Kriyam: Takkar Ka Rishta-By Annie part 14

Hi guyz its me Annie with the 14th episode..sorry guyz I was a bit late at posting yesterday becoz I had a rally to give a speech on..anyways I aced the rally and my teachers were proud.. Thank god I succeeded as I was so scared and thanks Shaani for all the encouragement…and yesterday I saw Dinu guessing the suprize… Well u are partially correct..its going to be a kriyam sensual dance…

So lets get started……

At our girls group….

Baby: Really krishna…we should do a girls night. After all tomorrow u will not be single anymore.

Krishna:(she is right. Though the marriage is not something I desired but eventually it is my last day as single and i should enjoy it) u are right Bhabi but where?

Baby: There is this famous pary centre known as webstar hall.. Let us book a hall and we can do all step up.

Disha: Great plan. Krish what do u say? Shall I book it?

Krishna: ok..

At boys group….

Aryan: jiju, should I really call a dancer?

Saiyyam: umm no no. I just said that for (stops)… I mean just told that for fun.

Aryan: not for fun jiju for krishna..

Aryan and Yuvan does a high five..

Saiyyam: no its nothing like that.. I mean we will have a boys night without any girls.. Done?

Everyone says Done…

Aryan: ok I think we should go to the webstar hall.

Yuvan: right…I heard its really good..

Saiyyam: Fine than u guyz book a hall till than I will take a shower.

Baby calls the party centre..and the receptionist picks up..

Girl: hello… Its Naina from webstar party centre. How can I help u?

Baby: we need to book a hall. It should be spacious, needs music connection, lighting, stage(keeps telling).

Girl: Ok ma’am, under which name should I book the party hall…

Baby: Baby Yuvan Birla..

Girl: ok ma’am ur hall no is A 21.

Baby: thank u…

Yuvan calls up…same formalities… and now the girl asks for name..

Girl: Under which name should I book the hall?

Yuvan: Yuvan Birla…

Girl’s POV

I think someone just placed a booking in this name..oh I get it they must need confirmation…

Girl: oh sir, u need confirmation.. Its confirmed and ur hall no is A21.

Yuvan: Thank u.

Aryan: jiju, yuvan bhai booked the hall.

Saiyyam: Okay…. When shall we leave?

Yuvan: at 9 pm..

At MM…

Krishna: when should we leave bhabi?

Baby: lets leave at 8:30 pm..

All the girls agree…

Time skip to night….

All the girls are very dressed up…
Krishna is wearing a silver glittering waist length top with a white short shirt… And high silver heels..with datk eyeliners and maroon lipstick

Yuvani: krish u are looking so beautiful.

Krishna:(smiles) thanks di..

They reach the party centre….

Baby: girls there are items in the green room..lets let them up..

Krishna: ok..

They go to the green room attached with the hall. At that time…all the boys enter…

Saiyyam: wow its a nice hall.

Yuvan: and guess what we are only ones here…

Karan: (Disha’s husband) I think we should set up the music and stuff.

Arjun: (Yuvani’s husband) u r right…

At the green room….

Roshni: don’t u think there are some noise from the hall.

Yuvani: Agreed..lets go and see.

They go to the hall and sees the boys setting up lights and computers…

Baby: Tum lok yaha?

Krishna: (angry) are u guyz stalking us?

Saiyyam: stalk all of u…never. I guess u guyz copied us..

Krishna: No we didn’t..

Aryan: Guyz stop… Ok nobody did nothing. But what should we do now.

Krishna: easy. U boys should evacuate the place right now becoz we came first.

All the girls nod..

Saiyyam: no no. We decided to come here and we won’t budge..

Krishna: Its not fair saiyyam. U are spoiling our girls party night…

Saiyyam: As if I am enjoying my party a lot..

Aryan: I have an idea..lets have a dance off… Boys vs girls..

Krishna: phir se ek dance off? No no Aryan.

Saiyyam: (mocks) why krishna are u scared? I thought u danced really good.(smirks)

Krishna: (fumes in anger) I am not scared of anything…and if u losers insist so much than we are ready…

Aryan: But there is a rule…

Krishna: No stupid rules Aryan…

Aryan: listen to me… We will have a dance off between saiyyam and krishna as they are our captain..

Saiyyam: What??

Krishna: aww, now who is scared?

Saiyyam: fine i agree to ur rule…

Krishna: i can win this in a sec.. I have been dancing solo since my birth..

Aryan: But this won’t be a solo dance.

Kriyam: Than what?…

Aryan: let me finish first.. U and saiyyam will dance together…becoz Rivals dancing together will be a different competition…

Saiyyam: I have no problem…

Krishna: same here.

Baby: fine we will make decisions amd no partiality..

Yuvan: ok… Let me start the music…

The music starts…

Imaandari ki bimaari…

Krishna and saiyyam are standing opposite each other… Saiyyam extends a hand and Krishna takes it..

Imaandari ki bimari
Chhod de aaja, daud ke aaja
O kare dil tujhko invite
Ho saari night besharmi ki height
Ho saari night besharmi ki height
Ik tu.. ik main..
Aur ho dim dim ye light

Saiyyam twirs krishna..and brings her closer. He keeps a hand on her waist and intermingles their hand together. Krishna has her hand in Saiyyam’s shoulder.. As soon they touch each other a current flows through their body..

Krishna’s POV

Why did I feel this way? Saiyyam’s closeness his sending vibrations over my body…why?

Saiyyam’s POV

I looked at her face and she looked so beautiful..the intimacy between us is making me feel strange.

Ho saari night besharmi ki height..
Ho saari night besharmi ki height..
Ik tu.. ik main..
Aur ho dim dim ye light

Krishna moves a bit backwards while facing saiyyam. Saiyyam takes her hand and pulls her closer to him..saiyyam holds her hand and they are face is a few inches far from each other. They have an eye lock..

Aye bigda hoon main yun
thoda tu bhi bigad jaa
Arey aage badhun main
thoda tu bhi aage badh jaa

Aaj neeyat thodi hone de kharaab si
Dikhne lagi hai inn hawaaon me sharaab si
Sharaab si sharab si, sharab si sharab si
Sharaab si sharab si, sharab si sharab si

Saiyyam takes Krishna’s hand moves back a bit and twirls her. He pulls krishna in a position that her back is pinned to his chest…and their hands are intertwined that is resting over Krishna’s lap.

Saari ki saari, hai jo khumaari
Aa dono peele lamhe nasheele
Karein humko ye bada excite
Ho saari night besharmi ki height
Ho saari night besharmi ki height
Ik tu.. ik main..
Aur ho dim dim ye light

Dil ye gaayab ho gaya hai apni jagah se
Jo bhi hua hai wo hua hai teri wajah se

They break apart where krishna and krishna saiyyam does the same steps together… Everyone was flabbergasted seeing them..Kriyam’s moves were so perfect that everyone’s mouth were hanged..

Leni hai saanse mujhe ab tere sath mein
Kahin bhi leja haath leke tere haath me

Haath mein, haath mein, haath mein
Saath mein, saath mein, saath mein

Krishna moves towards saiyyam performing some dance steps and they hold hands…saiyyam twirls krishna and krishna falls on his arms.. They have an eyelock. They were so close that they could feel each others breath…

Ho saari night besharmi ki height
Ho saari night besharmi ki height
Ik tu.. ik main..
Aur ho dim-dim ye light

Wo oo…

Saiyyam lifts krishna a bit and krishna spreads her arms… He brings her down and Krishna’s hand were on Saiyyam’s shoulder and Saiyyam’s hand on Krishna’s waist..they could hear each other’s heartbeat…

The music ends….

Our crowd sounds cheering…..

Baby: My god Krishna and saiyyam. Tum logne to aag laga di…

Aryan: so decision..please..

The girls say saiyyam while the boys say krishna…

Aryan: oh my god…it’s a tie…

Krishna: I have an idea…why don’t we all enjoy together?

Saiyyam: won’t be that bad…

They all agree…..

Disha: u and saiyyam danced really good krish..don’t u think u too are made for each other..(looks at her).

Krishna: What are u saying di? We both danced good thats why u all are feeling like this…

Disha’s POV

So much happened today but this girl still didn’t understand…oh god please put some sense in her brain.

Disha leaves while saiyyam comes to krishna…

Saiyyam: I didn’t know u dance so well krish. .

Krishna: (raise her eyebrow) even u danced really good..

Saiyyam: We are umm…looking really beautiful today…(shyly)

Krishna: (laughs) saiyyam what happened to u? Why are u acting like this?

Saiyyam: Just that maybe I didn’t know that a certain someone danced so good and that she will look so pretty today..

Krishna: wow, saiyyam I am impressed. U are praising me today… Anyways thanks..even u are looking handsome today…

Saiyyam: I know.thank god I didn’t bring Chameli today…or else she would faint seeing my looks..(mocks).

Krishna: (gets a little irritated at chamelis name) yeah whatever…

Saiyyam: tomorrow is wedding u remember?

Krishna: (sighs) I do remember..i hope nothing will change our friendship..

Saiyyam keeps his hand over krishna’s one..

Saiyyam: Never..

Aryan notices this from behind…

The screen freezes…..

Precap: wedding…..

Okay guyz I put a sensual kriyam dance today. I know it was too much compared to their current I hope u guyz are not angry… I tried my best to describe their dance but I couldn’t do it well.. My apologies…

Anyways…I decided to cut Roshni marriage track…lets just imagine she got married after kriyam…I hope thats okay with all of u. Plz reply…becoz I didn’t want to bring another boring marriage track…i want to focus on kriyamm..

Ok guyz thats for today…hope to hear ur views…

Till than bye….?

  1. Roli-Sid-Krishna-Saiyyam

    Thanks Anahita i like’t the dance

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much…glad that u liked it…

  2. Hafsaaa

    No needs for apologies❤️ And the dance was amazing,loving it so much yaa.Waiting for kriyam friendship to turn into love?? loving your ff so much..OOOO kriyam wedding next yasss.You must have nailed it in your speech?? You go girl

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u sooo much Hafsa…i am so happy that u liked it…and thanks for the appreciation….?❤

  3. Shaani

    This part is soo nice. … U don’t need to say sorry drlng… U nailed it.. N it not too much… Waiting for the next part..

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much Shaani…i will try to update tomorrow…as currently i am in Universal Studios….in the line to the Simpson’s ride…its a huge crowd….

  4. Episode was blasting dear. Kriyam dance part was amazing. Saiyyam is madly in love. Loved it??

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot Yura….glad that u liked it…

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      Thanks a lot Richa…glad that u liked…next update will be tomorrow…and there is a villain coming up soon..

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    This is a blowing one…. love it….. keep updating…

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  9. Dinu

    Yayyyy!!! My guess was right. Tnk u so much drlng 4 fulfilling my wish. ??? I just loved it soooo much.don’t say sry dr u nailed it.??? n it’s a gd idea 2 skip disha’s marriage.I agree with u.waiting 4 kriyam marriage eagerly.n their first night? OMG!!! It will be awkward 4 both of them???? k dr bye tc.plz post d nxt epi soon. ??

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much Dinu…i am so glad that u liked it…becoz I was a little disappointed at the dance description…but looks like u all liked it…i am so happy..

  10. Dinu

    *sry it should be roshni’s marriage

  11. Amazing episode and magical depictions of all the moves throughout the dance. The song choice was good and the way you described every little nuance in their dance was simply perfect. All your ideas are complete winners and are surely magnificent. The episode was really enjoyable especially the confusion of the receptionist and the same-room thing. Fabulously funny and lyrical episode..

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much Shivani…i am so glad that u liked it..Well people doesn’t usually make us mistakes.. but ffs are ffs…thanks a lot for all of ur support and encouragement…

  12. Ela

    What a surprize annie ???…plz finish this marriage track as soon as possible??

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