bae…ur appreciation means a lot..though I am still sad at ur news of leaving..anyways yep jealous track is coming up…❤❤

  5. Amezing epi but next part mai sayyam s jelasy track ho to accha hoga and long update karna today updates next olz

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot Richa.. Jealousy and villains are coming up..

  6. woww what an epi..ur ff is more interesting than the serial..the first wedding night is adorable..loved it..

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much Saniyaa.. Its a huge compliment for me.. I am glad that u liked it..

  7. Wow!excited for the next track …
    Nice update

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much dwidha.. I am happy that u liked it..

  8. Greatly fantastic episode. The episode was seriously awesome and extremely well written. All the conversations were amazing and fabulously worded.
    The ease and straightforwardness in the krishna-sayyam relationship is superb. Their conversations, expressions and actions are just super adorable and cute. It was extremely lovely..

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much for all ur appreciating words.. I was really happy that u liked it… Ah, my efforts of making u all happy were successful.. Thank u soo much again..❤❤

  9. Dinu

    Nice epi dr.loved Krishna. Somehow she managed 2 avoid d awkwardness of their first night??? I can imagine sayyam’s expression when he see Krishna eating chips?? such a adorable n cute couple????? so dr dis will be my last comment 4 dis month. My clzes begins frm 2mrrw.I hv a exam coming nearby n it’s vry important 2 me 2 hv gd results as my future dream n career depends on i’ll be damn busy these days coz I hv 2 study don’t wry dr I won’t miss any of ur ff.i’ll definitely read them whenever I get free time. ? n i’ll try my best 2 comment bt nt so often. Sry dr.byee tc pray 4 me???☹

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much Dinu.. Ur magnanimity words are always a source of my incentivisation. Nevertheless I am really happy for ur rapturous comment. Its my gratification that u liked it.. Thank u soo much for ur incentivizing my readers words are paramount while writing an ff.. Thanks a lot again..and don’t worry u will do great in ur classes.. Best of luck..

  10. Sorry Dr couldn’t read all the epis as I have vacation classes…? but I will surely read every epi from now on…upcoming story is going to be interested ..can ‘t wait..update ASAP ?

    1. + superb epi…loved it dr?

    2. AnahitaAnnie

      Don’t apologize isha..i totally understand…and thanks lot for ur comment…glad that u liked it..

  11. Excited updated faster I must say that the friendship track is much more engrossing?

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot Maria…don’t worry friendship will always be present…?❤❤?

  12. Fidato

    Annie superb episode… Loved their friendship… I really love to see the marriage with their own will not forced….
    Loved the convo…

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u so much Fidato..even I wanted to give a different kriyam marriage…thank u soo much for the support…

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